RichiEnglish: c d alpha b (slam poetry)

here we go this one here is called c d alpha b and just chop it up I’m telling you A-holes
B South like a Bun, C I’mma Murder Ya might try run D cuz I’m dope
E cuz it’s Eazy Ta giyya a F cuz
G ya ain’t Weezy H-bomb a earthquake
I Scar ya Faces Jay ya get Blue
Cuz I got da aces K I be Heavy
L Ya be takin
eM cuz my Killshot Makes suckaz achin
N is a no-no O, ya ain’t know?
P cuz I’m Master Square off we may go Queue-U in line
If y’all hate da bar Cuz it’s Rated R But S ain’t a star
T then da D Like AIDS ya a test V fa Vendetta
W You go West
X ya out sucka, I’m markin da spot Y’s ya be askin?
Z’s da end cuz ya rot bitch-ass

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