Rick from The Young Ones Cliff Poem

you're trying to be funny um because then you are I think it's in pretty poor taste that's all I love the fridge you know Oh cliff sometimes it must be difficult not to feel as if you really are a cliff when fascists keep trying to push you over it a day the enemies or are you cliff or are you click

21 thoughts on “Rick from The Young Ones Cliff Poem

  1. I've figured it out.
    All of SJW/antifa..they are all Rick.

  2. My God Depoy- we were the biggest yoUng Ones fans in all of Essex county circa 1995…Or are you Cliff?!!!
    God save the Queen

  3. R.I.P. Rick Mayall – I hope Cliff has a select choice of words regarding your passing.

  4. A real human being, and a real hero. Rest in piece the basis for all of my comedy. You truly will be missed.

  5. R.I.P. Rik, you left one hell of a legacy behind. salutes in respect

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