Rifle Slings: WHAT to get, WHY to get it, and HOW to run it

hey guys talking about slings today by popular demand y'all keep messaging me and blowin me up with all the videos they need to make so here's your sling video there's three-point slings two-point slings and one-point slings I like the two-point as this is the three-point would attach here here and then another piece up here a single point would just have one loop and it usually attached somewhere back here I hate the three-point because it's just too much of a tangled mess a bunch of unnecessary webbing hanging all over the place getting bang bound up in it's just extra hated and also I hate a single point sling I used to really like the single point slings because of how just what it allowed me to do with weapon manipulation and whatnot but when you notice the two point sling when I drop a two pointer it pulls it to the side when I drop a single point right here then it's going to drift straight in and I got hitting the junk so many times with a single point you always have to have an arm pulling to make sure that it's not hitting your boys so it you know single point sling and may have been developed as a practical joke I don't know this I need a fact yet but it may have been developed as a practical joke I hate how can i how can I develop a sling that no matter what you do it's gonna always be racking the testicles and so they came up with a single point sling it was it was made by angry feminists who hate admit so that was the single point sling inception but seriously two point sling I like it slim line out of the way I don't like anything extra hanging off of it none of these ends so you see how I mounted this if this links through one of these push buttons right here and then her face is straight in I don't want anything over the buttstock that could keep me from getting a good shoulder well and I don't want anything on the top if I can help it that would interfere with my cheek well so being able to attach right here is really good this is a blue force gear sling it's by Larry Vickers Vickers swing by blue force gear that's on a telex website there's a bunch of other good slings you don't have to have this kyle lamb makes a good one by tactics Travis Haley makes a good one Magpul has got one and all of them have this kind of idea to them a simple attachment points it's a two point and then this is the beauty of it right here so that I have a customizable sling that I can get looser when I need to or I can tighten down with just one pull so you see this big pull right here in just a moment swing out and that's good the whole purpose of a sling is to be able to carry your guns so that you don't have to you can go hands-on with someone or something you can work medical go up a ladder move a big box go martial arts on somebody if you have to or you're just walking around and doing stuff you don't want to have to hold your gun the whole time now if the sling is not mounting the gun tight enough to your body then it's hanging down and hitting you in the knees and legs when you walk and that's a no-go as well defeating the whole point of having a sling and that's to keep it up and tight to you when I'm wearing body armor it sticks out and hangs up a little bit farther up so I'm able to walk move and run a little easier even if I don't have any hand on the gun and that's a good thing if I want it even tighter what I can do is I can flip it over like this and now I can go now my legs or even less impeded as well as I can go more hands on as well so that's a good thing so the idea is I want the sling as tight to my body as I can get it while I can still present the gun you see as I pushed up I'm going to force it out a little bit like any tighter and I wouldn't even be able to shoulder the rifle that allows me that even when it's in the tightest position I could still shoulder it and you may have to adjust a little bit if you wear an armor or something regularly but that allows it to get as close to my body as I can get it so so that for carrying here I am and I can still shoulder the rifle and go to work then there's also a lot of a lot of times where I'm wanting to get out of my sling if I'm clearing rooms and I feel like I'm gonna have to cut a hard right angle this sling I'm pulling against a lot of times I'll just swim out of like this so it's just looped around my head in a lot this is more when I'm married to my gun and I feel like I may be doing some weapon manipulation or something that I have to like you can't do a you can't do a shoulder transition from this side you'll choke yourself out so knowing that you you can swim from the other side and do whatever you need to do for shoulders transition but you can't do it with your other arm in there being able to loosen up is a good thing a lot of times when I'm running and gunning I'm a little bit looser so that I can swim in and out of my sling like so and I'll just kind of as natural as breathe and be moving in and out of my sling so that I'm able to do something what I just did right there where I went you know port or going into retention hi ready whatever you call this or snagged in here I have a lot more weapon manipulations I can do like this so especially when I'm moving in a team environment or I'm doing CQB stuff it's just laced around my head oftentimes and that's a good win for me I like that now there's different schools of thought with slings a lot of people like never put your gun down ever and I ran into a lot of difficulties when I'm working medical on somewhere I have to do some individual skill that I definitely am not using my gun at that time a lot of times what I ended up doing because when you sling it around your back or do something goofier or you're working on your knees with your rifle here your muzzle is digging into the ground over and over and over just filling up with muck if you don't have a barrel cap I need to bring those back so uh anyway that's just a big mess and it's up being in your way and slowing you down so a lot of times I just swim completely out of my sling put it down beside me while I work and then pick it up and be good to go I'm not married to my sling as much it works for me not the other way around so that was a little bit of a rabbit trail but that's how I roll so I'm gonna show you some different mounting options and lets you get a closer look at the blue force gear sling again I mentioned the other folks that make it and those slings are good too back in my day when we didn't have these nice cool products I ended up going to a double point sling and it was just a piece of nylon tubing I had not detached it at two points and then I sewed some bungee cord into it so it had a little bit of a flex to it held it closer to my body but when I needed to press out I pushed against that bungee cord and so I could have it a little bit closer I remember one time I made way too much bungee cord when I was like a young spec 4 and I remember running and the brightful would be doing this with a sling and I'm like I hate my sling and had to redo that one needless to say they've come a real long way I really love this sling it's what we run it to Lourdes group and I'll show you some of the hardware that you can mount with this I hey guys let's quickly talk accessories this is my rig once again I've just this is on the Picatinny I'll show you a key mod NIM lock in a moment but I like the sling farther down so it doesn't lay over the top of my mag well and impede my ability to do a reload so it's pulled back farther I like a little bit of a tail about two finger widths behind the buckle here and this choked all the way down to give me maximum real estate to be able to pull this guy all the way forward and pull the rifle closer to me so that's that's what I want to see if you're shooting in a K or something like that these guys can work pretty well this is this is all mostly blue force gear parts so there's this and you can Gert hitch it around the front or rear as you want so pretty cool off from there there's the little rail mounted fixed loop that I've got on my picture spinning and for my key mod or in lock stuff this is what works well I'm throwing stuff all over the place it's a daniel defense i like the in defense because it's lighter and stronger but you can get cheaper options if you're trying to be cost effective and those will work pretty well too here so there's the device right here and you can push it in right there so that's the whole rig and it's gonna do just fine so slings come in black and green and gray and tan whatever you want so if you like it there you go get lots of requests on here and whatnot I don't really love doing gear videos but I'm trying to help out and I'll help do what you guys are needin and wouldn't help on it so train hard train smart and bye bye the good stuff because it's gonna make your life a lot easier hope it was helpful see you guys

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  1. What kind of rifle you use in this movie ? Daniel Defense ddmv4 ?

  2. Nice video but, β€œan angry feminist who hates men” is two negatives! πŸ€“

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    I mean come people have you seen the hair ? It’s polarizing!

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  6. Just a quick note to everyone…do not eat cereal and watch this. You will be cleaning said cereal off your monitor…

  7. Yes sir, don’t Jimmy getting hit by my rifle , make sure is fitted properly not loose!

  8. One gripe is that your rifle sling doesn't have enough buckles. I want no fewer than 6 buckles per sling.

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  12. Have you considered switching to M-Lok? That thing looks heavy.

  13. I run a two point and a single point depending on what I'm doing. I'm careful not to drop it on my dick though.

  14. I don't want anything around my neck…. I go strapless

  15. You may not like doing gear videos, but you just made me realize how useful a sling can be. Always hated them. But now I see what I’ve been doing wrong! So keep them up. Every little thing can make a huge difference.

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