Rihanna Reveals Her Dressing Room Essentials

Where have you been? I’ve missed you and the last time you
were here, I had such a good time. I thought we had a good time and
then you just disappeared and stuff.>>Yeah, Ellen, things change.>>By the way, I know. By the way, a friend of mine was
at a party this past weekend, and he said you’re excellent at karaoke.>>He was there?>>Yeah, yeah, he was like, Rihanna, there
was like a karaoke room and Rhianna got up and started singing Mary J Blige, and
>>It was a really cool little installation, art installation at this
motel, and Miguel, it was Miguel’s party. And we went there and
I kinda just went through the rooms, landed on this karaoke room and I saw Mary
J Blige on, cuz, they had a small list. So I was just fingers crossed,
they got something in there that I love. They didn’t have Bon Jovi.>>So I had to go with Mary J Blige.>>Is that your go to song,
Bon Jovi karaoke? What song?>>What, Living on a Prayer.>>Of course.
>>Don’t even get twisted.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Me and Jen, my assistant, we like, we get crazy in karaoke. I was being nice.>>Next time, next time you’re here.>>Gosh, I shouldn’t.
>>Next time you’re here, we’re going to just.>>I should have told you I
want to see you do karaoke.>>I’ll do it.>>You like karaoke too?>>I love karaoke, are you kidding me? Then again, yeah,
you totally would love that.>>I would love it.>>[LAUGH]
>>Of course I would love it. Let’s talk about all, you have, like,
a crazy amount of Instagram followers, Twitter followers, everything,
but you post amazing pictures. Let’s take a look at, where, what’s.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[LAUGH]>>You just kinda hanging out.>>[LAUGH]
>>And then, I mean, they’re fantastic, but I mean, that, you,
that was that Carnivale you went to.>>That was Barbados.>>Yeah, and
that’s just kind of a Tuesday, right?>>That was probably Wednesday.>>Mm-hm, okay, but
nothing really special going on. That’s just your life.>>Just chilling.>>Right.
>>Just got back from the grocery store.>>Right.>>[LAUGH]
>>Where do you live by the way? Cuz you’re always traveling.>>Yes, I pretty much
>>You live here?>>I’m not even sure now, but
I do have an apartment here, a bed that I own here in LA.>>Mm hm.
>>And I have a bed that I own in New York.>>Mm hm.>>Between that, I’m just living in other
people’s beds, in other hotel beds, and traveling all over the world. I’m about to go on tour.>>That’s exciting.>>So, I’ll be in a tour bus bed.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That’s exciting, all right.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>So, speaking of tour, you know what a writer is, it’s like
there’s a whole famous thing about M and Ms and no brown M and Ms and
somebody has to go through them. And so, everyone has a different
writer when you travel. So, this is Rihanna’s
writer that you have to have in the dressing room when she’s here. Regular Cheetos, hot Cheetos,
Golden Grahams cereal, Oreos, Cup-A-Noodles, red and white white wine,
vodka, soda, frappuccinos, garlic olives. Now how much of that would
you actually consume? Have you eaten any yet, back there yet?>>I didn’t have anything back there yet.>>Will you just take it with you? You just wanna, we just do your shopping?>>I will definitely take it with me.>>Okay.>>I just like to be prepared. You never know what
you’re gonna be in that.>>But those are the things when you’re
in the mood those are your go to items. There’s nothing healthy on here.>>I don’t eat the oreos that much,
but golden grahams. I haven’t eaten those in about two years. Hot cheetoes definitely happening. Regular cheetoes when I’m
tired of hot cheetoes.>>Are they the soft cheetoes or
the crunchy cheetoes?>>Crunchy always or
you know the big like.>>The big puffy ones
that melt in your mouth. You’re still talking about cheetoes right? [LAUGH]
>>It’s just the way you said it. All right, let’s talk about guys,
all right, so.>>Her favorite topic.>>Yeah, because everyone wants to
know if you’re dating, and I know, and I read the Vanity Fair article,
which I thought was fantastic.>>Thank you so much.
>>And I love what you said because
you talk about that, of course, you could hook up, whatever that means.>>[LAUGH]
>>With whoever you want. But you wanna respect yourself, and you wanna be with somebody
that you really wanna be with.>>Mm-hm.
>>So is there someone you
wanna be with right now?>>I’m single right now, and it’s not that
I’m like, pro single, yes, I hate men! I just think that I just have so
much on my plate that I can’t even find the time to entertain
a steady relationship or anything serious or even a text,
right now it’s just crazy.>>But you’re touring, and
Drake is on one of these songs, so if he is touring with you.>>[LAUGH]
>>He’s not touring with me.>>Well, he should, he’s on one of
the songs that would have been so easy.>>Maybe next time.>>I like Drake.>>I would love to go on tour with Drake,
actually he has like->>Yeah, that does have to happen.>>Yeah, that does have to happen.>>[LAUGH] You coming?>>Yeah.>>Good.>>I’m gonna go have dinner with with
him all Amal and George, and then,>>[LAUGH]>>I’m gonna hang out with you and Drake.>>[LAUGH]

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