Robert Montgomery on ‘Pay With a Poem’

Julius Meinl presents The poet. The Dreamer. The Doer. Robert Montgomery on ‘Pay with a Poem’ I love your idea
of pay with a poem, because you are doing it
for a few years now. And I did a piece this year
that ends with a statement: “Money is a superstition”. The longer poem says: “Eagles live on the rooftops. Not as symbols,
just as eagles. They remember the sky.
Money is a superstition.” It’s about the abusing of
the symbol of the bird to be on money It’s a common symbol
to be on a dollar or some other currency. And it’s a disservice to
the magic of the bird itself. You would think it’s absurd
that people become obsessed with this one kind of paper
that says one boring thing, with one very boring picture. We construct the whole
society around the pursuing of that one piece of paper that says one of the most
boring statements in the world: “one dollar”,”one pound”,
“one euro”. So I love the idea that we can
make our own currency of diverse statements. And people can bring
a piece of paper, the same as a piece of money, but they can write
their own message, their own fantasy,
their own poem, and they can pay with that. I think every person
is a poet. It’s not like inside every
person is a secret poet. I think every person has
the ability to be a poet. T.S.Eliot said that
when he wrote “The Waste Land” he was an office worker
in a bank, counting and exchanging money. In the meantime,
under his desk, he was writing “The Waste Land”
in a notebook. So the best poem of
the 20th century was written by someone who worked in the office
of a bank and worked there
for another 6 years. It means the best poem
of the 21st century will probably
be made and written by someone who is a coder,
who works in a cloth store, who works in a cafe,
 who works in a restaurant… I think you have to
demystify the process and to also encourage people
to write poems throughout their life, because otherwise we might
lose the next T.S.Eliot. Poetry can make a better world
#PayWithAPoem #PoetryForChange

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