Roberto Luongo Poetry – HD

Daniel Henrik Henrik Daniel ballet on blades redheaded blaze been four years now I bear witness to your art and yet I still can't tell you dudes apart human Eclipse rhinoceros hips who will laugh last when I slash your calf bring me peace make it cease get your big ass out of my crease Cory Schneider great guy Andrew rake Roth apple pie I like all my backups poodles and poodles except Jamie McLennan noodles noodles first he fed me cannelloni then he ran me over with his am boney I called this one loo no that's all I got for that one it's just beautiful on its own 65 minutes then a stupid gimmick tarnishing my name after a 48 save game five on five I'll keep you alive for four you will not score then you shootout I despise you I will not lie why can we just end it in the tie your golden glow makes me quiver the way you feel on my skin I shiver eyes shimmer I lusted for you my dream come true you belong to me eternally you

39 thoughts on “Roberto Luongo Poetry – HD

  1. Luongo was a great goalie, best in the league when he's on his game, but only stole 2 playoff games as a Canuck, neither of them crucial games. His first vs. Dallas in the triple OT, and one in the first round vs. chicago in 2011.

  2. The only thing shittier than your poetry is your god awful goal tending. Go back to Vancouver you greasy fuckbag! 😉

  3. Hey. Hey everybody! This guy has first dibs on 2 girls, no cup! Wow! Impressive how you managed to come with that on your own.

  4. Sucks for you that you hold that medal up,
    because you and your team didn't hoist the cup,
    It's a shame, game 6 made your fans die,
    what's more shameful is when they made you cry,

  5. ''Get your big ass outta my crease'' awww love how he sweared and still not beeped/censored

  6. Such a classy guy. I'm going to miss having him in a Canucks jersey.

  7. this is fucking amazing, never knew Lou was like this. Don't worry Lou! We won't disrespect you in Leafland like the Nucks do! WE WILL LOVE YOU OVER HERE BRA

  8. Lu should go to tampa. In return well take stlouis or lecavalier. Fair trade

  9. Well apparently Toronto was one of Luongo's city's to play in if he were to get traded. I have no idea why, I am assuming he wants even more pressure, lol. I'll tell you something though, I do have a feeling that wherever Luongo goes, I feel that he will become a hell of a lot better than playing here in Vancouver. However, Schneider is amazing, and will only get better.

  10. Oh yeah, that's right, Schneid's puck handling is pretty bad, and it can scare my the taint off of my nipples pretty hard too. It will be somewhat morbid to see Luongo leave, but I will also praise it considering it would be a great chance for a fresh start in a city that will not diminish Luongo so much, or at least not care. Toronto wouldn't likely be the city to not take goaltending not seriously, considering it's the supposed biggest hockey market in the NHL, which I can see.

  11. Luongo`s stats over the last 2 years have been a little worse than Schneider`s. Why? Luongo has played in 57 more games, not including the playoffs. Also, I have an example for you. People blame Luongo for the loss. Well Luongo played great. The TEAM only scored 8 goals in 7 games. The only thing you can blame Luongo for is that he couldnt help offensively… and that isn`t even his job

  12. Luongo – 7 straight 30 win season. Compared to Schneider, Luongo in 115 GP has a: 2.26 GAA – .924 SV % – 9 shutouts. Schneider in 58 GP has a: 2.10 GAA and .933 SV %. Why are Schneider`s stats a little bit better? Well he`s played 57 less games then Luongo. Plus Luongo doesn't screw up. In the finals for example, people blamed Luongo for the loss, when we only scored 8 goals in the 7 games. Luongo played great, his only fault was the fact that he couldn't score for the team

  13. …and skill, there is no doubt, as I still have faith, but he needs to mature and handle the pressure. Luongo needs to get as far away from Vancouver and start fresh again.

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