Robin Hall's response to Joseph Lee

good morning mr. Lee first I'd like to start off by saying thank you to you for your service greatly appreciated honestly and second yay air force I'm an Air Force brat so love it sorry and also say thanks to your wife and to your kids to be in the service is a full family sacrifice and people just don't realize that so thank you for your service and thank your wife for her sacrifice of giving you up so you can serve I was first baptized in Biloxi Mississippi I was living down in South Florida and we went to Slidell Louisiana for our church's sister's church revival and they were closing off with another sister Church in Biloxi with a sunrise beach prayer and I ended up getting baptized and so Biloxi I like quite a bit holds a special fond my heart there got a question for you you said in your video you want to do military resilience I'm not quite sure what that is I have a passion for returning veterans especially combat veterans I believe that there's just not enough help out there for them or for their family and when I was first getting my first masters at Luther rice I did a lot of research on military PTSD and military sexual trauma as well and I decided then that I needed to do some work here in the northeast Alabama area for veterans and so my passion that's why I decided to come to Liberty and pursue the master's in pastoral counseling with the focus on crisis and drama my dream is one day to be able to write a curriculum for family to train families on what to expect and what not to expect when their loved one is coming back because I don't feel that there is any training there and so they're coming home blind so to speak both the returning vet and the family receiving their blind there's nothing out there for them so I'd be very interested to hear what military resilience is looking forward to interacting with you and maybe we can do some one-on-one Skype time and talk further good luck and God bless

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