Robin Williams Last Interview Before Suicide

it's a fascinating guy and it's kind of a quiet ego among large egos that was his whole role during World War 2 dealing with Montgomery Churchill like a patent and but he's also he is a kind of a quiet strength to even capturing his voice is very difficult I think is a somewhat high pitch but at the same time it has it has resonance so it's an interesting character for me it's not necessarily somebody to think that I've been right off the bat be playing loud people said you could play Truman sure but it's sick I guess it was is it it was a tough job for me my mother's from the south my mother grew up in Pass Christian which I was thought was in Louisiana until someone told me that's Mississippi sweetheart but it's the idea of and then we talked about with leave that people forgotten how what it was like 60 you know or like now almost 50 years ago that what it is like and you're going it seems like 50 years ago but you go you realize how intense it was how violent it was how provocative it was and these changes which now having a black president you go that's kind of the whole purpose of the scripture say do you remember do you remember what it was like do you remember how violent and remember the changes that were made by different presidents trying to you know drag us into the 20th century and now under the 21st century so yeah it's that's kind of my role as the beginning of that process

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