ROFL STAR WARS writer CLAUDIA GRAY disavows TRASH SJW Poll and blames her assistant! FANS WIN AGAIN!

I'm not sure who needs to hear this but fandom is not a competition says the guy who's losing [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hey if you're enjoying the content but haven't yet subscribed take a minute to hit that subscribe button join us thank you swag moat Ron you're a delight you are enjoyed welcome to comic artists pro secrets I'm Ethan Van Sciver 26 year veteran of the comic book industry world's most charming elegant eloquent and yet humble man great big star Wars fan trusted member of the media and that is why it is my duty and and yet my pleasure as well to make a correction to a story that we got wrong what we didn't get it wrong the facts were in dispute we didn't know but I'm gonna get some help here from itchy Baca over at Disney star wars is dumb dot one of the greatest Star Wars journalists of our time and I won't hear anything to the contrary and I never have Claudia gray star wars author disavows mark hy two eclectic soy Balu and his silly Star Wars pole this is pseudo-scientists now we can call him we can officially call him pseudoscientist mark H white the sequel sequels are never as good as the original but I don't know dude I mean it's the genes the genes are suspect here perhaps you have read about mark H white twos silly Star Wars poll where he eliminates the opinion of trolls in order to prove social justice warrior points with pseudo scientific gymnastics thus demonstrating today's PhD degrees to be utterly worthless it's worthless it's utterly worthless everything that you think you've learned you need to unlearn and become a responsible non vegetative what what are the the pod people from invasion of the body snatchers they were vegetables they're really clones anima tones you need to stop being one of those and join regular society and that's shirt what is the matter with you surely you jest you're putting us on we should have seen it from the start Claudia gray didn't see it from the start and now she's correcting herself you correct yourself two trolls in social justice warriors speak means anyone who expresses opinions not explicitly approved by the consensus of the collective collaborative cooperative and then this word here very important community we talk about community the word community is never used to describe you know your neighborhood it's used in fandom to basically coerce you it's it's emotional blackmail you're part of a community you feel responsibility towards your community don't you so uh you know if a lot of people that you'll never meet that you don't know they you know you have nothing else in common with like Star Wars the same way you do you're a part of a community so prepare to be emotionally manipulated blackmail all of that stuff with this term when you see the word community be skeptical be skeptical say I'm not part of your community you can't afford my neighborhood bitch so it's not really worth going through and and it shouldn't be taken seriously discrediting pseudoscience is a laborious short god I love that Chewbacca he hasn't written anything in a while now you know I miss his uh oh dear I just got a flash flood warning but what I wanted to say it interrupted my video what I wanted to say was that um it's you baka you're a wonderful writer I hope you do more he hasn't written anything in quite a while so it's good to have him back anyone here who's been reading this blog is already fully aware of the deeply moronic SJW talking points that the survey purports to prove right we did a video about it as well basically what this idiot wanted to prove was that if you hate last Jedi it's because you hate Waman you hate all women everywhere hate women you hate your mom you hate your sister you hate your grandmom you hated mother Theresa you know you hated her it's all because you know and that's why I mean it's a symptom of not enjoying Ryan Johnson's idiotic last Jedi movie why can't you just love women and Ryan Johnson at the same time and of course his survey led to a slew of garbage to your articles they're all presented here at you know when when one of these things happens when one of these surveys happens look these garbage tears chill websites are just ready to run with any Star Wars news that they have and you know we basically we basically react to what the shield media says here at comic artists prose secrets we got this covered said Star Wars survey shows the last Jedi backlash is based on sexism sir and this is what is this one right here blow this up a little bit I don't even know what this is what is this website breaking survey claims to link negative opinions of the last Jedi to sexist anti PC and conservative beliefs Star Wars fan survey claims the last Jedi haters more likely to be sexist and anti PC here's one another one here the force is too strong with this one sex SM Star Wars and female heroes written by the clown himself who has now officially been discredited by the only person with in Star Wars who was giving him any credit as far as we know here's a movie web star wars fan survey claims last Jedi hate is based on political beliefs and then over here at Screen Rant these sob z' survey says political belief beliefs may explain why fans don't like the last Jedi so yes yes yes so that's what it is it's it's it's sexism it's misogyny it's homophobia it's bigotry it's the same it's the same run-through of words that these sjw's just kind of jibber whenever they are confronted with anything that they don't like anything that does not go along with their narrative what what's worth going through however is the fact that the Twitter account of Lucasfilm representative and so is author Claudia gray promoted the survey back in May perhaps you remember this now Claudia Gray's Twitter account shocked this out to the out to these Star Wars fan quote-unquote community attention Star Wars fans your help is needed help mark out by completely this survey it takes ten minutes and will help better understand how awesome and diverse the taste of the Star Wars fandom is female fans alright specially needed three exclamation points you know what's interesting about this on on the second reading help mark it's very familiar here help mark out help mark as if as if the person who wrote this knows mark personally I would never say that if I wanted people to take a poll and the person who you know who was conducting the poll was somebody that I didn't know I would ever call them by the first name I would never be this familiar this is odd this seems like it was indeed someone that Claudia gray knew well now Claudia Gray's assistant now let me just take a minute here do I want to go down this road do I want to go down this road Claudia Gray's assistant who runs her Twitter account do I do I want to do this let me see let me let me test my own trepidation here for a minute yeah I'm gonna do this Claudia gray has an assistant Claudia gray has an assistant a Star Wars novelist has an assistant who runs their Twitter account okay hold on let me see what Claudia gray looks like oh are you telling me that this person isn't addicted to Twitter and this person doesn't even have time to run their own Twitter account that's interesting why uh that yeah sure I buy that I buy that 100% that this person is wealthy enough first of all busy enough and also not socially you know addicted to this brain melting a social media platform known as Twitter to have their own I can't do this I'm too busy I'm I'm too busy so I need an assistant to pretend they're me on my Twitter that's what I need do I yeah I'm sure I'll buy into this let me just buy into this for a laugh the Claudia gray has an assistant why didn't chuck wendig's try this gambit I'd like to apologize for my assistant normally they don't tell Republicans to eat boots covered in shit but you know look everyone has the bad day okay I didn't know I didn't know what they were tweeting out in my name this is Sarah Claudia's assistant this is kind of spooky it's like it's like something it's like something conjured up by a Ouija board here this is Sarah Claudia's assistant I take care of her Twitter account for her I was the one who posted the survey can you picture Claudia gray hold on a second somebody's going to jail for this somebody's taking responsibility for this and it ain't gonna be me it's gonna be you you get on my Twitter right now get back on my Twitter which you recklessly used to promote a you know a poll that was going to instigate hatred for Republicans who dislike Star Wars the last Jedi never would have done that I never would have approved of that and you should know that Sara you should know that you should know that handling Claudia Gray's Twitter account is a is an important responsibility it's an important responsibility and of course we never want to tweet out on anything that's divisive we never want to tweet out anything that's suspicious we don't want to tweet out anything that might make Trump supporters feel bad about themselves so how dare you get out there right now get right back on my Twitter account which you abused which you abused and fix this right now Sara fix this okay Sara let's see what you have to say here I thought the poll was coming from a legit source well you called him mark you just called him mark it's very familiar you call him by his first name and then you don't realize that he is illegitimate he's an illegitimate source though I did not take the survey before posting I did not do my due diligence on this matter I did not do my due diligence on this matter and I am so sorry so sorry I will work harder going forward I am paid very well by a Star Wars novelist I'm paid very well by somebody I'm subcontracted to do what most Star Wars novelists do instead of their own work tweet out hateful shit about Republicans on Twitter I am going to work harder to make sure that I earn that paycheck the Claudia gray gives me to run her Twitter to make sure the items we are posting as Claudia gray incorporated come from legitimate sources and I will do a better job of vetting things like this in the future I am sorry for any anger or pain I may have caused Claudia does not endorse that survey and I am fully to blame that's good Claudia is just throwing her right under the bus Claudia is throwing her alter ego right under the bus right now this is amazing and bloody and terrifying anyone who has met me or worked with me knows that I would do anything from my I mean Claudia's fans I'm heartbroken that I disappointed then and I them and I promise I promise to learn from this mistake Sara I know there's pain why do you lock yourself up in these chains you've got a necklace that looks like it's from the Flintstones alright let's move on here Claudia's glasses might perform a function beyond fashion what do you think so this leaves normal people like you and I with all kinds of wonderful questions I wonder if I didn't even read it she bakas article yet I wonder if it's Ibaka is as skeptical as I am of this I wonder if the poll proved the Star Wars fans who criticized the bowel movement known as last Jedi he's calling it poop or sexist then what does it say what a female Star Wars author disavows that poll will this factor into mark H white the second data cherry-picking project I don't know I don't know if it I don't know if it will will he go back and correct it in any way I'd be interested in finding that out how will other Lucasfilm representatives react will Brian Young swank mo Tron disavow mark H White's the second pseudoscience as well will Pablo Hidalgo where did your balls go and Kathleen can and he's purse disavow Claudia gray and support mark H White's pseudoscience I would like to know that Pablo Hidalgo come out and disavow Claudia and Sarah gray or whatever and support Marc H White's the second pseudoscience Pablo I just we ask you questions all the time and you never answer them will the human klaxon geek girl diva brandish your 24 karat gold dildo in defense of Claudia gray hey will unhinged crank chuck when dig tweet out mutterings in an unintelligible as his novels will he do it will chuck when dick will Chuck when dig you know denounce will he come forward and denounce the pseudoscience as somebody who respects the science will Paul s camps start barking something about lesbians all these questions are more a wait to be answered that is right now in the meantime you and I are left to just wonder that if the pole was deliberately skewed obviously it was garbage obviously then as a result we can conclude I think it's safe to conclude using science that all of this is nonsense and people who hate the last Jedi are perfectly normal healthy human beings who deserve to be praised by Lucasfilm at this point Lucasfilm should thank us right now Disney Lucasfilm should say Thank You Ethan thank you itchy baka thank you Dad erasers 1 1 7 thank you to all of you thank you why aren't they thanking geeks and gamers why aren't they thanking world-class bullshitters why aren't they thanking that Star Wars girl we are we're here to help I mean at this point we're here to help and all of the weirdo fake science all of the Frankensteinian polls that you're pulling together to to cover for yourselves it's not working stop making excuses we're healthy normal people who love Star Wars and hate what you're doing that should be alarming to you and no amount of questionnaires no amount of silly pink be sure did soy boys and their weirdo ideas should dissuade you from the fact that you're wrong and you owe us an apology in fact you owe us the fandom reparations I expect to see those soon and as for you guys the fans out there thank you so much for sticking with me here at comic artists Pro secrets to appreciate you leave a comment connect to this connect to this YouTube channel by leaving a comment subscribe subscribe to this channel if you haven't yet double check and make sure the YouTube didn't 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22 thoughts on “ROFL STAR WARS writer CLAUDIA GRAY disavows TRASH SJW Poll and blames her assistant! FANS WIN AGAIN!

  1. Wow, how sexist is Claudia? Her mentally incompetent pretend assistant is Whaman? The Farce is Female

  2. "…pain I may have caused." It's a bullshit survey on the internet. It is 100% incapable of causing pain. Spreading lies and SJW propaganda (though really, what's the difference?), sure, but not pain.

  3. I miss your original opening with booty popping storm troopers and Dark Vader getting down. Can we see that opening again?
    You know other youtubers like Jeremy from Geeks and Gamers actually forgave her for that. If she came out and apologized for it whatever the means what's the problem? Why bitch ?

  4. Hahaha whenever you do hold on it makes me do one of those lol's 👍 😂

  5. Credit to Nerdrotic…..”Ree-Ann” as a pronunciation. To me he will forever be. I hope to cross paths one day and greet him as such…..if he has the fortitude to avail himself in earshot range at some function or another. Claudia shows a stark resemblance to Admiral Akbar, the eyes and neck are a straight up match. Impressive.

  6. What's hilarious is that most of the SJW sites that are throwing the word "troll" around to describe anyone who disagrees with them are themselves trolls. By definition, a troll is someone who says inflammatory shit on purpose trying to get a reaction. THAT'S WHAT THEY DO ALL DAY LONG! It really is the ultimate irony.

  7. That chick got run over faster then some clown going 5mph on the Garden State Parkway. I remember when people made fun of me for liking Star Wars. Now I am ashamed

  8. Sarah got a last name? just want to see if she will run my twitter

  9. We live in a world where Star Wars journalist is an actual thing. Let that sink in. (It's a good thing…and it's beautiful.)

  10. Not to be that guy, but Mother Teresa was actually a vicious psychopath who enjoyed the torment and suffering of those she admitted into her hospices. Those people lived under terrible conditions, received no real treatment, used communal toilets, etc. And all the money and donations the bitch got she just spent it on building more suffering centers. She was also a big fan and friend of the Duvalier family of Haiti.

  11. I used to work with an SJW type who I helped start an animation company. The guy rendered a scene and named the files “filename_cuntface”. Well, our female client was upset by him. My “partner” assured her he fired the guy who did it, and laughed at “cuntface” behind her back for being stupid. THIS is EXACTLY what they do. THEY hate, and are filled with misogyny.

  12. Well I don't really like Mother Teresa, but it has nothing to do with her being a woman.

  13. I have so much more free time and energy for my work, I do not have Twitter. If my publisher required it, I would farm it out as fast as I could. But clearly claudia didn't want political storms. And yes, I hate TLJ, they can't take the sky away from us. (Sometimes another franchise says it best)

  14. These bitches can’t even suck my cock because I don’t even consider this disney shit canon. Instead I do consider Dark Empire and the NJO as canon. I will never knowingly give disney or any of their properties a red fucking cent for as long as I live. DCEU for life! they better not buy them god forbid they ever gain access to Superman! Fuck them to HELL!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😫😫😫🔥🔥🔥

  15. Pablo Hadildo won't answer any questions about Claudia Gray's Wilma Flintstone necklace.

  16. So it was a red haired land whale this time. At least they are being diverse

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