Rollin Mitchell Poem

and tonight and we’re thankful for all
the view and really I don’t know what I’m doing here
but I thought I got in the mood this afternoon to
write a little poem about it would you like to hear it I wrote it on IHC paper that I found out in the hall here’s what
I wrote I thought I’d write a little poem about
I H C a team Sankey and Plank and Mike Avery a phone call today put me into a fright we want you to raise money you’re on for
tonight the thought of it all just hits me real
funny the very idea of me the raising money if I could raise money I thought with a
smile I’d do it a lot not doing a while I’d be like Santa’s elves and i’d give
it away cannot do it tomorrow not do it today
i’d raise me a stash just as big as could be and then I’d get a forklift to
move it for me i buy me a bank to keep it all in and
i’d give it all out and fill it again I don’t have any gimmicks or slide a
little tricks in a few folks don’t help me I’m in a big fix so get out your money n roll out your
cash we need it tonight real quick in a flash they probably won’t ask me to do this
again so please help me out at the pickle I’m N now all we need you to do tonight is
take those cards and write their maximum out yet you can give in this I’d see we won our clear this out of the way how
many would like not to spend extra time in the services from here out raising
money raise your hand what we need you to do
is give it tonight and we can do that we want the ushers to take the cards
back up in just a moment we’re gonna ask them to tally up all of the cards and call out one figure
so we’re not wasting money with that and time we need somebody that’s got a
calculator to get ready how many have calculators on hand raise your hand all right hands everywhere good we’ll
have somebody that keep track horace then and so if you’re
enjoying the I’d see we need a big pile of money actually a forklift would be
necessary to raise a up everything we need this week I’m
taller need between fifty and sixty thousand that this convention is what carries the I’d
seen throughout the year we need your help tonight and we want
you to take that pledge card and write the amount you can him and
will be thrilled to hear what it is in just a little
while we’re not gonna take a lot of time but we want you to get with a smile we want you to give the most that you
can we want you to look in your bill poland see what’s there borrow money from your live for borrow
money from those next to your promise when you can pay it back now will give you up two year to get
your pledge and that’s how long you’ve got it should be an easy thing to do and but we really need a lot of it now
if you got cash on hand if you’ve got money at home in your checkbook our ride it out tonight we need some
cash to pay the bills for the convention
about forty-four thousand dollars is what we’re gonna need before we can
get out the door here so you see we’re really in a fix I one can you when I
read that poem my heart was in that it’s true it’s all
true and so we gotta have your help how many are going to help us tonight
how many are gonna do your best raise your hand or right hand higher I
didn’t seem very well all right very good and so if you’re my
friend I want you to help me tonight I really
need you bad and so we’re looking to you to help us
how many have your pledge card ready raise your hand up in the air so we can see you fill it
out real quick and brother manly over here he’s good at
raising money he’s gonna have a big total here in just a moment the rest have you there my friends in
the crowd that I can see I will call you out I want you to help
me rather good I want you to help me brother whitaker rather daughter a brother Cooper and all
the rest to view my friends if you’re here please help me I’m in terrible condition
and I need your help tonight alright in just a moment we’re gonna
have him start calling out the totals Paso man quick as you can we don’t take
much time we got great things tonight in store for us we’re gonna hear a great message in just
a moment and we need your help we need you to act quickly and
prayerfully how many love the i2c say a big a man
how many gonna do your best in this offering say a man some years ago I was in a camp meeting
on a on a hot sunday afternoon and they were trying to raise evolve
things seven hundred dollars it was the last
Sunday have a 10-day camp it was a low country camp and this has been 25 years ago so that was a lot of money twenty-five
years ago on the second Sunday afternoon at the camp and I I was amazed and I’m I when the camp president got up he said
folks I I hate to tell you this we need seven hundred dollars and %uh some low man jumped up the back
said all give the last 100 and the the fellows set with me he jumped up and
said I’ll give the other six go get here’s and after he pulled 61 hundreds of his
pocket he said to me said that old guy does
that every year and i never get it never has to give is under is that I showed
him so we don’t want chill at the last 100
we need it tonight the firstfruits the firstfruits alright ushers were gonna start i askin

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