Roma | MyROMA Q&A with Writer/Director Alfonso Cuarón | Netflix

19 thoughts on “Roma | MyROMA Q&A with Writer/Director Alfonso Cuarón | Netflix

  1. Alguém de muita influência na MÍDIA deveria dizer que a NETFLIX é uma GRANDE "M.E.R.D.A", e que deveria abrir FALÊNCIA. Dar lugar pra quem pode e tem condições de deixar todos os usuários satisfeitos. É a minha opinião.

  2. Oh man Trump is going to be so mad if he wins an Oscar again. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, Trump tweeted why so many Mexicans were talking the gold statue a few years prior)

    :HE WON YAY!!!!

  3. Excuse me Netflix , but where are the Black Mirror trailer's ?
    Isn't the 28 of December the season 5 release date ?

  4. What an amazing filmmaker, he has done so much for the industry, technology, women, family, his country and the world un general.

  5. I watched the movie. I didn't get it (the essance). The/this explaination… still didn't get. Like waiting for the punchline of the joke… and it never comes.

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