Romeo and Juliet Act 3

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Winchester Ohio this is Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare act 3 scene 1 a
public place and turmeric you she’ll Benvolio page and servants been fully oh
I pray thee good Mercutio let’s retire the day is hot the Capulets abroad and
if we meet we should not skip a brawl for now these hot days is the man blood
story accuse you I want like one of these fellows that when he enters the
confines of a tavern clap see his sword upon the table and says God send me no
need of D and by the operation of the second cup draws him on the drawer when
indeed there is no need then Valerio m ice like such a fellow Mercutio com com
there are just hotter jack in the mood as any in Italy and as soon moved to be
moody and as soon moody to be moved when will you and what to make you she’ll
name and there were two such we should have none shortly for one would kill the
other without parole with a man that have a hair more or less than his beard
the now has now will para with a man for cracking not having no other reason but
because thou hast hazel eyes what I but such an I would spy out such a coral my
head is this full of corals as an egg is full of meat and yet I had been beaten
as Apple as an egg for quarreling has quarreled with the man for coffee in the
street because he hath wakened by dogs that have fallen asleep in the Sun just
found out fall out with a tailored for wearing his new doublet before Easter
with another four-time his new shoes with an old ribbon and yet that will
tutor me from quarreling Benvolio and i were so abdic Wireless soured any man
should buy the fee simple of my life hour and a quarter Mercutio deceased
simple so simple then the Leo by my head here come the capitalist kyushu by my
heel I care not enter tabled and others to follow me close Fri will speak to
them gentlemen could dan I worked with one of
you make your show and but one worked with one of us couple it was something make it a word
and a blow to bolt you should find me out enough to that sir and you will give
me occasion Mercutio could you not take some occasions without giving too old
Mercutio consorting with Romeo consort with just found make us minstrels and
that’ll make me look to hear nothing but discords here’s my fill stick cares that
she’ll make you dance sounds consort and believe we talked here in the public
haunts of men either withdraw under some private place and recent polls have your
grievances or else depart here all I S case US men’s eyes were made to look
like the case I will not budge for no man’s pleasure I built well peace be
with you sir here comes my man and her Romeo Mercutio
but I’ll be hanging sure if you wear your livery merry go play for two field
he’ll be your follower your worship in that sense may call him man to bolt
Romeo the love I barely can afford no better terms than this value art a
villain to the reason that I have to love the death march excuse the
appertaining rage to such a greeting villain and mine on therefore there will
I see that I noticed me not to avoid the show not excuse the injuries that that
has done me therefore turn and draw Romeo I do protest I never injured the
but love the better than that counts devised till thou shalt know the reason
of my life and so good caterpillar which name i tender as dearly as my no own be satisfied kyushu com dishonorable
file submission loss to cut a carries it away he draws to you rat catcher where
you walk what would that have with me Mercutio good king of cats nothing but
one of your nine lives that I mean to make bold with all and as usual used me
here after Dr beat the rest of the eight where you plug your sort out of his
picture by the ears make haste less mine be about your years the out I am for you drawing Romeo gentle Mercutio put the
rate you’re up makes you she’ll come sir you’re pasado they fight Romeo drop-in
valio beat down their weapons gentlemen for shame for bear this outrage to the
Prince expressly half or did this bandying in Verona Street hold tabled
good Mercutio acceptable with his partisans mature shoe I am heart a
plague on both your houses I’m sped to go on and have nothing then believe what
our South hurt I i scratch scratch Mary to saddam where’s my page Coalville
infectious surgeon next page Romeo courage man hurt cannot be much
mchugh she’ll know to start so deepest of well nor so why does the church door
but just enough to serve ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a brave
man I am peppered I warrant for this world a private tour both your houses to
death a braggart a robe villain the fights by The Book of Ruth mutant double team you between us I was hurt
under your arm I thought offer the best Mercutio help me understand how spend faint
plague on both your houses they’ve been worms meet of me I have it and sound
like to your houses Mercutio and Benvolio real me know this
gentleman the princess near ally my very friend had cut his mortal heard in my
behalf by reputations stained with triple slander libel threaten our have
been my kinsman oh sweet Julia beauty have made me effeminate is my
temper softened valor steel reenter bend over Romeo brain tumor tissues dead
gallon spirit has aspired the clouds which to untimely here did score in the
earth this day’s black Phaeton more days stars’ depend this but begins the world
others must end and allele courtrooms the Furious to be back again Romeo alive in triumph and Mercutio
slaying a way to heaven respectively natty and fire I’d fury be my conduct
now reenter tabled now to take the villain back again that late found Davis
me from Eq shoes sole is but a little way above our heads staying for the
dying to keep him company either that or I or both must go with him to put our
wretched boys at Descanso let him hear shots with him hence this shall
determine that they fight to the falls and polio Romeo away because the
citizens are up until slain stand on amazed the prince will do need a fifth
Hour taken against the gone away fortunes than fully oh wow I just asked
a exit Romeo and tourists ins etc citizen line which way ran he’d
killed Mercutio Tybalt that murder which way Randy Benvolio their lives that
Thibault said to someone up circle with me I charge the in the princess named
obey and her prince attended Montague Capulet their wives and mothers friends
where are the vial beginners of this for a Bengali 00 noble Prince I can discover
all the unlucky manage of this fatal brawl there lies the man slain by young
Romeo at SLU kinsmen brave Mercutio Lady Capulet totaled my cousin oh my brothers
child o Prince husband after blood is spilled of my dear chance prints as the
true for blood of our shed blood of Montague open cousin Prince mentally ill
who began this bloody for a mentally ill to hear slain whom Romeo’s handed sleigh
Romeo that spoke him fair bit him rethink how nice the clara was and urged
with all your high displeasure all this uttered with gentle breath needs humbly
bowed could not take truce with the unruly spleen of troubled deftly apiece
for the details with piercing steel involved mercury shields breast who all
is hot turns deadly point-to-point and with a Marshall scored with one hand
beats cold death aside and let the other sends it back to tumult dexterity
retorts in romeo he cries aloud old friends friends part and swifter than
his time his abs alarm beach down there fatal points and tricks then Russia’s
underneath his arm and envious thrust from temple to hit the life of stout
Mercutio and then tubal fled but biamby comes back to reveal who had been newly
entertained revenge and to it they go like lightning for Eric could draw
depart the most optimal slain and as he fell did romeo turn and fly this is the
truth or less than valio died Lady Capulet he is a kinsman to the Montague
affection makes him files he speaks not true some twenty of them fought in this
black stripes and all those twenty could kill one life I beg for justice which
now Prince must give flu tabled Romeo Must Not live prints Romeo slew him hes
Mercutio who now the price of his deer blood death of Montague not Romeo prince
he was work you shoes friend his fault concludes that what the law should and
the life of two old friends and for that offense immediately we do exile him hence I have
an interest in your hates preceding my blood for your route brawls to fly a
bleeding but I’ll emerged she was so strong a fine that you shall all repent
the loss of mine I will be deaf to pleading and excuses or tears or prayer
shall purchase out of juices therefore use none that Romeo hence in haste else
when he has found that our is his last year hence this body and attend our will
mercy the murders pardoning those that kill exit and i’ve seen one seemed to
have room and Capulets house and Julia Julia gallup apace you fiery fitted
steeds toward fetuses logic such a Wagner is fading would with you to the
west and bring in cloudy night immediately spread night closed curtain
love performing night that rude ice me wink and Romeo leap to these arms
untucked of an unseen lovers can see to do their amorous rights by the room
beauties of be blind at best agrees with night comes night also pursued me turn
arlen black and learn how to lose a winning match played for a pair of
unstained maiden hoods pulled my unmanned blood beating in my cheeks with
a black mantle till strangelove brown bald think true love active simple modesty night day and night for their will to live on
the wings of night wider than new snow upon a Ravens back might cum loving
black brown night give me my Romeo and when he showed I’d take him and cut him
out and little stars and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the
world will be in love with night and pay no worshipped the garish sun have bought
the mansion of love but not possessed it and though I am soul night and enjoyed
so tedious is this day as the night before some festival to an impatient
child that has new robes and may not wear them all here comes miners and she
brings news and every tongue that speaks but Romeo’s name speaks heavenly
eloquence and her nurse with cords now a nurse what news what has found there the cords that Romeo biddy fetch nurse I
i the cords cruising down Juliet me what news widest offering their hands he’s
still only DVR undone a lack the day he’s gone he’s killed he stood Julia can
be so envious nurse Romeo can though haven’t cannot Romeo who ever would have
thought it really you know Juliet what double art thou the dust storm hit me
thus this torture should be roared and dismal as Romeo slain himself and poison
more than the death starting I of a cockatrice I have not either be such an
eye for those I shot it makes the answer I V slain say I or if not no grief
sounds determine of my wheel or what nurse I saw the wound I saw it with my
own eyes of the mark here on his manly breast a piteous course a bloody piteous
course pale pale as ashes daubed in blood all indoor blood ice wounded at
the site Julia 0 brake hard poor backgrounds to
president eisner Liberty dialers to earth resign and motion here and Romeo
press one beer nurse to book the best friend I had to use to be honest
gentleman that everyone should see the dead Julia what storm blows so contrary
is Romeo slaughtered and his typical dead might do loved cousin and my dear
lord than dreadful trumpet sound the general June 4 who is living if those
two were gone nurse to build is gone and Romeo
banished Romeo that killed him he is benched for COD to Romeos hand shed
blood nurse it did it did a last day it did almost certain heart in with the
flowering face today ever dragon keeps affair a cave beautiful tired themed
angelica Raven wolf is rather than later despise and substance of diviner show
just opposite to 1,000 justly seems and damned st. an honorable villain nature
what had started doin’ how and now its power the spirit of a fiend in mortal
paradise of such sweet flesh was ever book containing such a vile matter so
fairly bound oh that deceit dwell in such a gorgeous powerless nurse there’s
no trust no face No honesty and men perjured all four sworn all old
assemblers oh man give me some AquaBounty these griefs these woes these
sorrows make me old shame come to Romeo Juliet blistered be
light on for such a wish he was not born to shame upon his brow shame is a shame
to sit for to the throne where honor may be crowned soul monarch of the universal
earth oh what a beast was I to childhood him nurse who you speak well of him that
killed your cousin Juliet Shelly speak ill of him that is my husband poor my
lord what tongue shall smooth name when I die three hours wife have mangled but
we r for violence killed my cousin that milling custom would have killed my
husband back / tears back to your needs of spring here tributary drops belong to
world which you mistaking offer up to enjoy my husband lives that would have
slain and tilts dead that would have slain my husband all discomfort
wherefore we buy them somewhere there was worse until death that murdered me I
would forget it fame prices to my memory like damned guilty deeds to sinners
minds to put his stead and Romeo banished that burnished that one word
banished at Slane 10,000 tools to put to death was well enough if it had ended
there or if sour whoa delights in fellowship and neatly will be range with
other griefs why followed not when she said tools dead my father or the mother
nature or both which modern lamentation might have moved but with a rearward
following tables death Romeo is banished to speaks outward his father mother to
Romeo Giulia all slain all did romeo is banished there is no end no limit measure found in that word’s
death no words can that woes where is through my mother a nurse
weeping and wailing over to police course we go to them I will bring user
Julia wash they his wounds with tears mind shall be spent when there’s a drive
for Romeo’s banishment pick up those coloreds groups who are big I’ll both
you and I for Romeo is exiled he made you for a highway to my bed but I am a
dime maiden with the Conchords and death Romeo take my meeting hi to your chamber
I’ll find room you know to come for you I what well where he is hard to European
will be here at night out of him he is hit at Lawrence’s cell to find him give
this ring to my true night and did him come to take his last farewell exit of
scene to scene 3 friar Laurence’s cell and her Friar Laurence prior Romeo come
force for South fearful man affliction is enamored of those parts and there are
22 calamity and her Romeo Romeo father what news what is the princess doing
what sorrow craves acquaintances at my hands that I yet no not prior to
familiar is my dear son with such as our company I bring the tidings of the
princess do less than doomsday is the princess do a gentler judgment vanished
from his lips not bodies death but bodies banishment banishment be merciful
say death for XO have more terror in his look what’s more than death do not save
management from Verona art thou banished be patient for the world is broad and
wide Romeo there is no world without Verona walls but purgatory torture hell itself and
Spanish to Spanish from the world and world’s exile is death then vanished is
death miss termed calling death banishment the cut my head off with the
Golden Axe and smile asleep on the stroke that mergers prior 0 deadly sin
overruled on thankfulness I filed our law calls death but the kind Prince
taking the high part has brushed aside the law and turned that black were death
to banishment this is dear mercy and now ceased not torture and not mercy kevin
is here where Julia lives and every cat and dog and little mouse every unworthy
thing live here in havana may look on her but Romeo may not more validity more
honorable state more courtship lives in Cary and flies than Romeo they may seize
on the white wonder of Juliet’s hand and still immortal blessing from her lips
who even impure and Vestal modesty still blush as thinking their own kisses sin
but Romeo me not he is banished dismay flies to when I from this list lie and
say yes then get that exile is not death has poison mix no sharp knife no sudden
mean of death donor so mean but banished to kill me balanced or Friday and the damned used
that word in the hell how long’s attended the heart being a divine a
ghostly confessed her as soon as Oliver and my friend professed to mangle me
without word banishment prior to find madmen hear me speak a little over then
we’ll speak again of banishment I’ll give the armor to keep off the word
adversity sweet milk philosophy to comfort the banished yet banished hangup
philosophy unless philosophy can make a Julia display and a town reverser
princes doom it helps not it prevails not talk no
more oh then I see that madman have no ears Romeo how should they when that
weisman have no eyes prior let me just beauty of the Avaya state Romeo that
counts not speak of that that does not feel worthless see on this I Julia I
love and our but married to book murdered doting like me and like me
banished than whites them speak then lights out here and follow up on the
ground as I do now taking the measure of an unmade grave knocking within prior
arise when Knox good Romeo hide thyself Romeo not I unless the breadth of
heartsick groans miss like in full me from the search of eyes knocking prior
Hart County knock who’s there arises I will be taken a while I study by a lil
sis is this I can I come knocking to knock so hard when scum you what’s your
will nurse within let me come in and you shall know my errand I come from lady
Julia prior welcome then and Turner’s oh holy fryer oh tell me holy fire where’s
my ladies Lord for its Romeo there on the ground with his own tears
may drunk nurse oh he’s even in my mistress’s case just in her case prior
nurse even so lies she blubbering and weeping weeping and blubbering stand up
stand up stand the new be a man for Julius sake for her see rise and stand
why should you fall into saudi piano room nurse nurse sir of all Romeo Juliet how was it with her
does not she thinks being all murder of stains the childhood of our joy with
blood removed but little from her own own where is she and how does she says
my concealed lady to are counseled love nurse she says nothing sir but weeks and
weeks and now falls on her bed and then starts up until calls and then I’m Romeo
cries and then down falls again as if that name shot from the deadly level of
a gun did murder her as that names cursed hand murdered her kinsman OH Tony
fryer tell me in what vile part of this anatomy just my name Lodge tell me that
I’m a sack the hateful mansion drawing his sword prior hold that desperate hand
are thelma man I form cries out that art by tears are women ish by wild acts
denote the unreasonable fury of a beast unseemly woman in a seeming man or ill
be seeming beastin seeming both amazed me by my holy Order I thought I
disposition better tempered tooled will 2008 I self and slate I’ll 82 that lives
in the by doing down hate upon myself why real estate owned by birth to heaven
and earth since birth and heaven and earth all three to meet in the at once
which now at once with sloughs 550 seamus nice shape I love by wit which
like a user about understand our end users none in that true use indeed which
should be Dec they shape I love by wit my noble shape despite a form of wax
digressing from the Valor of a man died Dearlove sworn but hollow perjury
chillin that love which thou hast found to cherish by wit that ornament to shape
and love misshapen in the conduct of them both like powder in the skill list
soldiers flat is set a fire by then own ignorance and that dismembered with I
known defense while drowsy man by julia is alive for whose dear sake that once
but lately dead me to Woodward guilty but thousands
stippled there there are happy to the law that threatened death becomes my
friend interns it to exile there are two happy I packed a blessings lights up on
my back happiness courts the in her best of Ray
but like I miss behavin and solid wins top pounced upon my fortune and I love
take heed take heed for such dinosaur go get thee to thy love as was decreed ass
and her chamber hands and comfort her be set for there now can start pass to
Mantua where they live to we can find time to blaze your marriage reconcile
your friends beg pardon of the prince and called you back with 20 hundred
thousand times more joy than now went for implementation for nurse commend me
to the lady and bitter hastened all the house to bed which have his sorrow makes
them after 12 is coming nurse oh Lord I could have stayed here
all the night to hear good counsel learning is my lord I’ll tell my lady
will come do so nicely prepared to child nurse sir a ring she bit me give you sir
how you make a case for it grows very late Romeo how well my comfort is revived by
this go hence goodnight and here stands all your state either be gone before the
watch beset by the break of day disguised from hence sojourn in Mantua
I’ll find out your men and he shall signify from time to time every could
happen to you that chances here and his late farewell goodnight but then
enjoy past joy calls out on me it were grief so brief to part with the farewell
exit and i’ve seen 3 scene for a room and Capulets house
and her Capulet Lady Capulet in Paris Capulet things have fallen out sir so
unlikely that we have had no time to move our daughter so cute she loved her
kinsman tipple dearly and so did I well we were born to die just very late
should not come down tonight I promise you but for your company I would have
been the bed an hour ago harris these times of world for no tune to madame
goodnight commend me to your daughter Lady Capulet I will and no her mind
early tomorrow tonight she’s mute up to her heaviness Capulet sir Paris I will
make a desperate tender of my child’s love I think she will be ruled in all
respects by any name or I doubt it not go you to her or you go to bed entry here of my son Paris and bit her
mark you me on Wednesday next but soft what does this Capulet Monday well
Wednesday is too soon Thursday let it be a Thursday tell her
she shall be married to this noble Earl will you be ready do you like this haste
will keep no greater do a friend or two for her cute being slain insulate it may
be thought we held him carelessly being our kids if we revel much therefore will
have some half a dozen friends and they’re an end but what’s a user
Thursday my lord I would Thursday work tomorrow Capulet well get you go on a Thursday be
it then go you to Juliet area go to bed prepare her twice against this wedding
day farewell my lord light to my chamber ho for me it is so very very late that
we may call it early bye and bye by goodnight exit scene 5 and open
gallery Juliet’s chamber overlooking the garden and her Romeo and Juliet Juliet
will be gone it is not yet clear day it was the night and not the large that
pierced the fearful hollow near nightly she sings on your own pomegranate tree
believe me love it was the night and it was the large to hold of the morn no
Nightingale envious streaks to lace the severing clouds in yonder East night
candles are burned out and jock and a stands tiptoe misty mountain tops I must
be gone and live or stay and died Julia John flight is not daylight I know
what I it is so mediocre that the sonics feels to be to the this night a
torchbearer and light the on the way to mint or they’re forced a yet to be gone may be taken that may be put to death I
am content so that we have it so I’ll say younger is not the mornings I just
got the pale reflexive cindy is brown nor that is not the Lark whose notes to
beat the multi haven’t so high above our heads I have more care to stay then
we’ll to go come down and welcome to early I will sit so how is it my soul let’s talk just not day julia is it is
I’ll be gone away is the Lark that seems so out of tune straining the harshness
chords and I’m pleasing sharps some say the Lark Books Week division this stuff
not so far she divided us some cities large and load the toad change eyes
changed voices too since arm from armed voiced us affray hunting the hands with
hands up to the day be gone more light and light it grows more light and light
or dark and our car rose and Turner’s nurse Madden nurse nurse your lady mother is coming
to your chambers the day is through be wary look about exit Juliet then windows
day in and let life out farewell farewell kiss and now descend descends cartel guns my Lord my love my friend I
must hear from the everyday at our door in a minute there are many days over
this country should be much in years behold my room mia farrow well I will
emit no opportunity that may convey my greetings love to the Julia think
establish ever meet again I doubt it not and all these words shall serve for
sweetness courses in our time to come God I have until divining saw a CD now
that were below is one dead in the bottom of a to my site feels and trust
we love in my eye so do you try sorrow drinks are blood do do exit below fortune fortune be fickle fickle was
just out with him that is renowned for faith be fickle fortune for them I hope
that would not keep him long but send him back Capulet with them are you up Juliet who is it the other up so early custom cause pro careers her mother and
her Lady Capulet lady captain it I have no Juliet Juliet madam I am NOT well
every more reaching for your cousin’s death from his grave with tears and if
so could spell Chris not make him live there for half done some grief shows
much of love but much of a pre-show still someone to avoid it yet let me wait for such a feeling loss
so shall you feel the loss but not the friend which floor to ceiling so I
cannot choose but every week the friend Lady Capulet well girl that we pass not
so much for his death as that the villain lives which slaughtered him Lady Capulet that same villain Romeo
Juliet and he may be many miles asunder him I do with all my heart and yet no
man like he just grieve my heart because the traitor murderer lives I am at him
from the reach of these fans with none but I might change my cousin’s death
Lady Capulet we will have vengeance for it fear that not that we know more I’ll
send one in mint where that same banished renegade live in such an
unaccustomed RAM that he shall soon keep table company and then I hope that will
be satisfied indeed I never shall be satisfied with
Romeo till I behold him dead is my poor heart so for a kinsman vexed madame if
you could find out what a man to be replaced and I would temper it that
Romeo should upon receipt thereof some sleep and quiet opposed to hear him
named and cannot come to him to reach the love I bore my cousin to build upon
his body that has slaughtered him Lady Capulet find out the means and I’ll find
such a man but now I’ll tell the joyful tidings girl enjoy comes well in such an
easy time I beseech your ladyship Lady Capulet well well that has to be careful
father child one who to put the from the heaviness has sorted out a sudden day of
joy that they expect us not nor I looks not for Julia mad and happy time what
day is that Lady Capulet marry my child early next Thursday more in the gallant
young and noble gentleman the county Paris at
st. Peter’s Church I’ll happily make the there a joyful bride Julia now by st.
Peter’s Church and Peter too he shall not make me there a joyful bride I
wonder if this haste but I must wear dairy he that should be husband comes to
woo I pray tell my Lord and father madam I will not marry yet and when I do I
swear Chile Romeo who you know I hate rather than Paris these are news indeed Lady Capulet here comes your father tell
him so yourself and see how he will take it at your hands and took a pilot and
nurse when the Sun sets the air duct drizzle to but for the sunset of my
brother son it rains down right now no a conduit girl was still in tears evermore showering in one little body
counter fittest a park a see a wind for still lies which I make all the sea to
Evan flow was two years the bark by body is feeling in this salt flood the winds
life-size who ranging with my tears and they would without a certain calm 10
percent by 10 percent trust body how now wife of you deliver to our decree
Capulet nicer but she will none she gives you thanks I would the full were
married to her grave soft take me with you tick be with your wife how will she
know that she not give us things is she not proud does she not counter blessing
unworthy as she is that we have right to wear the gentleman to be her bright
group not proud you have but thankful that you
have crowd can I never be of what I hate but thankfully even for hate that is
meant laugh Capulet how now now now Chuck logic what is this crowd and I
thank you and I think you not and yet not proud mistress million you thank you
we note thanking snore proud me know proud but fellow you’re fine joins
against Thursday next to go with Paris Saint Peter’s Church I will drag the
honor hurdle further out you green sickness carrying out to baggage hello
face s Lady Capulet 55 what are you mad good
father I beseech you on my knees hear me with patients but to speak a word
Capulet disobedient rich I told he would get the church on Thursday or never
after look me in the face speak not replied not do not answer me
my fingers each way for scarce office blessed that God had learned only child
and now I see this one is one too much and that we have a curse in having her
out on her building god in heaven you were to blame my lord generator so
opulent and why my lady wisdom holds your tone prudence matter with your nurse I speak
no treason Capulet good dan may not one speak peace you mumbling fool for here
we needed not you are too hot bread it makes me mad date night our time tied workplace alone
in companies still like her and have her matched and having now provided a
gentleman of noble parentage a faire demain youthful and nobly trained
stuffed as they say with honorable parts proportioned as one’s heart would wish a
man and then to have a wretched fueling fool a whining members in her fortunes
tendered to answer not yet I cannot love I am too young I pray you pardon me but
then you will not win our part new phrase were you will you shall not house
with me but to it things on it I do not use to jest
Thursday is near a hand on heart advise and you’ll be mine I’ll give you to my
friend and you be not star died in the streets for by my soul I’ll never
acknowledged for what is mine she’ll never do the good trust to it we think
you are not be forsworn exit julia is there no pity sitting in
the clouds that see into the bottom of my grief so sweet my mother cast me not
away delay this marriage for a month a week
or if you do not make the bridle bit and that dim monument where to Lady Capulet
talk not to me for our not speak a word do is that will I have done with the god
I wouldn’t this be prevented my husband is on earth my faith in heaven how
she’ll that faith return again to earth and less than husband send me from
heaven by leaving Earth comfort me counsel me a lack of heaven should
practice stratagems subjects myself what’s a US now has some not a word of
joy some comforters here too is banished and all the world
to nothing that he dares never come back to challenge you where she do it needs
must be myself then since the case still stands as no it does I think it past you
married with the county elisa lovely gentleman romney also disclose to him
and Eagle madame has not so green so quick so fair and I as parents have the
Shrew my very hard I think you are happy in this second match for it excels your
first where they did not your first as dead as good as living here and you know
use of him Juliet because South this from the heart
and from my soul to screw them both Juliet well the house comforted me
marvelous much go in and tell my lady I am gone having just please my father to
Florence’s sell to make confession and to be absolved nurse Mary I will and
this is wisely done exit Juliet ancient damnation almost wiccan fiend is more
soon to wish me the US for sworn or displays my lord with that same tongue
which she have praised him with above compares so many times go counselor for Shelby tween out of the
fryer to know his remedy if all else fail myself have power to die exit end of scene 5 end of Act three

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