Roshni Raheja’s ‘Recipe for a Powerful Poem’ | ATKT Talent Tent Podcast

YOU will require: 1. A call to action- an idea that you think the
world absolutely needs to hear. 2. Feelings- let your emotion flow and capture
them in a vial keep this essence of passion in an easily accessible place for future use 3. Words – collect wonderful words, words you
can play with, words you can play on, words you enjoy – use your
resources to your advantage Before you begin: Clear your space of all negative influences- whether it’s an annoyingly loud child a disapproving adult or even a peer who insists that poetry
is useless- dismiss them. Or, better yet, put up a wall- since that’s
apparently an acceptable way for us to deal with our problems now. Firstly: Do NOT grease the pan, just like you would
not grease the palms of those who shut you down. you are not writing to be palatable, you are
writing to be heard. Your poetry should be strong, not smooth, and
need not follow rules feel free to use plastic on the stove or metal in the microwave, the resulting sparks of creativity, you should definitely save. Mix together your stories, and incidents that
matter, whether it’s the first time you scraped your knee, or the not so silent rage of students
since 2016 – when you have the privilege of raising your voice, you absolutely must take
that choice. Stir in a healthy amount of vivid comparisons-
no matter how many times you hear the words “yes, poets, we get it, things are like
other things”, do not let it stop you from creating fantastic metaphors- the flavouring
which every poetic dish needs Especially when you have ingredients that
are too controversial, too bitter, sour on their own It is metaphors alone
that will camouflage them as ‘zesty’, ‘tangy’, and therefore definitely worth
a sampling. Which then brings me to: For an extremely engaging taste, do not forget,
in your haste, to add in plenty of sensations, and imagery – the hue of the flowers that
grow/underneath your bedroom window the glint in your best friend’s eye/ the weight of your
professor’s sigh//the sound of heeled shoes on a wooden floor / tales of wild animals
in old folklore // the smooth dismissal of problems by people who simply do not care/
the smell of revolution as it leaks like gas and saturates the air This would be an appropriate time
Now, to add in the essence of passion, and no, I do not mean this like two drops of vanilla,
but I mean you should pour and pour and keep pouring until every vegetable, every
word, is soaked in your ecstacy drips with your anguish, glistens with your anger, and sizzles with the smoke of the words you have waited so long to say. The people who insisted you go back into the
kitchen should be left in shock when you emerge and serve them what you’ve written But before that: Garnish with a salty sprinkling of satire,
and yes, that is a reference to the meme because let me tell you something
about awareness today, it’s not found only in black and white newsprint, but it spans
an entire spectrum of subtle humour When the papers focus on all the wrong things,
and people around the world hesitate before speaking up, in fear of the looming upper
hands that threaten to silence them every time they try to rise in protest
The internet will be our serving tray horse, satire, our solid, shining cutlery armour,
and powerfully penned poetry our food for thought, our chosen weapon of change. Lastly:
Once you have realized the sheer potential of your words, the raw power in your voice,
and the hold you have over people who want to, and need to listen to what you have to
say Serve it to them straight off the stove Hot Strong And Mind-blowing

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