Rounding up the Rhymes | Literacy Strategies for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

It’s time for rounding up the rhymes. Are
you ready? Ready.
Okay. . .hmmmm Earlier in shared reading we talked about
a book called the Snowy Day, and we talked about things that we do on snowy days. And
one of the things was making snowmen. And we read a book called Snowmen at Night.
And talked about all the things that snowmen might do at night.
Well this time we’re going to read the same story, but we’re going to look for rhyming
words. Okay? What are rhyming words? Do you remember?
I know Juan, what are rhyming words?
hmmm. . . They sound the same. They sound the same. That’s right. So that. . .they sound the same. Good Joseph. Thank you. They sound the same. They do. That’s what we are going to be listening
for. Do you remember how we pay special attention to the pages where I have the tabs?
Okay. Snowmen at Night. Here we go.
Wyatt. Okay. Do you want me to do the first page?
Yes. Okay.
“One wintery day I made a snowman very round and tall. The next day, when I saw him he
was not the same at all.” “tall”, “all’
Tall. . . I didn’t need to show you. You herd it right away.
Yeah “tall”, “all”. Very good
Did you guys here that? {Multiple] Yes.
Okay. We’ll put that pair down. “His hat had slipped. His arm drooped down.
He really looked a fright.” fright
“It made me start to wonder what do snowmen do at night”
[multiple] night What two words?
[Multiple] “fright” and “night” “fright” and “night”, good Joseph.
I said it. You did say it. You got it.
“fright” and “night” Alright, good job.
Alright, let’s look at our rhymes. Let’s read through them. Eyes up here. HanaLou, you with
me? [Multiple} “game”, “aim” Do those rhyme?
[Multiple] yes Yes they do.
Now we talk about rhyming words sounding the same. Some rhyming words look the same too.
And that’s the ones that we want to round up today.
They don’t look the same, do they Joseph? You know that already, don’t ya’. Because
look it. It’s A-M-E, A-I-M. Are those the same?
[Multiple] No No, we don’t want them in our rounding up
the rhyme. Cross them
Should I cross them? [Multiple] yes
Alright Should we look at “tall”, “all”?
Yes, they are rhymes. Come up here and find what rhymes.
Can you underline the. . .there you go. “all” and “all”, and they are both spelled the
same, aren’t they? Nice job Joseph. Thank you. “Tall” and “all”. Good.
All of these sounded the same and looked the same, right? So those are the rhymes that
we want to round up. Right here. Yep. Are you ready?
Yes Here’s a word card.
“places”, “races” “others”, “mothers” “brothers”.
Is that where it goes? Yes
Okay, Alright, and what word is that? “brothers”
“brothers”, you figured that out by knowing “others” and “mothers”.

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