10 thoughts on “Roy Hudd at The Oldie Literary Lunch

  1. Just reading his autobiography….A fart in a colander….a line spoken by his Gran!

  2. The man's a giant , in comedy .
    ladies and gentlemen it's Mr Roy Hudd

  3. Roy Hudd is one of the best Actors this Country will ever see. I Just saw him on Doctors he was the husband of a women suffering from dementia and the man had me in tears his performance was easily the best acting i have ever seen on any day time soap in 30 years. SIMPLY SUBLIME !

  4. This man drives me up the wall he thinks he knows everything about the golden days of the Music Hall he was born in 1936 so what does he know only what his read or been told such a big head and brags about having worked with the great Max Miller when the great Max was nearly at his end of his career.Watched a a clip on here at an Al Bowlly meeting was rubbish t as a collecter of Britsh Music Hall and recordings on 78s from 1900 to 1940s i think i know as much as he does.

  5. Have seen Roy perform and he is brilliant. A really nive gentleman and his new book is marvellous. Buy it read and enjoy I promise you will not be disappointed. Thanks for posting.

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