20 thoughts on “Rumi Poem (English) – Emptiness

  1. Only Love..God.. Energy….Zen..,Tao…Words,words…I AM beyond words but also in words 💖

  2. At first I liked it, but after looking in to this Coleman Barks and saw how he intentionally stripped the mention of Islam in Rumi's poems, I can't help but to dislike it. I'm sorry.

  3. According to Sufi mystism This entire Universe is a projection of God's artistry and where ever we look we are looking at God's magic.

  4. Hazrath Rumi (rh) is a mystic a Sufi Dervaish. This people have a unique connection with God and they speak from that wisdom and that source. So to understand Rumi you need to be in Love with God.

  5. One hand shakes with palsy, another shakes because you slap it away. You feel guilty about the one, but why not the other? And he explains it well. I thought it was drifting off, but the answer is clear. How can one commit a crime when all must suffer for it? Not possible.

  6. Dear Friend,
    Today I am back to Berlin.
    Its been a tough 2 months. It seems my relationship with my father has been strained.
    Life is ironic.
    I dont know how to feel. I will need time reflect and to put my thoughts in order. I just know I cant impose my truth to no one. Each of us should discover, and for that we should have no fear and be humble enough in order to see it.
    No one is perfect.
    My love wasnt enough. Dad is in need of a love that is not here anymore physically. But if he really could see with his heart, he would feel. Perhaps he holds too much grudge in his heart also. Then, it is hard.
    I can know understand many things much more regarding my parents relationship.

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