Rusty Gear – The Writer

[Applause] [Applause] as a young man with ideas and yearnings deep and strong I couldn't find the notes or words to put them in a song so I went to see the writer task for his advice on how he wrote the songs that could make heartbreak sound so nice he lived up on the mountain in a cabin in the hood you never came to town lunch but when he did we all felt good I found him on his front porch his hair white in the Sun and we talked for hours about his songs and the honors he had one he said son you may for your town hell's a man to share that with right your song you have to inside and I feel it too [Applause] in this world with music in there and they wake up there morning but they don't know where to start then you mean a special person for the north wind blows just ride and you play in your guitar before the Sun Goes Down at 9:00 when I walk back down the mountain our town was bathed in light in a smile cos once again the rider made me feel alright and I didn't have a song in mind as the day came to an end but I could wait for inspiration that is every rider's friend he said son you may have feelings for your town and I'm not sure what and to share them with world no RBA your song for you or tell you what to do you have to know what's deep inside and make us feel it too

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