Ruto ‘murder plot’ probe shifts to the authors of mystery letter

detectives are focusing on the authenticity of the mystery letter alleging a plot to assassinate deputy president William Ruto although the DP is yet to record any statement on the matter on Tuesday evening director of Criminal Investigations George canet I said investigation self centered on the source of the letter as the first line of inquiry we are treating that letter seriously and investigators want to ascertain its origin and authenticity once we know the source of the letter and how it came to existence we shall focus on the authenticity of the issues raised said mr. Kanin type president Uhuru Kenyatta took the report of the alleged assassination plot seriously and consulted senior security and military chiefs leading to a decision to have the issue investigated by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations however the fact that there is still no complainant so far owing to the deputy president's failure to record a statement means that investigations might not proceed beyond verification of the letter alleging an assassination plot last night Statehouse could not confirm whether the letter addressed to President Kenyatta was indeed received what I can confirm is that the matter is now being handled by detectives as for both anticipate we have to wait for the investigators to finish their work said State House spokesperson cons Deena Marrero the mysterious letter which first appeared on social media has raised political heat and left open divisions within the Jubilee Party three cabinet secretaries named as plotting the assassination of mr. Russo appeared at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations on Monday to record statements but the three mr. Peter manya industry M Cicely Kerry oke health and mr. Joe Michiru ICT did not record statements since there was no formal complaint so far we have no formal complaint said mr. canipe but it is our work as police officers to investigate any crime about to be committed and which comes to our attention

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