Rwanda Genocide – When Hutus killed 1 Million Tutsis in Rwanda – Darkest chapter in African history

34 thoughts on “Rwanda Genocide – When Hutus killed 1 Million Tutsis in Rwanda – Darkest chapter in African history

  1. इंसान कभी बन्दर नही था सर..।

  2. According to BBC report, there were Only 500,000 Tutsis in Rwanda In 1994, and about 200,000 Tutsi people survived the Genocide. This means majority of Victims were Moderate Hutus killed by both Interahamwe Militia and Tutsi RPF rebels.

  3. Yehi kam hindoo ne 1947 mai kiya pir andra gandhi ke qtl ke bad sikho ke sath kiyae.pir gujrat mai mudhi srkr ne kiyae india is mamle mai sb se aghe hai.

  4. 😂its funny I can't understand the language but following the comment I have some clues but sir talk about India leave Rwanda alone we have risen we can't fall again and our President Paul Kagame has made us this far since there is peace n development its funny how u can narrate and describes other countries mind yours now we need peace. And how I normally see Indians being racist to our Africans brothers there calling them names n so on may God forgive u

  5. Bhenchod what nonsense you talk in between. Be straightforward and speak whats important like Prashant And other lecturer. Why you need to repeat statements and add person talks which eventually increases the length of vedio

  6. I have seen this in theatre, really painful particularly for women😔 same is done by Modi and Yogi Govt. spreading hatred among Indians to satisfy their selfish desires

  7. ठीक ठीक हैं सुन के दिमाग उड़ गया

  8. आप फालतू बाते ज्यादा बताते हो

  9. This can happen in India of the ruling Party continue to rule …

  10. Kagame killed hutus in 🇨🇩 and Rwanda but nobody says a words

  11. In brahmano ko bhi wahi pahuchao jaha se ye aye hai jai periyar…and mai apne tamil aur kashmiri bhaiyo ke poore support me hun ma chod do in brahmano ki..

  12. Jaldi hi in brahmano ki bhi ma chodi jane wali hai …bus kuchh din aur..

  13. People of world must understand that secularism is the only way to establish peace… It means respect to everyone… Here hutu tutsi are almost exactly same but still a brutal massacre… If the apply secularism there must no casulity

  14. After watching this types of video🤨🤐🤐
    Don't know why🤫🤫
    But i love my country 😔😔🤐
    jasa bhi ho😐
    Garib ,ameer, poverty fir bhi mera bharat mahan !!!!🙂🙂🙂

  15. Rwanda first president-gregoire
    Arusha Accord a peace agreement between govt of republic of rwanda and rwanda patriotic front

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