S.Korean poet wins Griffin Poetry Prize / BTS, 2nd platinum with 'Boy with Luv'

it's Wednesday June 26th here in Seoul I'm Alton Chu and you're watching Korean now today we start with news of a South Korean poet winning a globally acclaimed prize for work focusing on the topic of social death established South Korean poet commission has been declared the international winner of this year's Griffin poetry prize Canada's most prominent poetry award with her book autobiography of death it's a collection of 49 poems based on biographical accounts of social death she and the translator of her book shadow me are the first Koreans and the first Asian women ever to win the literary prize and with that she's being praised by the literary community here in South Korea as the most likely poet in Asia to win the Nobel Prize in Literature kpop boy band BTS is latest track boy with love has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America less than three months following its release according to their label big HIT Entertainment that coveted honor was given to the group on Monday in order to claim this title an artist has to move at least 1 million equivalent units in the US with permanent digital downloads or on-demand audio and video streams it's their second time hitting the benchmark the boy bands first platinum single was mic drop certified late last year Plus what industry experts say is that it's unusual to see a hit single to reach the milestone at such a speed after being released BTS also has four gold singles under their belt I doll love yourself answer fake love and DNA give me a child or Korean leader Kim jong-un's sister appears to have been promoted to a leadership role this according to South Korea's spy agency Tuesday Kim who is originally in charge of protocol for her brother has been spotted sitting next to senior North Korean officials watching a propaganda performance last week during Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to the north Seoul's National Intelligence Service was quoted as saying by representative ei who that she now seems to be on the same level as the likes of chunghae who firmly holds on to his role as the defector number two men in the country and nice who you'll a vice chairman of the central committee of the workers party her previous role has been taken up by hon someone head of north korea's haven't you an orchestra as for Kim jung-ho who served as a chief negotiator in nuclear talks with the US his status appears to have fallen as he was absent from last week's kimchi meeting and boos for the top headlines for today you can always check the full-length articles in our official website and don't forget to subscribe to Korea now for your daily news feed

19 thoughts on “S.Korean poet wins Griffin Poetry Prize / BTS, 2nd platinum with 'Boy with Luv'

  1. Well done my Kings . army great job keep proving . bts saw them what u can do with ur humbleness .we army's are right beside you…. Back to front…

  2. ARMY'S WE DID IT! PROUD OF YOU❤️❤️ (like plss so that everyone can see this😉)

  3. Congratulations to all!! Women and BTS power today!
    Interesting news from the North! The poetess, Kim Hye-soon, has chosen a very sensitive topic. Did she include the era of social media in any of the poems? She and the translator are clearly skillful. Not everyone can write good poetry.


  5. Proud of my lovely bts 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  6. "Watching a propaganda performance"

    The accuracy , thank you

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