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our club ended for the day and now the two of us are walking home together just like we used to that alone makes me so happy it might seem like a small thing to others but these moments are more important to me than almost anything else I can't help but to grin at this simple pleasure he oh nothing really anyway toka son I just remembered I haven't fulfilled my promise you know the promise to get you a present you haven't forgotten nephew see you do remember think we can do that over the weekend isn't that a problem with how hyped I was for the state toka sons reluctance has me incredibly disappointed toka son is startled by my dejected appearance well if you have stuff to do I guess we just have to go another time this is better yes studying she is still going on about that and why has a face gone all red I'm not really sure what she is talking about but at least it seems she's now excited about our date anyway you know that I've promised to buy her a present this weekend I guess it's time to dip into my savings I normally you won't be able to afford such a fancy gift but this is a special occasion it's to commemorate her cousin's recovery and us going out but more than anything else it's to commemorate us getting our fresh start at first I mainly wanted to do this for myself just because I wanted to but now I want to get her something to start things off right this will be the first time I've ever given anyone a present what really I'm really looking forward to this date now so nobody tea morning already huh part of me wants to just go back to sleep but today's the day of the big date got to pump myself up and get out of bad my you know Chuck you Stuber oh how do you know you cannot you to step Christy oh can i oh my no cause a net total cocoon in the video adapter the whole sofrito cocina integral double give me nan tirado scone at all nah if I really need anything I can just use your credit card is there a UH chunk to mine it's Katherine a toaster so can I eat you cocoon is to obtain Jimena seconds oh my gosh NATO so she'll move to here I want to buy some clothes as a present photo Co son for my girlfriend well the clothes themselves are only like 10,000 yen the rest is just in case it's not like she's extorting me or anything I just want to buy her present I haven't given her anything in all the time we've been dating Sokka sorry Nana Iike each table Oh Miami da da as if he went with mom nothing's grosser than an adult man blushing just because the girls said hello and you're taking out your cell – nah Auto camera Jin chose the tall's and Dover no goddamnit I own you now oh well you know you've spoken about mom so much that I can basically picture it I can't tell him I saw it in a dream it'd probably just make dad worried again like when he took me to the hospital when I was a kid no not really seriously there's nothing to worry about and I'm not just saying that dad's brow creases drew Beasley but that's the only indication I have of what he's thinking I am no longer capable of sensing adopt or any other emotion coming from him my power really is gone I'm still anxious about that but I think it's a good thing overall if I had lost my power without meeting toka son I'd probably be panicking right about now but I've gotten a little bit used to socializing without relying on my power thanks to all the time I've spent with her though I guess I wouldn't have lost my power if I'd never met her in the first place anyway that's that I'm going on a date so I'll probably be home late Jo somewhere yeah yeah just don't get too wasted where's Taco Sam I arrived at the wrench meeting place and look around good morning did I keep you waiting great shall we get going then yeah what's up you're saying that now oh is it because you don't actually like the clothes that much okay then I'll be honest with you I'm saying it's a present but I'm doing this for my own desires too yeah like no these clothes aren't cheap they're probably the most expensive things I've ever bought but I want to see you okay her face is bright red what's so embarrassing here did I say something strange anyway this is my first time buying something so expensive so will you accept my gift for me or are you going to the client the first present I've ever bought you well you weren't gonna accept the gift otherwise we're you alright let's head to the store you gotta talk Oh Sun comes out of the changing room she absolutely exudes cuteness in that outfit oh you look great really great super cute we'll take these please is it okay for her to wear them out of the store great thanks yeah you look great in them so I want to continue our date like this that okay no thank you something wrong yeah well I think you look great in it besides isn't your uniforms good on the short side what's the difference save closer oh no have you make sense sure she's not got bare legs another skirt but stockings can be just as alluring what would how are they squeeze and hold everything in oh sorry I couldn't have it I couldn't help it she's got a cute face massive tits and beautiful thighs not to mention a perfect personality my girlfriend is too perfect has it really that embarrassing should I stop telling you how great I think you look I like your last outfit – the outfit was pretty erotic and the sort of mature housewife scents the current clothes look great on her – they're super cute but her other outfit Hester's indescribable seductiveness twit Hema Hanako toka night edition not at all thus that association really bother you that much even coming from me you've got this all wrong that's not how I mean it though to be honest it did kind of cross my mind that you look like a housewife it's a rhotic value aside I do quite like your normal outfit the refined mature looks you too well I think but I like your current clothes true it was all for the special in its own way it's like these clothes are meant just for me actually please don't let any other guys see you in them you can wear it in public when you're with me that just means I get to show off how cute my girlfriend is doukasen smiles embarrassment not entirely annoyed yep I'm sure glad I bought this outfit for her wear then how about we wander around so I can show off my cute girlfriend some more I set off to stroll around the mall hand in hand with torkelson no problem I don't have the money to do this everyday so make sure you treat them well toka sun flashes Mia brilliant on a smile that alone is enough to warm my heart and satisfaction it's moments like these when it really hits home how important talk was honest to me is there any way you want to go they are coming in huh this is my second mother couldn't Rebecca lie to me sure not like we have anything else to do where where the man's fashion stores again I just go to the shops in your home and buy whatever looks decent on the mannequins I'm looking forward to Toco son and I start going around all the man's wear shops in the mall after a long day of shopping we visit every last man's clothing store in the mall I tried on a lot of things but nothing was quite good enough to buy it's now after sunset we decided to grab a bite to eat inside the mall that was a pretty great restaurant it's good to eat out every once in a while huh buddy man school she does see her put it into the Winnie Gohan determinant it it's fine this is a special date we are celebrating your recovery and us getting together just let me treat you today this is all part of the promise we made that's right mandhaakini taka daka c'mere masataka nah I'm good with whatever really did occur a night or so you know mono dakara well then I'm not a fan of flashy clothing I prefer more subdued colors personally I you know about go do yoga I gotta intimacy Veronica looks like she's thinking about which of the clothes I tried on would look best together I really don't have an eye for clothes I better just leave this to her though the mall will be closing soon so we'll have to come back another day if we want to buy anything sounds like a good excuse for another date anyway it's getting pretty late to him really does fly by when you're having fun huh doukasen wriggles in embarrassment clinging on to the cuff of my shirt seems she doesn't want to say goodbye yet that much is evident from her trembling hand toka sand casts a gaze downward but only for a moment she resolves herself and looks me directly in the eyes this move he doesn't you mean the promise about me buying new clothes you do oh right she did say she'd service me yes Thanks with that seductive smile on her face which means with no one to blame but herself talk with sand melts down an embarrassment gotta say the others pretty cute and funny you don't have to force yourself you can save my return gift for another day Stein toca son speaks in a general whisper her cloud lies and heated breath are kind of sexy but just as I think that toca son's face flares crimson she screams an embarrassment over what she just said she really doesn't have to force herself to say this stuff if it's really that embarrassing god she's cute I want to see her react like this more though I guess that's kind of mean of me don't worry I love it when you are being dirty talk Oh son focus on powers at me I take firm hold of her hand and refused to let go you

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