Sabbat of the Witch (Touko's Route) #25 – Visual Novel Corner☆

more hey Timmy huh she stimulus at this dinner huh hey Timmy huh I enter toka censor room ah you changed she giving me the green light to be a rougher than normal I get strangely tense as her look at talk wasn't fidgeting around her face bright red my crotch is tense too but that's for a different reason the excitement is already building up within me toka sense night wears pretty odd is this really for her comfort or does it to make it easier for me to reach certain places toka son what is it not safe you mean you're at that point in your cycle I see in that case you should have told me to begin with okay fair point huh but wait didn't she just give me the okay to be rough I was getting pretty excited Exodus e cayuga de santo jammu so tonight we can I do know what does it I study the see so good not sumo but doesn't see the visitor to you you're right I get what you're trying to say as disappointing as it is so you're saying we have to go without today huh all right that well and I wasn't ready for that should I go to the store and buy some tacos and says that with a red face she then goes to nearby a drawer and takes out a box of condoms a massive one her did you go and buy this yourself she pushes me on the chest a wobbler Beck Ward get my foot caught under the bed and then fall right on top of it toko son comes after me chasing me down it's gettin oh god oh toka son wickets the condom packet hanging from her mouth no I haven't this is my first time seeing one toka son um really don't have to force two cousins face is still bright red but the way she's smiling reminds me of her smile from the last time like when she didn't have all of her emotions as she managed don't expect me to hold back after hearing that you didn't sound so sure just a minute ago toko son leads forward and wriggles toward me giving me a great view of her cleavage slowly and seductively she unzips a hoodie the massive tits bouncing to view her cleavage and the condom in her mouth are such a turn-on no I love you hell yeah you sure did I can't stop thinking about what happened next and the way you are coming on to me so hot your tits are amazing you bet your ass I do I love your boobs but only because they are yours and this rate you're going to make me cum just from your dirty talk I I'll do my best I find myself in advertently gulping at tacos and sexy face I've always found her captivating but has she always been this seductive is this because she's not feeling embarrassed ooh whatever the reason is this is even hotter than normal you're being really dirty today this is took a monster to handle gonna trade or cuckoo Kalani cut acoustic it's new uses added a simple music Turkish and gently strokes my crotch it's almost disturbing it's almost bursting out of my pants by this point if you rock me like that I really am gonna come talk a son removes my bed and Yanks down my pants well guess I'll see you in a second we had sex until I reached my absolute limit we took a little break and got in the bath together then after that we went for one last round I came an almost terrifying number of times the two of us are completely exhausted I was in no state to go home after all that exercise so I ended up staying the night like last time sorry for imposing on you like this but I have to share your bed with you isn't it a bit cramped it'd be a couple that's fine I love how you smell I couldn't do any more today or tomorrow for that matter I've come buckets no rivers no oceans at this point yeah I'm about to pass out sorry if I got a bit carried away you came a lot too though right that's how it was for me too I had this strange headache throughout the second half come to think of it we've had a conversation like this before then the Kinetoscope murder that's probably because of how much has changed in the meantime she lost her memories will see it off inside her own consciousness and then was finally released toca son might not remember all that but I'm sure she can fear the change it brought at least unconsciously of course smiling happily talk was on snuggles up against me I respond by taking her hand gently now you'll be even warmer yeah it did Anna duck you don't go in there CooCoo cacha please don't worry about it it's all in the past now dreams toka son you mentioned a recurring dream before did you still get that don't you think it's probably because your real life is so much more fun now I know that even if I do a dream being with you and makes me so happy that I forget all about them but won't that hurt ghosts and nukumori okay Toretto where did it go go to Hudson in hematite sure thing how's this then how's this okay then how's this Miami Danny I see toko sons still afraid she wants me to reassure her that no matter what happens it'll be ok don't worry I'm right here I'll always be beside you the very am right here so you'll be fine and still not going anywhere I'm pretty sure I've already ordered you to stay with me so you made it a big Denis get a name yeah that's right good night toga

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