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hmm huh where ah that's right I stayed over at aqua sense place last night I guess I'm still pretty worn out after yesterday my head isn't working right yet wait huh where's Coco son we went to bed holding hands good morning toka son I don't know of on the bed and see takusan preparing breakfast oh yes please sorry for sleeping in late and making you do this you understand the Guru does yoga of course that sounds great I sit down to scrambled eggs with fresh toast salad and Nick it's a pretty normal breakfast with nothing special about it but it's delicious nonetheless truly delicious and that makes me so happy with torkelson I'm experiencing so many kinds of happiness I never even knew existed torkelson do you have plans today I'd like to take you somewhere Cindy George Oconee a krytron I want you to come shopping with me well koko-san toka son are you happy right now doing a good O'Connor I'm really really happy I feel nothing but happiness when I'm with you so I want you to be happy too I want you to feel it from the bottom of your heart and if possible I want that happiness to come from me you need oyster huh I've been thinking about something day and night lately well not when I'm asleep so maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but anyway I've been thinking how can I make you even happier and I finally found the answer let's get married my proposal is so som that Hocus and let's out a Yelp of confusion the likes of which I have never heard before you don't need to look that mystified I want to be with you forever focus on when we are going to sleep when we are waking up and for everything else I want you to become a natural part of my life and I want to become a natural part of your life too I don't want you to be alone ever again so let's get married for a moment she looks lost for words but then I brought my eyes in the face of her cold gaze I'm sorry when you collapsed I couldn't help it Tokyo I'm really sorry toko son is so delighted that she might break down and tears at any moment I stand up straight and turn to face her head-on toko son will you marry me Hey Turco son takes my hand and drives into my arms you I was so nervous and let you said yes I mean I figured you would say yes but sir I was super nervous thank you very much not just for forgiving me but for saying yes to trick honest to goodness a same time I saw what this does soon it's good to put aside yes twisting her identity oh well you asked me why I wanted to go shopping anymore well despite all that marriage talk we're still students there's a lot we have to do before we marry but I'm totally serious so I want us to go shopping for a ring you'll probably say you don't need one but I want to get one for you as a present as proof of how serious I am Damona see let's go shopping then shall we then let's just go though if it's too expensive you will need to give me some time at least until I get a decent job I try not to keep you waiting too long shall we get going then toka son I swear I'll love you forever see see don't need [Applause] you ha ha ha la Stazione modest oto Sin Cara ha ha ha come Baroni hi-yah spoon a cosmos with a graduation ceremony now over a we've all come back to the club room to say our goodbyes now that I think about it toko son wasn't here at our club for very long she only joined after summer vacation so it hasn't even been half a year and yet the brief window has been the most important period of my life doukasen smile sateen abbas on a plain ring glistens on the ring finger of her left hand the way it listens beautifully is enough to tell anyone at first glance how important it is grass I gotta push the handle to see night I gotta say yo what do you mean by that what pray tell do you think we doing here come now explain yourself come on now let's hear it in our son storms out of the club room with a bright red face goodbye but does that you accorded a muscle the two of them chase after in a person toka son and I are left all alone I'm anonymous Alberto ever no I'm not let's not do anything that would taint our memory of the graduation ceremony toka son takes hold of my hand yeah a squeeze her soft end and not with a smile you cocconi que uno mucho de cycle so moto can guide the community gonna save cook you don't know a cycle meaning that you can talk over chicken steak huh thank you girl says going to the mercury on is doing hey I don't have a uniform fetish or anything but please do keep it you know just in case so you are back to your old shameless jokes huh what does your safe go oh my god Austin oh gosh no Hawaii he gotta keep your tacos and smiles mischievously she's really gone back to normal she would have died from embarrassment saying that just a little while ago this is fine by me she is amazingly cute no matter how she acts we may not be able to go to school together but that won't stop us from making more memories together it might have to be toni90 happen the last part wouldn't change I would have fallen in love with you no matter how we met yeah we can make as many memories as we want toka son takes the cheerful step forward with me right beside her I sure wish the Creator here Coco Martin is dead okay I'll do my best to make that come as fast as possible my love for you won't change either but I'm not going to make you wait that long I'm really not good at holding back Cornetto karate in this little I admit I know sugar I'm more surprised that you took that as a dirty joke but anyway I'll do everything I can to minimize the waiting see I said uncle to you it's good enough it won't be long Judas you okay let's have a look at tok was after story shall we it's been a year since talk was ungraduated and I've now managed to graduate – everything has been going great between the two of us we have minor quarrels yeah and there but they're all trivial our relationship has never found itself in any danger our happy relationship continues for several more years with me finding a job and earning a living I'm only making around the average for my age so it's nothing to boast about but still the fact that I am earning a living wage now makes a huge difference which means well I think it's about time now – croissant hurts her head in confusion at my son proclamation makes sense this is pretty out of the blue I've started working now I'm not making a load of money but it's a decent living so I was thinking that it was about time for us to get married will you marry me – Oh son super what good honey you missed nine this isn't a dream this is real life concealer I didn't I sure did let's get married and start living together then we'll be even happier than we are now I love you toka son I'm not owning your whole lot so things may be difficult for us but I'll keep working hard Sukanya written on her so they did I hear that same here I'll do everything I can to support you so let me ask you again will you marry me toka son for real this time I love you forever the two of us bow at each other after raising our heads we gaze into each other's eyes we both burst out and embarrassed giggles this part hasn't changed despite having gone out with each other for so long but maybe that will change once we are married and are spending even more time together whew I'm glad you said yes I thought as much but it's didn't have you know sorry to have kept you waiting to stick it down the gutter and thank you for saying yes ah this is such a relief shall we go shopping then tacos on call for your ring a proper one this time and we can look at wedding pamphlets too we spent the rest of the day happily going around town we look at engagement rings wedding halls and even honeymoon and brochures while we are at it just looking at this stuff has my heart all aflutter we've completely lost track of time and all our excitement before we know it the Sun has set and it's dark out and all we did was go around town looking at wedding stuff are you sure about this I know we don't have to decide on a venue today but at least by the ring when I get older you create a night I so gamma diversity yoga you be all cut that is not to heal me yeah you're right I know I'm ready whenever we didn't end up getting anything but it's been a really fulfilling day nonetheless though all that walking around was exhausting all right let's head home I start walking home when I feel kouko-san tugging at my sleeve and what's up it's cuz a cupcake consider cutting medicine yeah that's right I've always wondered a nice loving family too Craigie NATO you mean raw raw ever since toca sans magic vanished she's insisted on me very condom so that we don't end up with an unwanted pregnancy but we are getting married now which I guess means we don't need one it'll be a while before we get married but kids take a while to be born anyway right in which case no not at all I'm going to be thinking of our wedding every week no every day from now on I don't plan on delaying the wedding at all absolutely raw I finally get to do it raw again oh god I'm getting far too excited hey toka son hey can we stay the night there she follows my gaze and finds a rather special hotel she doesn't shake her head or decline yeah yeah yeah I'm booking at home after work every day that you are there waiting for me booking at home I'm going to be saying that oh good that's a relief focus on squirms about with a bright red face ah it's so cute seeing the mature toka son act all embarrassed like this toka son you can let something that small embarrass you I'm about to do something way more embarrassing to you in order to make you feel good where I'll see you in a second yeah no kidding the Sun is a brilliant yellow they say it all depends on the timing even if it didn't work this time we still have tons of chances to try again so then to oka Sun yesterday we were so obsessed with our wedding that we didn't think about what would come next so how about we spent today looking for a home together oh and we should register our marriage ah yeah we better look for a home fit for three then and with that we finish Turkish route so which route should I read next Nana's route super nice route or Haqqanis route as always you will find a link to a strawpoll in the video description below thanks so much for watching everyone and have a nice day bye bye

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