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hello everyone and good afternoon and Sabbatini mass masane and I'm from English department and I'm doing this course literary theory and instructor of this course is sheriff Tsukuba so the presentation I'm going to Devon is psychoanalyzing the Joker from fortune film so this is the image or a scene or a background where we can see the sign of the Batman and Batman himself so we know the Batman is one of the most famous hero of the DC heroes and the Batman series is also rather than turned into a movie which is directed in 2008 and the movie was dark night so the incidence that happened on this movie or the Batman series all of them toothpaste in one place in one location and the location of that city is the Gotham City so welcome to go from city why so serious want to know me more then let me be a pretty nice man I will be a joke or forever so yes we are talking about the main topic the main character of this presentation the villain of The Dark Knight the Batman series and one the most notable villain in the day say no one else and that is the Joker so let's discuss on the outlines are less reserved the outlines for this presentation introduction definition of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud psychoanalysis like in in psychoanalysis psychoanalysis of the Joker Joker's motivation in Joker's defense mechanism changing of personality differences between Joker and us and last of all the conclusion so we're going to start with the introduction we all know Dark Knight movie which is directed by Christopher Nolan and this movie was released in 2008 and it takes the basic buff line from the famous and popular DC Comics the Batman and this Batman or has I mean the Batman commercials have different version of series and plots and the movie includes many characters for example Batman or Bruce Wayne Batman's guardian and servant whose name is Alfred and one of the most notable villain of all time even in the DC the Joker the Joker is portrayed in this movies or the comic series as Batman's arch nemesis and he he had a looong vision a one purpose to move on to his life or only one try for in his whole life and that is to cause chaos in Gotham City arguably his characters are similar to that of the Psychopaths or sociopaths we all know what is a psychopath or sociopath is and psychopathy is more like a crazy person to us some one who is holding a huge amount of insulin characteristics or features or personalities that is not normal or not sociable in views of our society and this nature of psychopath psychopath or sociopath which can be determined by looking at this relationship with his or her parents so due to this reason I mean the connection of the psychopath to the relationship of the psychopath person's parents it is a perfect inspect his Joker's behavior using Sigmund Freud and Jake's play Kahn's psychoanalytical theories as these two theories focus their a spotlight on how to identify or how to figure out a person's personality by pressing it back to his of her family he'll pass the pass that is connected with his family members now we are going to discuss on the definition of psychoanalysis so due to the Joker's insane nature it is most appropriate approach to use dr. Sigmund Freud's method of psychoanalysis because this method will make the readers or the audience have a better understanding it why the Joker is dealing with this kind of nature that he has now and do know this cyber analysis is a form of treatment invented by Sigmund Freud that usually focuses on the early use of the patient's life and his or her relationship with his immediate family members now we're going to move on to Sigmund Freud psychoanalysis Freudian Theory describes three most important aspects of human behavior it are in other words the unconscious aspect of human nature ego the conscious part of a human and the super-ego the consigns part of human nature although on the eat and ego will be discussed throughout this whole presentation so what is eat so it actually refers to the inherited instinctual part of the psyche it is acid build up layers our principle which is the overpowering human determination the fulfill wants desires the need for something that guarantees enjoyment the eat then becomes the part with the uncontrollable urge activate achieve personal enjoyment so in other word the need for you know to fulfill Swan hungry forces from sleep and you need something like that and maybe it is not only I mean legal in the eyes of the society are legal in the views of a law so yes it is something if a person who is overwhelmed with his eat and lets over one in his ego are ready let's talk about super-ego then it's confirmed that the person is more approachable in the nature of a criminal mind so many actions that are required by the age to satisfy his desire may not feel socially acceptable that what I was talking about and that's where ego can't sit face the reality principle which mirrors ego part of our psyche represents the constant carving of desire according to possibility law or social convention the Eagle is the part that controls our drive for pleasure it keeps many people lawful and under social control so as I was speaking for example if a person needs money and he has no way to earn money but he has it all to me I mean for money so what will he do he will commit crimes or illegal actions for example stealing or hijacking or bankrupting which are obviously and I mean it's undeniably illegal in the eyes of law as well side then just move on to Regan psychoanalysis the second cycle analytical theory presented by chicks Reagan takes the basic principle of the Freudian psychoanalysis don't with small different points this psychoanalysis revolves around three stages the real the imaginary and symbolic the real estate inputs things that are demand from our conscious understanding or control therefore it is only the imaginary and symbolic stages in allegedly a psychological process it helped build a partial psychical structure the imaginary state reflects from spree oedipal stage where's Chad connects with this model to suckling of the breast in the state child thinks of itself as complete home as miss interprets someone's overlooking gates usually mothers that in the states within the image mistake is called the mirror state and it forms the basis of an eagle formation as mentioned previously the Joker has an overflowing amounts of it which results in a less powerful eve of his since the ego is formed primarily in the new stage it can be argued that jokes mother although alia perceived a killing one with whom the Joker had a strong attachment was less emotionally involved in his childhood stages due to his father's intervening attitude it can be presumed that the Joker's alcoholic father broke down his wife's often and she was not able to enjoy the little things in her life such as looking guilty at a child causing him to endure in your state psychoanalysis of the Joker that we're going to discuss now the Joker when analyzed to the lens of Ford engine or when the Joker character is unless through the concept or the method of Freudian it lacks societal constraints and does whatever he pleases he lacks the ego which determines right actions from wrong ones and has an extremely strong level of it The Joker fulfills his desires with any means and his desires are always the ones that caused uproar usually in a highly destructive form in the scene where the Joker shows his pencil trick it is evident that the Joker has no limitations when it comes to balance insane Joker's eight takes control once again as if like that Eid is engulfing his humanity or the ego even slip along talking about super-ego and what the results in that the results in that he ends up killing a man by pushing him face down to an upright pencil with jabs him in his forehead this takes place in front of a crowd showing that such social conventions serve some importance for Joker it's in that Stoker's desire is to get rid of Batman and he is planting telling the members on the table how he wishes to get rid of Batman by killing him this once the game goes against reality principle because the Joker expresses his desires with and sense of restriction in terms of law on social conferencing so through these two scenes we can obviously observe the fact that Joker has know a little has no limit of violence and whereas he also has no existence of ego or super-ego in his humanity so all his humanity is seen over fulfilled or overflowed with the animalistic instinct of it now we are going to talk about Joker's motivation the motivation to kill innocent lives without thinking twice is the reflection of the heed which is the primitive native to stick prison some man just like to watch the world burn the dark night it is a dialogue taking from the darknet movie which was given by alfred the guardian observant of the Bruce Wayne or in other words the Batman as Alfred was thinking of the Joker's motivation is in saying this sentence the Joker has actually a great hatred for the society let's talk about non Joker's defense mechanism The Joker's defense mechanisms can be noticed if it is observed through the lens of modern viewers so what is difference mechanisms we all know or most of us not what is defenses and what is mechanism is so when the two terms are combined the word became into defense mechanism so difference mechanisms are the processes by which the contents of our unconscious are kept in the unconscious the stoker experiences almost all of them in the dark night so it can see say that a person's repressed material or the matters that one person is seen repressing for years of the years and those repressed all escaped a suppressed so he experienced this denying will sound because in crazy and here right away with this to himself that he is not so and it also seen the Joker also uses selective memory when describing how he got his curse Freud must say that the Jobos hatred of society is a protection because he hates himself and he also has seen that experience experiencing or exploring possible displacement of the Joker's hatred of his own father onto all forms of authority so we can see that Joker is facing denial selective memory and also projection and displacement so we know that denial is the term that is used for believing that the problem does exist or the unpleasant incident never happened as Joker himself denying or you know like feeling or believing that the problem of his greatness doesn't exist and it is also seeing that he the Joker uses selective memories what is selective memory is actually modifying of our memories so that we don't feel overwhelmed by them are forgetting painful events in darling so it is seen that when Joker is is actually talking about his scars he is actually modifying his memories so that he would not feel overwhelmed or somehow he's trying to forget his painful past when he's tried to say that Joker's hatred for society is the projection of hating himself because projection is ascribing our fear problem or guilty desire to someone else and then on damming him or her for it in order to deny that we have it ourselves so it is seen and it is observed here that Joker's fear for society our fear for our guilt desire for societies actually what he is feeling for himself he is actually feeling the guilty this fear and his problematic countries within himself and it's saying that he may also explore possible displacement of the Joker's hatred of his own father because displacement in hair also discussed about the like taking out on someone or something less threatening than the person who caused our fear hurt frustration or anger as Joker's father has I mean somehow influenced him to become like this from the very early age so what happened here Joker is actually taking it out all of his anger of his father to the authority let's move on to the changing of personality according to Freud personality development is to be seen as psychosexual stages in a dark nine the Jobos concept wishing and leaking of his sleeps are both evidence of an oral fixation Freud would probably died – the Joker as an oral statistic character and likely have a conversation with Joker's mother to visualize what would have happened to him during the oral States which are the first years of life in the second mansion of the origins of his scans the Joker tells Rachel that he once had a wife that was cut up by mobsters and that in effort to make her feel better he calls his own face and was devastated when she leaves him if the upper version of the story is to be believed then his anger from his father is compounded when he is rejected by his wife this is again an example of selective memory a defense mechanism then let's go on to the slaves the differences between Joker and US v would argue the different people develop different in different environments and had different childhood experiences the reason Joker is different from all of us is his complicated past due to unknown childhood experiences he never tell of a super-ego due to the Joker's traumatic conflicts that he was an adult resolved in a healthy manner Diagnostics on the jovis psyche using forced psych analysis is that he is an oral statistic neurotic who did not develop a super-ego because he did not develop the Subaru super-ego he became the it's killing clown that people cannot get enough off so and now lastly were moving on to the conclusion conclusion the fadjen and lichen in psychoanalysis techniques can be appropriately applied to the joke or a villainous character from the 2008 movie The Dark Knight this character shows the science of his powerful heed in the two scenes mentioned previously this powerful it makes him extremely fart which may have been a result of suppressed memories of his past analyzing through the 14 model it is important to understand that Joker is a product of his environment therefore sociopaths would be an accurate description of him his past his memories and his actions reflect nothing but misfortune the likening model ain't aligns with the frozen one in building a complete report of the complexities that involve him each and every day consequently it's safe to say that the character of the Joker is haunted forever by his incapability to control his years thank you everyone and thank you for watching this video and if you have anything to say or to share of your thoughts and if you want to ask any questions you can comment your thoughts in the comment sections until then take care

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