SACAR aka. Lil Buddha ft. Uniq Poet – King of NEPHOP [remix]

yo yo you Brianna Mike what's up what's up in a sweep at sweaty records yeah you're a bitch stole from the get-go and she's at a Bigfoot no mini Sun peeking my ship broke as fuck like you I just eaten a shit bro my friends give me that green like it is faster bula leaving my set goes moving keep it running oh it's learning and they know it students get clean with me Stefan without humans we know that bigger are to me in that slaps truck prove it never for me give you what you want man don't be uncool man comes be I shake easy and jump man why are you doing that dumb shit come on fuck man and fall into deep you write songs in five minutes where it takes us two weeks is it because you're too weak is it cuz you're stupid anyways how you do with y'all cuz this is how we do stickies represent but who come out of Kathmandu do what these other cats can't do known in the streets for the flowers you can ask you man to stand this way finish off dealing with stress my Manson and be taken apart peer reviews and your foot in like I'm but the truth is that I'll give a fuck it you and me we can do it together future boys instead of killing names or he's in the life instead of these in the street yeah yeah Gandalf chicas that did it I'm wicked I kick it in ways you never thought was possible so they can either hospital will not fucking stick my dick up in your mama's hola you uncover cuz I'm on there for sayin fuck you but I'm coming with that real shit many years – I got Buzek many years destiny oh shit many years past 20 years max but I rock until the wheels go you can die but you're a cute kid you go so I do it for ya do it for the future psychotic crapple psychedelic use up getting many views up everybody watches coming real crazy name in the tabloids and magazine fucking smoke so much green I don't stick on a budget make a lot of green cuz that come with the substance our passion and I don't give a fuck about fashion whatever I do is what this bitch is running after watch it red you follow we're talking that shit just been bitching swallow inches and ladders going food tomorrow I can't stop can't make a u-turn making you burn making you summertime she liked cars she want your cheat on like our so we gotta take what you got and show that bitch who the fuck we are all the fucking my superstar no I'm a fucking galaxy better yet a universe intergalactic majesty remember me till you die y'all my name in front of heaven if you wanna step inside no I am not the one she tried little pussy buddy snowflake mutilate the empire with you are you gonna cry then I'm sorry motherfucker if I'm fucking up you're right hey if I'm fucking up your bike you didn't know oh I see easy kicking son su buckling breeze in the scene yeah

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