SAD POEM about Life and Brokenness || Everything Changes

I guess they’re right when they say
everything changes when I try to fix myself my life rearranges I’m puzzled
when I try to put these pieces together I never pictured me alone or saw my
heart so severed they say home is where the heart is but if I’m brokenhearted
does that make me homeless or heartless or am I just lost wondering where all
these broken parts live home is just a house with walls where would I live when
everything falls these rooms can’t hold what’s important in life
if they did I’d have no hope left tonight I guess I write poems because I
just don’t know what to feel or think when I’m all alone I’m starting to live
and loneliness like it’s my home because I like get more than watching
friends come and go they say just pull on a smile and try to
be happy they’re acting like happiness is all that life means but I’m not an
actor so it’s real when I bleed and it’s more than a change of temporary emotion
that I want to see I refuse to lie and just go through the motions
what’s hope and truth that the whole world needs know they meant it when they
told me they would love me forever but the truth is no one has ever had a
perfect lover even though they wish they could always stay every loved one
eventually goes away people act like it’ll be alright that’s not always true
I know my broken life won’t get fixed tonight I’ve tried it’s something I
can’t do my home and hope is quickly fading but you you stay the same while
everything changes

12 thoughts on “SAD POEM about Life and Brokenness || Everything Changes

  1. I love your spoken word Joe! You reveal your soul and heart so poetically. I wrote much poetry too but stopped because I was always the cockeyed optimist and not as relatable to most others I began to notice!! Now I just memorize and recite Scripture for myself! Thank you for sharing because all does change except God Eternal.

  2. Wow dude you're getting kind of dark and trippy… It's an interesting change

  3. This is so beautiful I can feel your emotion that your giving your words are so well spoken and put together I think this is one of my favorites by far god is really you in a talented way

  4. Awesome spoken word. Liked the B roll and the piano playing in the background. You orchestrated the video to move with a purpose, great job bro.

  5. That โ€œhome is where the heart isโ€ line was crucial. get on that!

  6. Really liked this one Joe! Very vulnerable and authentic and also some great rhyming in there! Keep it up and have a good break from social media ๐Ÿ™‚

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