Saigon Motorbike Diaries Mixtape Intro (Vietnam Travel Poem)

I left home and took a chance cause I had to And life here has been something great to adapt to The culture, the hustle, the nightlife, the traffic The passion, the chaos, the realness, the plastic I’ve been ecstatic, irate, and everywhere in between And it still seems to me that this side is more green Filled with moments of angst, desire and love Obsessed with outdoing the me that I was Hopefully some songs will inspire you to think Other tracks may be better for parties and drinks I created a mix and tried new ways to write That’s why you may find there are no two songs alike So lend an ear to a dreamer with great hopes and fears Who’s been soaking this place up for over a year And wants to express his emotions through song But can’t do it alone so you must come along For the ride… This is… Motorbike Diaries…

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