Salman Rushdie Reads Poetry by the Last Muhgal King

this program is brought to you by Emory University these next two pieces are also bye-bye others who was Robert said the last model was deposed by the British at the end of the what the English call the Indian Mutiny and the Indians called the Indian uprising he wasn't much of a king but he was pretty good poet pass RSK tarik on cargo her tonka din da Baloo a her she'd may after chamku transport re-tear a OOP Desiree ah kita mock jab came at a party a rat code humor Tonka shall I are Mira Jackie Philippa arose as a felt marital Cheyenne Kaiba Robert chunka next to your cheeks the pearls in your ears blazed as if next to the Sun in full daylight stars blazed It was as if in the night sky the Pleiades blazed when at night the ornament upon your forehead blazed my fiery laments reached the heavens day after day Oh's afar like the brilliant Sun they placed and another piece of his boat a series of Ketchum ka Kaka voodoo Lagos hair sir a sham mugger after a Taba Guinea mood Masha heat was labelled a linker who Zaku Sameer a son resuming he who Lali Badakhshan Tina mood the sparkle of your pearl earrings next to those dark tresses it is as if evening has fallen and bright stars shine I gave my lips I gave my life for those lips of red rubies but in stony ground two rubies might shine should have stuck to poetry the preceding program is copyrighted by Emory University

10 thoughts on “Salman Rushdie Reads Poetry by the Last Muhgal King

  1. @22010Alex the irony being your comment is the poorest of them all, the poetry that you heard and did not understand and could never hope to grasp, was created within a sophisticated and secular Islamic culture. Your idiotic generalisation also displays the singular stupidity of a fundamentalist and intransigent view.. you think your an intellectual but! I would hazard a guess and say you amount to no more than a worthless "cunt"

  2. he recites urdu poetry like a two year old mucking up his lines in a play


  4. @adanibaba man salman rushdie is awesome ur a basterd he exposed islam for wat it is

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