Sample of Daniel Durant’s ASL Poetry: “Alone”

Desolation. Emptiness. Darkness. Rain falls. Wind blows. Cold. And alone. So many people, and none who will see me. I. Am. Alone. My whole world, crumbling. The devastation rippling throughout my life. Barren. All I feel is pain, and deep sorrow. I cry parallel lines. My soul readies itself. Ready to leave this place. But wait! Just a moment! Who is there? Could it be love? What is this feeling? My soul feels alive! My heart beats anew. Every fiber of my being starts rippling with the power of love. My whole world is now full. The rain fall slows its tempo, until there is none. The sun shines on me. And I feel its warmth. I feel love. I’m. Not. Alone. Original ASL Poetry created and performed by Daniel N. Durant English Adaptation and Captions provided by Kimberly Jennery

20 thoughts on “Sample of Daniel Durant’s ASL Poetry: “Alone”

  1. Badassed it bro! I really love it so much!! You re an amazing ASL! XD keep it up another new video please. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Oh man…Your ASL are AMAZING!!!
    I love poem…especially love poems.
    Looking forward to see more of that.

    – Your Gamer bud and fan Jasper 🙂

  3. can you translate this please? I am new to ASL, and I can catch a few words, but I miss a lot. From just the words I know, I can tell its a beautiful piece.

  4. Oh wow! That was beautiful. Not going to lie, it reminds me of Melchior's train of thought during "Those You've Known"💖

  5. Simply perfect. This story can only be told in this language.. words don't make it justice.

  6. Hello, I love what you do really ! Student in French sign language,
    I chose your video for one of my exams, can you give me your translation Please ???
    Thanks you very much 🙂
    You can continued like this, What you do is awesome.

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