Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Cases from Poetic all under 20 bucks

Hey guys EBPMAN here and today we’re taking a look at three cases for the samsung tab s3 and these all are brought to us by poetic let’s check them out I’ve been really enjoying the use of my tab as 3 i’m going to have an impression review coming up in the next week or so just to share with you kind of what my thoughts are about the tablet as well as some tips and tricks but i’m always an look for accessories that are going to make protecting your tablet something that is just very easy but still something that would give you a nice business look or a college look if this is how you’re using it or just if you’re just looking for simple protection these are very affordable cases brought to us by poetic and we’re going to start with the first case and we’ll work our way through each one of these cases each one is a different use case the last one that we have is probably more for a suitable for children that are using the tablet but they all protect your case or your tablet very well so as we start these reviews we’re going to start with the slim folio the slimline and then one that is also known as the turtle skin and we’ll see why in a second now taking a closer look at the folio one here has a nice feel to it has this strap right here that’s going to help you keep your tablet locked in place you’ll notice how it has this design right here just giving it an interesting look to the tablet itself has this little area here is where you’re going to be able to flip the back to it to actually hold it in a specific angle the appropriate cutouts are in place and it does have a pen holder so your S Pen would go here so let’s go ahead and insert the tablet and we’ll see how it looks so all you’ll do is just a slide your tablet in from the side and then once you’ve slid it in you’ll tuck this portion right here in the back and once you tuck it in place you’ll just close your tablet now there’s some good protection right here so you have you’ll notice here is your tablet but then you have some extra protection coming out that’s going to help protect your tablet in the event that you drop your case the same thing you have over here and then as I mentioned here’s where you would put your S Pen to keep it secure what you can do is just flip this over as I did right here and that’s going to keep it from opening especially if it’s in your briefcase or bag when you open it up it does support the auto on feature and you’ll notice that it does have in this area here this is made out of like a a a soft material and it has this strap here that you can use to hold your tablet so let me just get rid of all my notifications this is going to help you secure it and hold it in your hand if that’s something that you need to be able to do you’ll notice that it does cover the areas on the coroner’s nicely and it really doesn’t affect the use of the s-pen when it comes to the overall case at least this treatment that you see all the way around now this is what the actual case looks like with the pen in place I will say that I did test the pen see if some any of the auto wake technology that’s going on in the case here in interferes with the s pen and it doesn’t so I didn’t find any debts spots because of any kind of magnets now the only thing I would say is and probably this will come with use is that I find that the elastic here is very tight and it doesn’t just slide in really easily when you need to put your S Pen in but also that means that it’s not going to fall out you’ll notice how nice it looks in place the case does have the poetical logo here but it looks like a very high tech and also an executive look to your to your tablet you do have your camera nicely aligned and you do have all your ports and speakers available for use we talked about being able to use this as propped up in stand mode and all you have to do is really tuck the back like this and once you do that will move these cases to the side you can stand it up in two viewing angles one is going to be a keyboard angle so this is the first angle right here so that’s if you want to type and then the second is kind of like a viewing angle and that will be just like this now if you do use the tablet on a plane it’s probably not the most dirty position to have I typically when I’m on a plane I have it in this mode when I’m watching not the other because it tends to flip over now the next case is pretty straightforward you have a hard plastic polycarbonate shell you have your case here you see how that you see the style used a lot for iPads and pretty much what you’ll do is you just take your tablet snap it into place and then that’s all it is this is the slimmest of the cases that we have and it’s going to protect your your towel because you have some nice actually here going all the way around top and bottom and then what you also then have is the cutouts are done really well when you open up your tablet you do have the Autoweek feature and this has some viewing angles as the other one where you can actually put it like this and this you see a lot of the ipad cases style and you can also put it like this again not the most dirtiest so if you’re in a plane it mean fall over I i tend to use it in this mode when i’m using the case just this way all in all this is probably the slimmest one it does not have a strap to protect and it doesn’t look like it has a pen holder so we’ll do is we just do one test one thing I found is that you could do this so you notice how well it doesn’t have a strap here your pen will stay in place and it will not come off so you can see me flipping it around and typically you know what I did is I took this piece right here and then just put it right there and that’s how I hold it that’s what I do when I have a case like this now this case is kind of fits like a glove so I put it on before doing the recording and it really is just silicone case that fits nicely around the tablet this is a fun case I would say that this is while an adult can probably use this and if you’re not going to be taking Enrique’s just around the house and you want to protect it from falling I think this is a great kids case as well it has great protection all over as the cutouts here for your speakers so the sound comes forward you have the center button here is access really simply by pressing here but once again it takes away the fingerprint sensor but gives you some great protection and you can see it doesn’t have a stand to mount it on but it does give some really nice there’s some grip action going on here but based on this pattern and it just feels really nice in the hand and it feels like if you do drop your tablet you’re not going to ruin it so this concludes our review of the poetic line of cases for the samsung tab s3 I think there’s one more case in their line that we haven’t received yet once that come is in will call it and share with you but for now these are the ones that are available good options for you to protect your tablet that are at a reasonable price and do a really decent job when it comes to maximizing the use of your tab s3 stay tuned for a impression review and tips and tricks and as always don’t forget to share and subscribe if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up thanks for watching

18 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Cases from Poetic all under 20 bucks

  1. I wanted to ask which tablet would you prefer? The tab S3 or the iPad 10.5?

  2. Once again cases with bad angles. They love using to 60° ish angles where as Samsunga own cases are more like 50° angle that is the best angle Out there. When with case makes learn

  3. I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 as an open box for $479 and got the keyboard case for $50 off.
    Best thing about the Tab S3 is that there is NO Siri, Alexa, or Cortana on board.
    My advice – SHOP AROUND

  4. You can never be sure how well these cases will work unless you do a proper drop test. Never take someone's word for it. I have seen cases like the green one not protect the device even though it "looked" like it would. Nice reviews, but you should stay clear of opinions regarding durability unless you can back it up with data from personal testing.

  5. I have the poetic folio case… it caused the pen not to work.. like at all. Not sure if any one else had that problem… I'm not sure if this will cause permanent damage

  6. I like the last one but wtf they covered the fingerprint sensor? How stupid are they?

  7. Try it again only keeping the product on screen so we can see it… lol

  8. I had the blue one. The edges cracked, without having been dropped or roughly handled within one month. I thought it was just a one-off, so I bought another. The polycarbonate cracked on all for edges without having any use after only 2 weeks. It looks great but your leftover food has a better shelf life.

  9. First one is quite heavy and it doubles the weight of the tab. I am not comfortable with it.

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