Sara Bareilles – banter, Poetry by Dead Men, Eyes on You, Armor – Madison Square Garden 10.13.19

Hello, New York City! Holy Shit! [audience laughter and cheering] [upbeat piano music] We are so glad you’re here. [singing:] By the time you hear this, I’ll be in the rearview mirror I’ll even wear that green dress you like so when I disappear You can turn around, One last look at the girl you lost in the time you took to make up your mind between two roads. Go and take some more time, but me and mine must go. Tried to wait it out No more. Can’t find the man I was looking for. I wanted to be your girl In a white t-shirt over coffee, stirring in the cinnamon while you read me poetry by dead men. I wanted to be your girl, with your hands on my skin stirring in the cinnamon, while you read me poetry by dead men. [applause and cheering] Ahhhhh! That’s how I feel. I can’t act cool. It’s too fucking crazy. [laughing] Oh my God honestly though…like but what the fuck? And you know you’ve done something, like you you’ve gotten to a place when you tell people you’re playing Madison Square Garden…. And they’re like, “really?” [surprised] No, no, that’s awesome. Good. I’m so …Wow! Really? It’s like are you opening for someone? “No, they’re just coming to see me!” It’s fucking awesome, it’s a dream come true. I never in my wildest dreams imagined this was possible. Thank you so very very much. Welcome to the Amidst the Chaos Tour. My whole goal tonight is to enjoy myself and to help you enjoy yourselves and that we all up here have the fucking time of our lives. So… Whatever that means that doesn’t cross boundaries for other people…you guys, you do you. You know what I’m saying? We’re playing some new songs, we’re playing some old songs This next song was a song that I wrote not long after the election. We won’t talk about it or maybe we will! And…I…uh…joined a meditation class because I was having, how do you call, a nervous breakdown And I was so struck by the amount of people that had come forward and that was their first time seeking a new way to sort of cope with the world and the chaos of the world and so I put them all into a song and it’s the people that are nearest and dearest to me and some strangers that I met in a room in Chelsea, where we just came forth to try to find some peace together and It’s called, “Eyes on you.” [Guitar rock music] [Singing:] Tendi with the good hands stutters when she’s speaking. Johnny drives a big rig, Johnny’s not sleeping. Sweet Geraldine turned 80 in the spring. But her nerves won’t quit; she worries about everything. Sara’s on a work trip crying at her hotel. Jessie’s doing backflips. Molly’s doing so well. Joey got a new girl. Emily moved away. The world’s on fire. The whole time we’re trying to put out the flame. Life it gets harder now. Can’t stop it, won’t slow down Lost in this. All I can do… is keep my eyes on you. I know the world turns around. I know the lights are gonna go out. But until they do, I’ve got nothing to lose. I keep my eyes on you. Tommy took a freefall, didn’t pull the rip cord. Gathered at the funeral. Everybody looked bored. Amanda had a baby. Katie, she lost a few. And when the smoke gets thick, I can’t help it to hear Tick, Tick, Boom Life it gets harder now….[cuts off] [Speaking:] The the power of the sort of new feminist movement has really impacted me and changed my life and in a pretty profound way And, um, I feel really compelled to share my heart and my opinions and I feel like we all have to be courageous enough to do that and to lift each other up [cuts off] [Piano playing] [Singing] Let it begin. Let Adam in. Step one, Original Sin Underneath the leaves, Adam found Eve. Both of ’em found something sweet under the apple tree Then it was over, roads divide Step two, learning how to lie. Let me ask a question to present day… [ cuts off ] [cuts in] kitty cat calls. To the ones who try to throw us up against the back walls. Let me tell you something you’ll understand: Only the little boys tell you they’re a big man. To all my sisters, and all our friends We have to thank them please Strength means blessed with an enemy oh oh oh, My my my my armor comes from you. You make me try try try try harder. Oh it’s all ever do, ever do. oh oh oh, My my my my armor comes from you. You make me stronger, stronger! Hand me my armor! Hand me my armor. Step three, I see the unforgettable incredible ones who came before me. [cuts off]

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