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  1. Sarah was one of the first poets who got me interested in the genre. I’m delighted to see her featured on this channel!

  2. wow. I'm tearing up
    "… controlling something this big is impossible " just broke me
    Thank you

  3. No Matter the Wreckage is such a good book and Sarah is such an amazing poet. Never thought I would hear her read Forest Fires, it just strikes straight to the heart.

  4. loved this. i have never experienced the kind of familial grief she is describing but juxtaposed with the existential despair the fires mean – it all resonates. "And somewhere in California / a place I once stood is burning." i realize that almost certainly held for me at some point during the fires in the past few years

  5. Thank you. My grandpa is in the hospital right now and this helped me process some of the things I’m feeling about it, and connect it to the experience other people have

  6. The last time I thought about taking a drastic action about my life as I lay in fetal position again on the floor.
    This time in the dense fires Kinglake National park.

    Thoughts raced and there was one who I thought would ask why I am there and not here.
    to live on…
    To wake up the next day with a 102.7 hertz who spoke of adult adhd, to become my new guide
    And a vision of being alive once more.
    Still yearning and knowing of purpose

  7. "My father watches from the bedside chair, his mother and daughter strung together with tightrope hands, fingers that look like his own." Freaking loved the whole poem to be honest!👍👏

  8. sarah kay was the person who inspired me to start reading poems and listening to slam. i was 15 when i first watched her perform "astronaut" on youtube. it changed my life. thank you.

  9. I don't usually comment on youtube videos but the unraveling of this poem was beautiful. The topic was close to my heart as I had recently suffered a similar (though these are never the same) experience with my Aunt. This feels so genuine, as if the grief I had felt then and still feel now was called out for it was/is. Thank you for making me feel seen and empathized with! ♡

  10. it's so nice to see and hear her recite a poem again, i've watched phil and sarah's poetry slams an insane amount of times by now

  11. "His mother and daughter, strung together with tightrope hands, fingers that look like his own. And somewhere in California a place I once stood is burning"

  12. You did a great job of showing how surreal life can be sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Gorgeous. "I will ask if he needs help and understand when he says no." really got me.

  14. I've heard so many good things about her poems but have never read one (yet). This seems like a great introduction!

  15. What makes a poem? Can someone help me understand or suggest something that explains it.

  16. This is my favorite poem on this channel so far. I really felt like I was connecting with it and it hit me in some tender places. It was the catalyst for some tears, thank you.

  17. "I will leave him to slice and dice the things he can." I loved this.

    Sometimes people who seem distracted and inattentive, or have their focus set on something seemingly irrelevant during or after a crisis are simply reaching, grasping for anything that can restore their sense of stability.

    When I'm stressed, I clean compulsively. I'll rewash the same dish or wipe down the same countertop three times without realizing it.

    My wife knows I'm not upset about the dishes, or the counters. She knows I'm not trying to ignore her. I'm thankful that she can recognize my grief and distress, and support me all the same.

  18. I've never really 'got' poetry, I loathed it in school in fact. This poem (and channel) has inspired me to try again, to re-read the poems my mum loves and re-educate myself. I can only thank you. I'll admit there is something about having a poem read out loud though.

  19. This poem is beautiful.
    When my grandfather was dying, my gran read book after book as she sat at his bedside in the hospital.
    These things, they stay with you, and this poem captures that excellently.

  20. I like how she's infused a level of detachment into this. Like she's looking down on herself. Really captures the subtle numbness that sinks in during hard times.

    And I love how it feels like she's averting her eyes from grief but also finding it everywhere she looks.


  21. My community lost someone suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday; fitting that today's poem captures grief so well. Thank you.

  22. I live in San Jose, 45 min north of San Cruz, so this hit me hard. I remember these fires.

  23. Wow, I felt this one in my bones. I know a lot of these same scenes personally. Beautiful work.

  24. … a place I once stood is burning.
    I feel this so hard right now. Thank you, Sarah, for putting it into words.

  25. For all the dystopian hell the internet has wrought, three days a week I get to wake up to someone reading me poetry and that, and this, is beautiful.

  26. "And somewhere in California a place I once stood is burning. " As someone who is new to poetry, these words made everything about this poem make sense. It made everything about this poem go from understandable to relatable.

  27. This is a stunning study in grief and the inescapable nature of tragedy. Thank you so much for sharing.

  28. I always knew I liked poetry, but I had such a hard time finding poetry that spoke to me. Then I found Sarah Kay and I loved her work and there is so much poetry that I have discovered through her. I hope this video opens new doors for other people, too. There is so much more to poetry than what is taught in schools.

  29. This poem was wonderful. I only know Sarah as a Slam Poet, so to hear her recite her beautiful, written poetry was another experience entirely. So beautiful.

  30. Holy shit, I genuinely cried. I don't even read but that whole thing put me in a place and I could feel it. Wow… That was a hell of an emotion.

  31. This is such a beautiful and heartfelt poem. I can’t wait for your book to arrive, so I can read the rest of your work.

  32. the emotional depth and soft touch of your words brought me back to poetry years ago. i am a fan for life.

  33. This got me. I know Santa Cruz well, and I have spent far too much time in hospitals. Thank you.

  34. I have loved her since “If I should have a daughter” and so happy to find her on this channel!!

  35. I read and re-read this poem this morning. Thinking about my own grandma and my mother and my daughter, the grief I bear in my heart and the Earth I will leave behind for her future. A morning cannot start with more sadness. Thank you for writing, reciting, and making this video! <3

  36. When I heard about this channel on vlogbrothers Sarah Kay was the first person I hoped would be featured! Thank you for sharing this. I lost 4 grandparents in the same year & when it was happening I felt weirdly detached. Like I was watching it on the news rather than living it.

  37. As my family goes through something similar, this poem and channel continue to hit oh so close to home…in a comforting way.

  38. Oh my heart…
    I adore Sarah Kay, her poetry has been in the background of my life for years, and everyone I return to it, it's always on the poem I most needed to hear

  39. I will never not love sarah kay and her writing, theres is something so gentle about it, and yet a strength that holds your hand and promises everything will be okay

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