Scary Halloween Ball Poem 2019

Happy Halloween Leave now before the master
finds you (Evil laughter)
Once a year around the land The ghouls join to form a band
On Hallow’s eve in unhallowed hall Creatures come for the Halloween Ball Skeletons jiving, rattling their chains
Zombies strutting feasting on brains Witches swaying swooshing their brooms
Banging cauldrons and predicting dooms The Halloween Ball music reverberates. Calling all monsters to participate
While humans gather collecting sweets Moaning ghosts are fluttering sheets Creaking coffins as vampires emerge
Mournful voices adding to the dirge When it comes to the scary Halloween Ball
All horrors are welcome to the unearthly sprawl Witches and Warlocks with bumps and grinds
To werewolves howling blowing their minds Swamp creatures emerging from pungent lake
Their writhing smelling bodies starting to shake The music stops when Lucifer joins the band
But starts again when he waves his taloned hand
He strokes the spoked tines on his evil pitchfork Creating a seething eerie sound for his evil
work Unearthly sounds filling the unearthly ballroom
Minions, ogres and banshees dance in the gloom, They’re bopping and rocking at the Halloween
Ball All manners of monsters the moment enjoyed
by all No mortal to be found amongst this evil crowd
Only the dead and dreadful wearing their shroud Bloodletting screams and mournful moanings
Contribute to the music and the crowd’s groanings The sirens song out of reach of mortal beings
Woos the demons with their soulful fleeings In the human realm, their song entices the
mortal But in the demon realm causes them all to
chortle But even for the dark soul, good times must
end As the sun rises for the ghoul and the evil
fiend Alas, for another year for all the evil that
crawl They must await the next ghastly Halloween
Ball Well that’s it for another Halloween guys. Hope you
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1 thought on “Scary Halloween Ball Poem 2019

  1. I watched it, but only because you created it. In general I don't like Halloween, but as things go this wasn't bad LOL

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