School Board Meeting: November 19, 2019

[Music] so good evening I would like to call to order the regular monthly meeting of the Newport News School Board for Tuesday November … November 19th 2019 on behalf of the members of the school board and our superintendent I welcome each of you present or watching our quorum is present to transact the business of the school division we will begin tonight’s meeting with the invocation and pledge to the flag here to do the honors are two students from mix elementary Amaya yes brows and Cody Shawl first Amaya will come forward and deliver the invocation she will be followed by Cody who will come forth and deliver the pledge so Maya please come forward and tell us a little bit about yourself before we get started I am a minor spouse and I am from Leeds and I am in fifth grade Miss Ross class welcome welcome um what I want it when I grow up I want to be a math teacher I am going to read a poem from you for you the man who thinks he can poem adapt from Walter d12 if you think you’re you are beaten you are if you think you dare not you don’t if you like to win but you don’t think you can it’s almost certain that you won’t if you like till it if you think you’ll lose you’re lost for out in the world we we find success begins in a fellow’s will it’s all in the state of mind if you think you’re outclassed you are you’ve got to think high to rise you’ve got to be sure of yourself before you can ever win the prize life battles don’t always go to the strongest or faster man sooner or later the man who wins is the one who thinks he can and Mr. Cody thought and I am from Miss Holmes class and my favorite subject is science please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance I pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all so let’s give them both a my yeah Cody another round applause I see that we have my you’re gonna make my school work member our Vice Chair very happy because of your science and no that’s cut wood ignite yes code that’s Kofi to notice this co-teaching Emma and then we have a math specialist also on the board that those that will be math and you’re gonna make Mr. brown very proud of you as well so we look for both of you possibly in our classrooms if not there at the academic or higher level at the college at the University or maybe where this young man is sitting right here so good luck and supporting a Mayan Cody tonight are their family members and their school family please stand to be recognized the board appreciates the encouragement that you have given these two students and again we thank you or bringing them out to our meeting tonight so again let’s give them one more hand of applause okay so our next step I believe its we’re going to have our board recognitions so Dr. Parker good evening I have the pleasure of presenting this month’s recognitions ensuring that young people are financially literate is paramount to preparing them for future financial success our first recognition this evening illustrates the district’s success in this area working in support of education or wise is an educational organization dedicated to building financial literacy fostering business and social entrepreneurship and preparing students for college and the global workplace the organization’s literacy certification program provides high school students with financial education and the opportunity to become certified financially literate students learn more about personal finance then they take the wise standardized financial literacy certification test and our first honoree this evening have earned national recognition as educators who teach the Career and Technical Education course in personal finance they are striving to ensure that their students develop the skills for lifelong successful financial decision making twelve Newport News educators have earned and have been named 2018-2019 gold star teachers at least 93 percent of their and at least one of their classes passed the wise financial literacy test which is also a Board of Education approved certification they’re joining us this evening please join us in congratulating from Denbigh high school Hope London and Patricia Newman Rick’s also from Denbigh high school is Lisa McAllister who’s unable to join us this evening from Heritage High School Lenise Cowling from Menchville high school Adrienne Caldwell from Warwirk High School Michael Bellamy Kimberly grant and also Lisa Jones and Reginald Neely here unable to join us this evening from Woodside high school we have Janet Costello and Tina shorter and Steven Brown was also named from Woodside the Virginia Standards of Learning for economics and personal finance require instruction and economic concepts economic reasoning decision-making and problem solving our high school students have to meet a state requirement to complete a one-credit economics and personal finance course prior to graduation so this is very important with the help of these dedicated educators our students are not only satisfying a graduation requirement though also earning state and national certification these dedicated educators were also recognized at the money power conference from financial literacy in New York City earlier this month educators thank you for equipping our students with the tools and the life skills they need to become college career and citizen ready so halfway here [Music] I’d also like to recognize some folks present with these honorees tonight their family members would you please stand and be recognized we thank you for coming thank you and I’d also like to acknowledge their school administrators Dr. Eleanor Blowe Ms Shamika Jarrell Michelle Banks Dr. Kelly Mason and Dr. Windy Nichols and also the divisions CTE supervisor Toinette Outland and CTE specialist Kristy Hopkins Jason thank you thank you for your support our custodians are the caretakers of our schools and offices they ensure that our buildings and the surrounding grounds are safe and clean our dedicated custodians ensure that repairs and maintenance are routinely addressed and they work tirelessly to ensure the success of athletic events student performances meetings and all of those special events that occur after school in a school they play an even greater role for they along with our other dedicated support staff members are the key elements of a successful educational environment as they contribute to the health safety attitude and pride of our students each summer the custodial services department conducts its annual cleanest school campaign school custodial teams are invited to participate in the contest to earn the cleanest school designation a team of supervisors from Plant Services visits each participating school or work site and randomly evaluate several classrooms hallways offices and public spaces they survey the area’s expecting them to be dust free with shiny floors clean carpet pristine glass and no apparent maintenance problems after the results are tabulated the award winners are announced and this evening were recognizing the recipients of the 2019 clean school contest please join me in congratulating the team from Marshall Early Childhood Center lead custodian Charmin Well Sharon Austin also from Marshall Wendell Johnson and Anisha Whitehead congratulations to the team from Marshall our next winning team is from Central Elementary School let’s congratulate lead custodian John Pickett Katrina Lee and Arturo McClendon another member of the team Angela Goodwin was unable to join us this evening but we congratulate her as well [Laughter] in the secondary school category and achieveable dream middle in high school earned top honors please join us in congratulating lead custodian to Mason Angelique Gibbons and Derrick Ward we also want to recognize Joyce Furby and Timothy Radcliffe are unable to join us tonight and our second secondary school and a multi-year winner the team from Heritage High School let’s congratulate lead custodian Tammy Davis Laura Anthony Demetrius Battle Timothy Johnson George Neil and thatíll page we also want to acknowledge part of the heritage team unable to join us this evening Peggy Adams darling George Siobhan gray Ernest Johnson Shirley Jones and samuel Smith congratulations to them as well [Applause] again congratulations to all of our school custodial teams they keep our schools safe and clean and they’re an important part of the team that supports and assists our students and our staff every day so we thank you for your commitment and for earning this recognition enjoy them tonight are members of their families and their friends their principals and I think we have on this keller miss Cox and Claire white and Miss Gerald and I also want to acknowledge on Marcia Bullock who is our custom services supervisor would you all please stand and be acknowledged thank you so much this week marks the annual observance of American education week when school districts across the country celebrate and showcase public education our school district is commemorating American education week by focusing on our mission ensuring that all students graduate college career and citizen ready schools are hosting special events and hosting students showcases every day this week schools are from posting promotional messages and publicizing how our schools are becoming college career and citizen reading or our students and they’re using their social media and we’ve asked all schools to use a hashtag in NPS proud so if you want to check out how well we’re doing please search hashtag NNPSproud on social media we invite and we thank our family members PTAS and our booster clubs for joining in this annual event and promoting all that’s going well in our schools again congratulations to all of our honorees this evening this concludes a recognition portion of our meeting at this time we’ll take about a seven minute break because that’s about how long the school board spotlight is so our honorees and their families may leave if you choose to do so during this time our viewing audience will have an opportunity to view this month’s school board spotlight so we’ll stand in recess for about seven minutes thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Veterans Day gives students a chance to honor the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces November is also military family Appreciation look which recognizes the sacrifices families make for our great country at Greenwood elementary veterans were honored at a breakfast provided by Colossian Baptist Church and the school’s pta Principal Camisha Davis, the wife of a Navy veteran was joined by students who expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the brave men and women with handmade banners and American flags waving the entire school celebrated our military during a patriotic parade and a few brave veterans made time to talk to classes about their careers and life experiences serving in the military Dozier middle school spent an entire morning honoring veterans including educators who have served in the military Cadets from Warwick High schools Junior ROTC led a parade through the hallways so students could express their gratitude during breakfast the servicemen and women enjoyed performances from Dozier’s chorus orchestra and band and Denbigh’s JROTC cadets shared their experiences as they prepare to lead the next generation of soldiers to all veterans thank you for your unwavering dedication and extraordinary sacrifices to ensure our country’s freedoms this school year CyberSTEAM programs are being introduced to seven Newport News schools thanks to a generous grant awarded through the Department of Defense Education activity by integrating science technology engineering and math with the creativity of art students will enjoy an expanded curriculum focused on coding robotics and game based cybersecurity sixty elementary and middle school students were invited to experience a sneak peak during CyberSTEAM summer camp a kiln creek elementary the week-long camp was designed around the Virginia Department of Education computer science standards each day students earned badge flags as they mastered skills and robotics cybersecurity and coding collaborative games interactive lessons and hands-on learning experiences made the comprehensive introduction fun and practical stem instructional specialist Jennifer Barker designed the camp curriculum and trained classroom teachers and instructional technology coaches to offer this brand-new summer experience through cyber steam summer camp students gain career readiness skills in one of the fastest-growing career fields while expanding their computational thinking and digital literacy life is a journey not a destination and the Newport News public schools transportation team is focused on making each student’s ride to and from school a little greener propane is an emission reducing cost-effective alternative fuel and Newport News public schools is at the forefront of a national trend to offer students a cleaner quieter and more enjoyable bus run during the third full week of October an NPS transportation team combined two milestones into one worthy celebration first national school bus safety week was an opportunity to recognize the 484 drivers maintenance workers and support staff and ensure a safe ride to school every day second Bluebird corporation recently delivered their 15,000th propane bus the Newport News public schools was the proud recipient with a fleet of 335 buses seventy-one are now propane powered steadily replacing the aging diesel guzzling vehicles transportation employs school administrators elected officials and industry partners gathered at the brand-new transportation facility to celebrate both occasions the benefits of a propane bus include cost savings for maintenance and fuel along with environmental advantages earning the school system a clean energy innovation award a quieter ride puts less stress on the young minds preparing to learn and studies have proven that students perform better in school after riding a propane bus with the largest school bus fleet of propane powered vehicles in the state of Virginia the NNPS transportation team is excited to play a role in lowering harmful emissions and raising the student success [Music] a popular training method for runners is called repeats and that’s just what happened at this year’s All City middle school championship track meet washington’s girls and Gildersleeve boys kept in stride after winning last year’s championship titles to bring home the trophies once again held at Todd Stadium the 11th annual middle school championship brought all eight middle schools together for the final track meet of the season teams earned points through five individual races and two relay events there were also four unscored races for sixth graders only washington’s girls team coached by Harold Roach, ran away with this year’s title which is their third championship in a row top finishes in the 1600 meter run for by 100 meter relay 800 run 200 – and 4 by 400 relay helped the bay savers continue an impressive streak of five titles in the last six years after winning the citywide championship for the first time last year Gildersleeve’s boys were eager to taste victory again coach and PE teacher Suzan McCollum was proud of the team’s performance with top finishes in the 100-meter dash 1600 meter run for by 100 relay and 800 runs sealing a repeat win for the Seahawks running track at the middle school level is a fun and rewarding experience for the student athletes with many keeping pace into high school and beyond [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] welcome back and hope you enjoyed the school board spotlight at this time during our meeting we provide time for the public to address the school board these are scheduled at they’re only part of the agenda and also toward the end of the meeting the Board considers this an opportunity to listen to your comments please understand that we consider your concerns or we’ll get back with you at a later time please comply with our three-minute limit as you begin the green light comes on a yellow light signals that you have 30 seconds remaining a red light in the beat indicates that your time is up and we ask that you would bring your comments to our conclusion so at this time we do have some phone I mean some cards so as you hear your name please come forward tonight we have a former school board member and School Board Chair John McMillan good evening did you take half of my introduction I am John Macmillan and I live at 43 Ridgewood Parkway up in the Denby section under the city neighbor from right down the street first let me apologize for my voice I’m fighting a head cold or head something I’ve got a head for sale so as was stated I have served two terms on this board to the last two years of which I was the chair it’s been a long time since I last spoke to the board as a citizen and an even longer time since I came to complain about something but first let me congratulate mrs. Simon’s on her election to the General Assembly I I look forward to watching you grow in this new position and working with you on some issues of concern for the peninsula so congratulations secondly a week or so before this most recent election I was pointed to a Facebook post of a fund raiser for one of the candidates in a local race and I was surprised to see at least one board member one member of the school board in attendance didn’t bother me that you were there but it it kind of caught my attention even more surprising was the statement by that member that and I quote on behalf of the entire Newport News School Board in quote he could guarantee seven votes certainly I have no expectation that board members individual board members would need to refrain from election activities you’re an individual you’re a voter you have that right however I do expect that our school board as a whole should refrain from involvement in campaign or even activities that might give the appearance of the board’s support for one candidate over another even your own policy policy BC school board member conduct states that and again I quote board members will not use their status as school board members in any other than official school board business situations I tried to read that slowly so I didn’t mess it up you’ve got plenty of work to do as I’m sure you know just on the school system itself please don’t spend time trying to decide how to get a consensus on a candidate thank you alright next we do have some more cards Michale Norton hi hello everybody my name is Michelle and our Dean and I’m the Yates PTA president and I’m also the parent of two children who attend Yates elementary I’m just here because I was here last month telling you about our concerns about the playgrounds at Yates and I just wanted to bring it to your attention again because I’m our children are still having inadequate playgrounds we like I said I’ll tell you the numbers again we have 63 kindergarteners and the playground that they currently have is um built for about 23 to 28 I can’t remember the number off the top my head but it was in the 20s we have a hundred and four fifth graders and they have a playground that is the exact same size as the lower the lower hall kindergarten the lower hall playgrounds I just wanted to say I’m the PTA is me as the PTA president we are willing to work with you guys if you guys can help us come up with a solution do we you know we’re looking for anything any help that we can get to improve our playground so I just wanted to bring it to your attention again and congratulate miss Simon’s again thank you thank you next we have Mr. Charles Williams hey y’all thanks for having me section my first school board meeting and everybody was so happy earlier it’s kind of fun to see that thank you for all you do I’m a local pediatrician so I see lots of patients of Newport News school kids and I get to see firsthand the effect that you have on kids so I just want to say thank you first of all so like I said my name is Trey Williams Trey is my what I go by Charles is my legal name but I’m a local pediatrician I’m here to just express my concerns over the management of concussions and Newport News public schools over the past month have had several patients present after closed head injuries after seemingly minor trauma and these families have described me a very onerous and difficult process and getting support in schools so I’m here to advocate on their behalf as you’re aware there’s over 26,000 students in the Newport News public schools being educated and a third of them over 7,000 over 7,500 are in high school 9th 8th and 10th to the 9th to 12th grade one out of every five US adolescents that’s 20% eighth grade and up reported at least one concussion in their lifetime which is a significant number and one out of every 20 reported more than one of these anywhere from 30 to 80% will experience what we call post concussion syndrome applying those percentages to local schools over 1,500 of your patients have reported a concussion or will have reported a concussion with over 400 having more than one and of those four and 51 have had post concussion syndrome post concussion syndrome PCs our greatest within the first seven to ten days usually headache dizziness some neuropsychiatric symptoms sometimes cognitive and parent impairment that’s pretty common but most of these kids don’t improve within the first week and take a month to three months for these kids to get better so it’s a significant short-term disability and for those people that play sports roughly 10% of sports-related injuries are concussions for those that don’t play sports which are the kids that all often get missed with concussions the numbers are kind of hard to find out but they still happens especially with the recreational activities the problem is that there’s there’s clearly an issue with concussion management or Newport News schools and that isn’t standardized and I think we need to address that and I think the place to bring it is here I’ll give you a little story about a patient of mine on October 9th and I had her permission to share this 16 year old student presented to my clinic with the head injury she it was in gym class and was quote-unquote tackled by playing uh playing flag football a seemingly minor trauma but she clearly had a concussion a rather severe concussion using a standardized tool that we used to diagnose it provided her a letter to give the school as well outlining the protocol which is very standard for what we do and follow up weekly which is kind of the standard of practice for a concussion management the outpatient client over the next few weeks I asked her page you can get in touch with the school have you gotten a meeting with the folks at Menchville and no response according to the family and I actually reached out to the school several times and got no call back it took them over five weeks to actually schedule a meeting with the family which is just horrible I mean that’s just inappropriate five weeks for a child that a very severe head injury is just not not okay I was very clear my documentation – in regards to her recovery being slow and the need for the school to allow commendations but it just didn’t happen so my questions I wanted to pose and closing our what standardized processor protocol is in place in Newport News schools to help manage concussions and post concussive syndrome and student athletes and non-athletes which is really important what training has been provided if any to teachers and administrators regarding concussions in their management and finally how can we improve the communication between providers and teachers in regards to short term disabling conditions such as concussions or other conditions that might impair school attendance and function thank you thank you could you leave those marks do you get them written down I have typed up absolutely okay next we have Mr. bessel good evening yeah hi my name is Elizabeth Bessel I have a son in the fourth grade should I go sit down at Yates elementary and at the behest of our PTA president Michelle I decided to come tonight to also speak about the playground my son waited till 4th grade to finally make it to play at the big kids playground and in third grade when all the other classes got to play in the big kids playground his class got assigned to the little kids playground so this was the year now that he’s in fourth grade to get to the big kids playground and as you’ve already heard we got all new program playgrounds which are wholly inadequate very disappointing there’s been a lot of confusion about who approved the playgrounds and how they came to be and the plan for them and by the time I guess people started realizing that as they were being installed that they were wholly inadequate it was supposedly too late because they were already approved paid for an in progress so I’d like to understand who decided that where the money came from why the parental community wasn’t included in the decision-making process so just reiterating that and I I’m asking Michelle if I can partner with her to maybe put out a survey to our parents because I know one of the biggest concerns is that two of us show up and from your perspective it doesn’t look like the community is very upset about this and what it is really and you all know this is we’re all very busy and we don’t have time to make these meetings it’s not our it’s not my first priority to come to a meeting on a Tuesday night so I feel like if we do a survey and you get results from our parents and from our students you’ll see that this is a pretty big issue for the school and then if I have a couple extra minutes the other thing which actually I mentioned to miss Simons when she came to my house when she was campaigning is recesses it’s pretty concerning to me one that they only get one recess I grew up in upstate New York and we got two recesses and assigned recess and we also got to go out at lunch after we finished eating and then secondly I don’t agree that you young students should wait till 2:30 and three o’clock after a six hour day to have their recess and they’re not even allowed to go out at lunchtime we’re making these young kids live a schedule or routine that’s designed for grownups or adults or high school students so my child has had to go to recess at 2:30 and three o’clock I know that there’s a lot of juggling with classes and schedules but I just consider that unacceptable and we’ve had four years of it so I think we need to re revisit recesses for the kids thank you okay next we have Marion temple so I spoke at this September school board meeting regarding some concerns with Warwick High School in their athletics and the baseball program Dr. Parker did speak with me for about approximately 10 minutes after the meeting however in that he stated that his concern was academics but he would look into what my concerns were however there was no conversation conversation past that regarding the exact incidents the exact events none of the emails that I had and the information that I had none of the witnesses that I had no information was collected however an investigation was completed the second one without proper investigation proper witnesses to the incidents that I had expressed and then two weeks after that I see that that was when there was one article about you I can’t exactly figure out what it was but there was the other article in about the graduation rate and it just appeared that it seemed like the media was and the numbers were more important than in the situations that were happening outside of that and I’m then in the certified letter that you sent me you stated that you did your investigation that you did find that the school did not handle things appropriately regarded my concerns of months of bringing it to the attention of the principal’s principal assistant principal athletic director I mean you did acknowledge that they did not handle things appropriately however then you went on to say that you interviewed someone else who made a complaint and they said that they were ok with the coach so you were ok with the coach which I don’t feel if one parent says they’re ok that shouldn’t be an explanation for all the parents just because that one parent is ok I try to contact her after that school board meeting in September the letter I got from you actually came to me two days after the October meeting so I didn’t come however there’s no way to contact you the only way to address concerns is that a school board meeting so when I came to the school meeting in September I couldn’t contact you after to see if you were interested in getting any of my information to go along with your investigation am I contacted your or the Miss Buffaloe and I gave her some information however none of it was used and I was never able to speak with you then I get that letter and it was very disturbing and nothing was ever done past that and there’s no way to contact or rebuttal or get any information out aside from coming to the meeting and it’s very disturbing that in your investigation you concluded that it you know is the Bolar language the demeaning was okay but your biggest concern was me we’re going to situation that you didn’t even have all the facts about and so I just wonder if you all are going to do investigations they should be clear concise the parents should be able to give witnesses the parent should be able to give information emails dates and everything to go with your investigation because how can you do an investigation upon your own personal information after issues with the school why would you feel that their information was all together when that’s the issue is that they didn’t do it and congratulations miss Simons and thank you for all of the help that you give me regarding the situation unfortunately has it been kind of conducive amongst everyone but I do appreciate it and I do congratulate you your recent way thank you I’m banking I miss Pam Hall good evening my name is Pam Hall and I live in the southeast community I’m still here trying to get funding for Huntington no quid pro quo for funding for Huntington no quid pro quo for the design for Huntington we need to push the City Council to give us the funding now so that we can get those children in the school by the time limits set by Dr. Parker and I thank you all for your help thank you miss Danny Bazemore good evening Mr. Chairman members of the school board and Mr. superintendent of course you know my name is Jenny Bazemore the constant inaction on the part of the City Council where the issue of Huntington is stalled it’s causing us grave concern and begging us to ask the question of whether we must take the matter outside of the city and school board we hesitated thinking that the matter of Huntington would be resolved with our elected officials but more and more and expeditious and satisfactory resolution does not appear to be forthcoming we came before you in December of 2016 with our objections to the closing of Huntington we are thankful that certain plans were carried out to keep students under the umbrella of Huntington while it is not the best circumstances of students at Huntington at Heritage flourished Huntington in fact had the highest algebra scores of all middle schools in the school division but what happens in June of 2020 unless some action is taken to bring in the sixth graders back to Huntington Huntington will cease to exist that is wholly and totally unacceptable with our community and we do not intend to sit back and let this happen we have asked you to consider bringing the zone sixth graders to Huntington at Heritage we have not been given any indication that’s what your plans are and nobody is talking we will continue to ask that this school board and school division come up with a plan to keep Huntington as more than a school on paper the closing of Huntington has and will continue to affect our middle school students in the way of overcrowding which is detrimental to the academic success of our students we realized that the rebuilding of the school itself is based on getting funding from the city and that process is being held up because the City Council is exploring other community assets to include as part of a campus concept this was just reported in the jelly press following the city’s two-day retreat in Virginia Beach well that’s the money that could have been put towards education our city envisions this campus concept but we and you the experts on educational facilities must strenuously reject the idea of our city council that would jeopardize the safety of our students in our school buildings we cannot bring services that will allow the general public to be on the school campus during school hours they are now even talking about organizations like the wass YMCA being on or near the campus okay my time is up we won’t get it all done but with the progress that is being made the school could have been in the process of being built right now so just think about that and we thank you for your time and Huntington shell rise again thank you okay are there any more cards are there any more cards are there any more cards there being none we will move the agenda to item number three are considered jinda item number 3.01 minutes from our record meeting October 15th 2019 3.02 minutes from our work session meeting October 15th 2019 3.0 3 our financial records revenue and expense reports October 20 19 our child nutrition report October 20 19 3 point o4 our personnel report 3.05 a resolution 23rd o 3 the site leases for the solar project within school division 3.06 our budget transfer in 3.07 proposed 2019 2020 calendar revisions can I have a motion for approval of the consent agenda Mr. chairman I moved to adopt the consent agenda you heard the motion is there a second second you heard the motion in a second Tom for the question there being none Ms. Buffaloe, please call the roll. Mr. Hunter for miss Symons or mrs. soules law for dr best or Mr. Brown for Mr. Ehrlich for Mr. Harris or motion carries 7 0 okay item number 4 action items there seemed to be no items for action today then we’ll move the agenda to number item number 5 reports and information and first who will have up is our legislative program proposed that physical year 20 legislative a program and here to enlighten us is Mr. Lynn wallet Jaron Hunter Dr. Parker members of the board good evening tonight’s the first opportunity for public discussion of the upcoming General Assembly session and the legislative issues of importance to the board the full draft of the legislative programme has been posted online the legislative program is the board’s opportunity to pay its key issues for the 2020 legislative session during the session of course legislators willing to introduce hundreds of bills which impact education and the board will be kept up to date through written reports hopefully Pat will be doing it and not me first thing to cover is the General Assembly timeline in some key other dates of interest the 2020 session is a so-called long session long sessions are also sometimes referred to as the budget session the rhythm of Virginia legislative sessions is that in even-numbered years there’s a 60-day session at which a two-year budget is introduced and adopted in odd-numbered years there’s a 45-day session at which amendments to the biennial budget are considered and adopted the 2020 session begins on January 8th and ends on March 8th crossover is February 6th crossover is the date that each chamber which finalized its own legislation and send it to the other chamber and that includes the budget the veto session is scheduled for April 15 this session considers vetoes and/or amendments proposed by the governor for adopted legislation including the budget some other dates that you might be interested in on November 21st the Virginia School Board Association delegate assembly will meet and this is where the vsba adopts its legislative positions in mid December of this year the governor historically will pre file a biennial budget proposal or the session exists that gives you an idea what the governor’s priorities are and what he believes is necessary for funding for the next biennium On January 13 and 14 the vsba Capitol conference is held this is a meeting in Richmond during the legislative session where vsba members meet to discuss legislative and other issues and it’s also an opportunity if you go to the meeting to have interaction with legislators and finally the PTA and ve a have advocacy days and that that day will be on January 27th of 2020 this year’s legislative program starts with thanks to our legislators for increasing funding for k-12 education in the 2019 session additional funding was approved for teacher pay school counselors and at-risk programs but obviously funding needs have not been exhausted and the proposed 2020 program asks for increased education funding the reason for funding is illustrated on the screen years after the Great Recession per pupil funding remains 9% below what it was in 2009 adjusted for inflation in practical terms then school divisions are operating with 9% less purchasing power than in a decade ago and that impacts all aspects of the school of business operations in the next few slides you will see the four issues which are highlighted as priorities to teacher pay and school facility funding our repeats from last year because 2020 is a budget session rebenchmarking is also included and there’s a third priority which is completely new called equity funding this is the result of a recommendation of the virginia department of education to create a new funding stream rebenchmarking is the first area that we need to look at rebenchmarking is technical in nature and does not involve changes in statewide funding policy or methodology or funding for new programs unless those programs have already been approved and adopted by the General Assembly rebenchmarking involves projecting costs forward for changes in enrollment salaries support costs inflation and other factors and the study can mean that costs can increase or decrease depending on the data update in each area the intent of rebenchmarking is simply to maintain the status quo rebenchmarking provides technical updates force the standards of quality incentive programs categorical programs and the lottery proceeds fund because rebenchmarking impacts the total cost of direct aid formulas it impacts both state cost and the required local share of localities most fun for the soq and other direct aid programs as you can see on the screen the the projected state costs for rebenchmarking for the biennium is almost five hundred and ninety six million dollars the Newport News position is that the board should fully support funding of bit reread marking the next priority area is school facility funding one of the major losses during the Great Recession was support for school construction one funding stream that used to exist that the state eliminated was for construction grants and at one time Newport News received approximately 1.2 million dollars a year in construction funding the state also has a literary lung fund but it did not add any new projects for a year for ten years rather in 2019 funding was restored to their literary fund but that’s only going to meet the backlog is probably not going meet any new projects and of course one thing to remember but the literary alone is that it’s alone it’s not free money you have to pay that money back another source that some people look at for funding is the lottery funds the General Assembly now uses what they describe as a flexible lottery allocation method and it funds all sorts of things I won’t mention all of them but they include k3 size reduction programs special education race the GED program and others so the lottery funding is certainly not a panacea for school construction needs research establishes that school construction impacts student achievement students and substandard buildings perform at lower levels than though those in newer functional buildings and of course finally higher costs for maintaining aging buildings equals less available funding for student services the Newport News positions on school funding are – first a request restore construction grant funding and second a request for legislation that would prevent school boards to finance capital projects with any funds unexpected unexpended by the school board in any fiscal year I won’t read the Forbes quotes on the screen but Forbes argues that the teacher shortage is miss named Forbes position is that teacher shortages reflect the lack of commitment to compensate adequately to meet the demand for highly qualified teachers it’s Forbes contention that there would be plenty of people willing to teach if pay and conditions were improved this leads us to the teacher pay priority position last year nearly a thousand teaching position 2 went unfilled in Virginia research supports the idea that teacher compensation is a major factor in not being able to meet the demand for teachers again there isn’t necessarily a teacher shortage just a lack of commitment to meet demand published data shows that Virginia teachers are paid nine thousand three hundred sixty-five dollars less than the national average there has been a legislative initiative to begin to address that in 2017 the General Assembly approved legislation to move teacher pay to or above the national average the school board’s legislative program asks the General Assembly to start moving toward the stated goal beginning with a minimum three percent raise in the next budget also requested this funding for state incentives such as paying for licensing Tech’s test fees and expanding programs to attacks attract more teachers the final priority position is called equity funding the Virginia Board of Education has proposed that an equity fund be created in basically this is consolidating funds from other sources and what they’re going to do is consolidate the at-risk ad on an SOQ prevention intervention and rebate remediation funds into a single expanded at-risk add-on program this proposal is intended to target funding to school divisions with a high percentage of students qualifying for free breakfast at lunch and it includes one hundred and thirty million dollars annually in addition state funding the school divisions position would be to support the equity funding proposal last thing we might one of the last things we can mention is the vsba delegate assembly which is happening this week there are 13 proposed new or revised delegate legislative positions the BSP has provided school board members with detailed information on all those proposals and the the SBA delegates will vote at their assembly this week to approve their legislative positions the next steps in the process would be to provide our legislators with a copy of the draft program make it an action item at the December board meeting and then support the program during the 2020 General Assembly session if there are questions I’ll attempt to answer them but I’ll probably duck because Pat’s not here Mr. Brown so so the 131 million dollars being consolidated into the equity fund we have any idea how that breaks out per division for the 132 divisions is it little except I I don’t think anybody has that number yet because I’m not sure they’ve assembled what is going to be in those other funds and that add to 131 million dollars to it and come up with some allocation I would think that that’s probably one of the things that would appear in the governor’s budget if the governor thinks he’s it’s wise to do that remembering that the rebenchmarking is a proposal to the governor in the General Assembly not a given the video II proposal is a proposal it hasn’t been accepted necessarily by the governor yet so all those things are moving targets until the the governor in mid-december makes his proposal and then we’ll see what those numbers look like if there are any numbers he may he may decide not to funding the equity funding proposed okay so at this point it’s just a video II recommendation to the governor correct it’s not not something that that we even know that the governor will support then the second question was around the ATM know the four billion that was identified in the school facility needs what pot of money is that supposed to come out of if it doesn’t come out of there’s no pot of money identified for for construction in Virginia basically the only the only identified pots of money in the past have been the construction funds that were given that no longer exists and the literary loan funds which is an application process and is contingent upon their being available funding in the literary loan fund to allocate to individual school divisions and as I said it’s still a loan so on top of everything else what you may not realize is that because it’s a loan when you do a literary loan application the city has to sign off on the loan you can’t borrow money directly so the city has to actually sign the application that goes to the state when you are thinking about using a literary loan anyone else thank you I’m disappearing okay okay next we have up pop we know to the obey up trust and Steve Canal was going to give us an update on our local finance board good evening chairman Hunter club members Dr. Parker this is the open trust fund the first semi-annual report to the school board both have stands for other post-employment benefits these are typically retiree benefits other than pension plans typically including health and life insurance the open timelines is a brief timeline this is just a brief summary Opeth was formally passed by the school board in June 1991 thereby creating a lifetime school board contribution for retirees their spouses and dependents in 2008 and 9 the city of Newport News began to take action the city also has a plan similar to ours and they began take action to reduce their own open liability and urge the school system to take action to reduce our liability several years earlier the city had created a city open trust fund to accumulate assets to pay the liabilities we were originally part of the city trust fund our liability at the time was 194 million the annual cost when the plan was first adopted in 1991 was 150,000 per year but since then with more retirees added each year and few going off it had grown to over five million dollars per year continuing on the timeline now going forward to July 1 2009 the open plan was closed to all new fighters it had no impact however on existing retirees July 1st 2011 spouse and dependent school board contributions were closed to those retiring after the state and again there was no impact on existing retirees also July 1st 2011 they started phase in for 365 retirees to have their own experience rated premiums heretofore their premiums was exact same as what employees who ever studied showing that those that have retired their claims were higher so that experience based and their rates clear approximately forty percent higher and again there was no impact to existing retirees July 1st 2019 these actions has reduced the line ability from 194 million to 81 million which is a 60% reduction in the liabilities however there are still 1969 retirees receiving the subsidy and 1722 employees that are still working active and eligible to receive a benefit when they retire now comes the trust fund funding so we separated from the city trust fund in 2010 the school system joined the VML Vaiko open poll trust membership is comprised now of 52 Virginia governments and public schools we transferred the small amount that was held in the city trust fund and we began making additional contributions to fund the liability the contributions were generally 2.1 million you’ll see a slide in a minute with a graph showing the impact of that but we had to stop that at the end of June 2017 when tight budgets forced them to be continued however during that time we had made contributions of 17 point 1 million dollars the open pool trust fund that we belong to the vml Vaco has a combined 1.15 billion in assets now we’ve got 26 million of that it’s split between two portfolios you’re given a choice to invest in portfolio 1 or portfolio 2 and portfolio 1 that’s your only choice is 1 or 2 and portfolio 1 is weighted heavily towards equities and has more market volatility portfolio 2 had 250 million and that is weighted more towards fixed income such as bonds the 50 to plan participants we elect a nine-member board of directors and they oversee hiring a professional managers for the various investment categories which you’ll see in just a minute we have a slide on that and I said before you can have one of two choices that’s all we choose portfolio one has more equities and their projected rate of return is 7.5 percent in the long run portfolio 2 is more fixed income their rate of return at the time was six point five but they sense have lowered it to 6.0 they are so reliant on bonds now state law requires that we have a local finance board the service trustee of the open trust funds as well as to manage and invest the assets of the trust the spool of school board created the local finance board by duly adopted resolution we must have three members the local finance board has executed in accordance with the directions by the school avoid a trust join their agreement Thank You Mr. Wallen for that of those words to become a participant in the open poll trust and we picked portfolio 1 which had the long term rate of return of 7.5% and you’ll see in just a minute how that’s turned out the local Finance Board directs the investments are the funds consistent with the requirement of the o peb Trust we meet quarterly and we preview the performance of portfolio 1 vs. portfolio 2 we can change only once per year and if we change we have to move all the funds into one portfolio or the other we can’t split them so it has to be all in on one or all in on portfolio two we estimate however but by staying in portfolio 1 this entire time that we’ve earned 2.4 million more than if we had been in portfolio 2 this is the categories that portfolio 1 is invested in and you see how many of the assets that they have of their 900 million and the percent that splits amongst different categories and this would be similar if you had your own 401k you might invest in some category similar to this we have the large camp equity which has done very well you see in in the 10 years 1 3 5 and 10-year returns is all 10% to 13.5 percent 30 percent of the money is in that the small camp equity has 10 percent it had done ok but this past year it was hit hard by the downturn in the fall of 2018 and well as May of 2019 we had another downturn for that one month real estate which is third from the bottom that’s been very consistently good that has 7% the core bonds and core plus bonds that would be the fixed income portion and they have 21% of the allocation to that it is dependable but generally doesn’t get very high you see 3 and 5 and 10-year return less than 4% where that’s been below the average for the entire portfolio they’ve used to have a diversified hedge fund that earns 4 to 6 percent but they replace that with two new categories the long/short equity account which is just been around for six months but did pretty good in those six months and the absolute return fund again was around for six months and has done pretty good so we’ll wait to see how those things turn out now the slide shows the blue line is the total amount of assets and so you can see from 2010 how its growing and the red line is our contributions which was generally increasing by 2.1 million per year we made most of the time we made them quarterly so you see the little stair steps as you climb up the steps we were making more and more contributions but now the contributions have leveled off because after June 2017 we didn’t make any more but you see that the fund continues to grow based on earnings this is just isolating the earnings this is just the earnings we’ve earned a total of 9.3 million dollars and you see from the beginning it’s gone up there’s been a few times that we kind of went negative you see up and down now to help smooth things out because the the quarterly performance goes up and down we have a 12 month moving average that is the dashed line you see there were three time periods just three time periods in the entire nine years that we’ve that we’ve been plotting here fall of 2011 to the start of summer 2012 you see a small decline in the moving average then fall of 2015 through the summer of 2016 that was almost a whole year there was again a small decline in the moving average and then fall to early winter of 2018 a very small decline and then we’ve continued upwards [Applause] and again we at 9.3 million which is 2.4 million more than if we have been in portfolio – does anyone have any comments or questions Mr. Brown so this is a peb not to be confused with VRS correct that’s correct VRS is the pension and life insurance and an OPA is retiree health insurance now VRS also has a component where they do subsidize retirees and give them a subsidy as well this is our local plan for retiree health insurance BRS has a component that also provides retiree health insurance okay so this is this is healthcare for our retirees yes provided by Newport News public schools not a different benefit okay and then I see so can you go into 1,000 iron sixty-nine retirees are still being subsidized within so the timeline reflected or at least it leads you to believe that there was a point in which people stopped coming into the plan but then we mentioned that there’s a 1722 folks who are eligible to go into the plan today yes they were working as of June 30 2009 okay when we stopped the plan anyone who was employed then still continued to accrue and and could earn benefits if they retired they say have to retire in order to get something so so if someone leaves before they retire then they don’t get anything and current employees today their retirement health plan is through VRS if you’ve joined after June 30 2009 then your retiree health insurance subsidy is just through the IRS nothing from the school board okay and that’s not a small amount it is like four dollars per year so it’s a type of your year retirement if you would work 30 years 120 dollars a month is you know of some what amount a reasonable amount and so the folks in here they have the ability to get the VRS plus this plus access this fund the feather in there and you and then so in terms of the blue line and the red line can you tell me a little bit more about we are not contributing to the fund currently so this is the blue line is simply interest that we’ve accrued and is there plans in the future to pick up contributions or the 1722 that are going to be coming into the plan but amount of money there is good it is enough for them or you know what is what is our thought process around well we’re not using any of the money yet we’re accumulating the money we’re not drawing any out but the actuary projects that by about the mid early 2030s everything else being the same even if we don’t put in anything more we would have enough then right now it’s just paid out of our regular budget and so your work that’s included in the budget about four and a half million or so when we get to twenty thirty two or so thirty-three we’ll have enough in the plan you can stop having it in the regular budget and the fund will have sufficient money to pay out until the last retiree dies which is passes away I’m sorry around 2000 70 or 80 perhaps okay and so just to just to clarify we’re still contributing money to open right now annually or we haven’t been since we’re paying the premiums for the retirees were paying this we’re not paying knockin extra into the fun to build up money but we are have we’re paying all the premiums for the existing 1700 some retirees and that’s like four and a half million or so any other questions so you asked could it go could we start there contribute in the future we could if it was decided to do that any more questions thank you thank you for the report good report next we’ll have 5.03 AP SAT data and we’ll have Dr. Pohl good evening chairman Hunter Vice Chair Searles law school board members in Dr. Parker tonight I’m here to share with you data regarding the College Board suite of assessments given during the 1819 school year as you are all aware Newport News public schools is focused on college career and citizen readiness in order to provide the framework for a college readiness approach to ensure all of our students have the opportunity to attend a college or university once they graduate and NPS hazop has embedded opportunities for students to participate in the cause board suite of assessments from the PSAT to the SAT and including a advanced placement exams and NPS students are given several opportunities to become college ready starting with the PSAT Newport News covers a cost for all 10th and 11th grade students to participate in this rigorous assessment students in eighth or ninth grade may take the PSAT or opt for the PSAT 8/9 however students in those grade levels are responsible for the cost since the format of the PSAT is the same format as the SAT this gives students a lower stress environment to experience this level of assessment prior to the SAT the National Merit Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships high school students are entered into the competition by taking the PSAT during their 11th grade year PSAT results are also used as a way to predict success in advanced placement courses results students receive by participating in the PSAT guide them on how to improve when taking the SAT starting a few years ago the score reports also mapped students to their own customized and free let me say that if I’m free online SAT prep course through Khan Academy in addition once a student takes the SATs Khan Academy will alter the practice pain based on their SAT performance the curriculum development team are currently looking at solutions to integrate this online course into the students curriculum so all of our students take up that opportunity current seniors have taken the PSAT two times which gives us comparable data from year to year as you can see on this graph every subgroup showed growth on the evidence based reading and writing or the e brw portion of the PSAT from taking the test from tenth grade excuse me to 11th grade it’s also of important note that during the 2017 administration we had just over eighty percent of the class who took the assessment then during their junior year during the 2018 PSAT administration we had over 86 percent of the students who participated in this assessment as a comparison the national average for the e brw was 489 in the state average was 499 looking at the same group of students for the math portion of the PSAT every subgroup showed growth from the 10th to the 11th grade administration again the comparison the national average was 478 in the state averages 484 as mentioned earlier there are many reasons connected and why the PSAT is administrated and important news most notably the results help students to create a plan to see more success on the SATs however one area that’s not as well known is the use of AP potential this software allows school counselors the opportunity to find students who are not enrolling in AP courses however they have the potential to be successful in those high-level courses therefore castles are able to use this data from the first time students take the PSAT some as early as eighth grade to encourage them to take the rigorous AP courses this work also supports the goal of the National math and science initiative grant or NIMS e grant that we have in place in our division moving the AP classes they’re specifically designed to create a challenging learning environment for students they simulate the level of rigor seen in college courses and allow students to potential to earn college credit generally with a score of three or higher on their final AP exam even when students are not successful earning the college credit universities take in colleges take note of students that have taken these rigorous level courses when they apply to the universities and colleges one of the many benefits being a Newport News student is that the division covers the cost for students to take their AP exam last year there were a total of just over 3300 AP tests administered to Newport News students n NPS offers 31 out of the 38 College Board AP classes with all of these opportunities for students most Virginia colleges will offer both credit and/or a placement and a higher level course based on the students AP score the three-year trend of students taking at least one AP test has been slowly declining this drop in number of students taking AP tests could be attributed to the fact that the high school enrollment has also been declining over the past three years however even with a decline in the number of AP students the number of AP tests being administered across the important areas has stayed steady with only dropping 73 tests over the three years of data this graph represents the number of students taking at least one AP test by school the schools with a yellow rectangle represents schools currently within the nihms ii grant as you can see warwick has shown steady increases over the past three years they are in NZ school with a 22 percent growth of students taking at least one tests over the three-year period some of the initiatives warwick have instituted are promoting AP courses in a town hall type of meeting each quarter to students AP teachers recruited an average and honors classes along with AP student ambassadors the students there created a video an AP video and played it throughout the school year to gain interest to other students there were parental information nights held throughout into August and finally they created an AP community through Google classroom which students were able to ask questions regarding their summer assignment to give them additional supports as seen on this slide the percentage of tests receiving a three or higher which is generally noted to being a passing score has been decreasing since 2017 where 31% of the exams scored three or higher nationally in 2019 for AP tests the three or higher rate was 59% and it was 65% across our Commonwealth performance on AP exams can lead to students earning national awards they have the ability to be AP scholars based on how many AP tests they take and their average score for those tests in 2019 Newport News had 232 AP Scholar Awards within this group eight of our students received the AP scholar with distinction award which means they averaged a score of eight or they averaged the score of three or higher on eight of their tests or for their tests rather and taking eight tests sorry I got time to sit on that one moving to the SAT this assessment is not currently paid for by Newport News therefore students must pay if they opt to take the test last year Newport News had 1861 students graduating 915 of those students students took the AP the SATs at least once while in high school which represents 49% of our graduating classes at the SATs at least one time this graph shows a three year trend of SAT evidence-based reading and writing scores the class of 2019 means score is 518 nationally the average was 531 and it was 567 across Virginia the math mean scores for the class of 2019 is 494 which is a slight decrease and again in comparison the national average was 521 and 551 for the state and continue to move this work forward there are a few next steps teachers and school counselors were encouraged increased participation the PSAT for eighth or ninth grade students who have completed after a while the Khan Academy SAT online course will be integrated into curriculum during the 2020 2021 school year so all students have the opportunity to participate in this asset this program the possibility of offering s the SAT during the school day is also being pursued teachers are receiving professional development on the new curriculum and resources provided by College Board that just came out this past summer curriculum supervisors are creating avenues for AP teachers to collaborate across the division on best practices and members of the teaching and learning team are developing ways to replicate the Saturday tutoring sessions offered by NIMS e so all of our students have any needed supports that they need throughout the school year thank you for taking the time to hear this report if you have any questions I have a small team with me here ready to answer them the assignments so I would encourage any students and parents who are watching this meeting to take the PSAT pay attention to that Khan Academy report it’s really detailed and what I love about it is it’s almost individualized to the student so the student can find out exactly what they need to study to get a better score on the SAT my both my daughters have been through this college application period and it’s really important to have a good SAT score if you want to get into one of the top colleges and you really can improve your score and all of this khan academy information is free so what can we do to try to encourage and get a build of routine around getting your score report and having a study plan for improving your SAT score so that’s one of the goals of integrating the curriculum so that every 10th grade student when they take the PSAT and they get their results then by January they though they have logged into Khan Academy and we communicate to parents and they do get the individualized course based off of that school report and the students who don’t take it they actually can take several small assessments in Khan Academy that give them their own personalized pathway through at the online course this is a it is a tremendous opportunity I wholeheartedly agree with you and it is it’s something that I’m very much pushing for to make sure all of our students take us up on this opportunity even the students who say well I’m not planning to go to college well you never know when that door may open so you want to be as prepared as you can be so really putting that in front of them and having an obligation with certain sets of teachers to say here’s your school report here’s we’re going to connect to your College Board account to your Khan Academy account and it’ll make those connections automatically because then when they take the SATs it actually will update them and give them a more personalised course as well and you know one one last thing is I think over the summer months we really should look at you know a cram Academy or some kind of you know intensive period where the students can go in because you know frankly that’s what the rich kids are doing is they’re cramming over summer and learning you know how to take these tests why can’t we use our spark program and try to incorporate some test prep over the summer when they have time anyone else yeah oh not the best for just a question regarding I’m looking at achievable dream for numerous students taking at least one AP test their numbers went down from 1:30 to 2:30 for is there any reason for that that you are aware of and then I’ll go ahead and X my second one that the scores are three above have been decreasing is there some explanation for that and then ask that one more little I’m also reading some some things and I’ve heard new stories as far some college is not requiring SATs so what is the plan and how do you all take that into consideration or do you take it into consideration all right I think I got them all three for you dialing fast so with an achievable dream I’ll have to research that to see what their numbers of enrolled of like pre AP and what are we doing to drive the students into the AP level course to really look and see what we can do and see why that number is declining as far as a three or more decreasing in Y you know it there’s been a few curricular changes over the past couple years and AP courses and we’re just trying to really catch up and it’s it’s you know it is natural when you see an uptick of enrollment and test taking so even though our enrollments decline and remember our tests have stayed about level so we have students taking more assessments and when you see more assessments sometimes you’ll see a decline in the scores but we’re really working with Dr. Becker tight and we’re really focusing on what are we doing to provide the proper support to our AP teachers and to do more collaboration across the division because a lot of times ap teachers are what are called Singleton’s and schools where it’s you know if you teach ap physics you’re probably the only one that school who’s teaching ap physics so what are we doing to cross-pollinate and cross plan so we’re intentionally building those into professional developer teachers as well to really help say what are the best practices so that we can we can increase our score rate and I think the final one as far as the SAT requirement you’re correct there are I’ve seen a couple articles even some some Virginia State colleges that are starting to take a port full of portfolio based so you’ll see as we’re building the new profile of a graduate we’re really going to build in a profile of a portfolio build for them around those attributes so that they can start using that as college entrance as well so we’re really trying to hit every single base that we can thank you no problem Harris well he’s actually good he answered my question yes thanks Mr. Brown oh okay Mr. core mr. Simonds zone I have taken the SAT twice and with Khan Academy I was able to see like a little bit of development concerning the SAT in general and how we were able to take AP courses um would you propose a preparatory SAT class um because as the Simon said um people are able to find um SAT courses and all all states of you know the country and of course develop their score but how are we able to do that so you know I think it’s a double-edged sword and I’ve just seen it personally in other divisions I’ve worked in where where we have a face-to-face class it starts off great and then enrollment dwindles quickly because there are so many electives and options for students these days so I really think with what Khan Academy has developed with building that into English and math curriculum where teachers have a responsibility of that and we build in tutoring sessions and help sessions I think that will help kind of make more of a blended learning environment for our students because really that personalized it so when you make a curriculum for even a semester SAT prep course generally a teacher’s going to follow that prick them it makes it harder to differentiate if you have 25 students but if you blend it with the online program they’re getting personalized so then Mr. Gore’s gonna come in and ask a specific question that he needs to know and the teacher can help with so trying to blend that I think is gonna be the first step and if we still need more than we would look at something a little bit more rigorous like that Thank You Mr. Brown yes so my comment would be about the the PSAT have a couple questions in a comment so the question is around the 8th grade 9th grade PSAT we find out what would it cost for every student to be offered the PSAT in eighth grade in the ninth grade what would that what would the budget impact be and then secondly what we talked about having the SAT offered on a school day so what would the cost be of including that in the budget so we could have this AG offered on a school day I know that it’s I know it’s very impactful I know of at least one family in my district that that was the reason why they did not go to college was because they could not get to the SAT and you’d be surprised it how something as simple as well you can’t get that can’t get to the school on Saturday if your family doesn’t support that and it’s gonna pay for that and isn’t gonna drive you then that becomes that becomes the barrier becomes a reason and so we don’t want anything like that to be the reason and there’s there’s too many stories like that so getting it offered on a on a school day would be would be fantastic in addition to the other times we offer I’d love to see us offer more because I think your the charts 4 and 5 they show you know really my point which is that the more times the kids are taking it the better their scores are getting so and with every improvement in scores and increase in the levels of scholarships of these kids are able to get and the offers they get from colleges so while you know I got many regrets in life but one of them was not taking the PSAT so at the time I did not take the PSAT and came to find out later on that that is how the recruitment process starts so well my own kids took the PSAT that was when the college letter started coming home we want you to come to our college and that’s very encouraging and and very life-altering for students so I’m getting that PSAT often in the 8th grade and a 9th grade and then getting into SAT I’m starting that off and give doing it multiple times I think that you know that could be a real pathway to boosting our score so I love to see that and I echo messiahs comments I love to see us to as part of our SPARC program do some test prep during the summer because that is what parents are paying for they’re paying good money to have test prep classes so if we can offer that for free for our students too that would be fantastic as well yeah so absolutely agree the cost I can get you the budget implications on the increase in the PSAT my recommendation would be as if we start doing that for a great eight to do even even maybe in grade eight ninety the PSAT eight nine because then the the struggle in math is not there it’s actually developed for that level student they have an assessment out for that now and I do think I want to say Kostas around seventeen dollars I can’t quite see the phone from here gotcha okay so the the if we did the PSAT grade ten and added that and and it looks like the SAT day it would add around eighty one thousand dollars to our budget so to have the SAT for eleventh graders if we did just the SATs on that it’s about fifty five thousand dollars is our quote and that includes a reduction for our free and reduced student population but that would be the division cost right now I did talk to Valerie Keating last week on Friday um who is our College Board representative and she’s still trying to even push further what she can as far as she can to get our price as low as possible by looking at the state’s rate of our free and reduced lunch so she’s she’s still tweaking it a little bit but that would be the the cost to increase some of the assessments long fantastic to and to me that sounds well worth it well worth the cost well and you know it’s it’s you know funny you say that because earlier this this year actually probably a month after I started here an article came out about Richmond Public Schools who this is their first year where they’re offering SATs for everybody for the same exact reasons we’re listed in the article one one one point on the AP participation to consider is that we have a second option for students who are college level experience well actually we have two others but the one other where that impacts AP in Ruhlman would be dual enrollment so some schools do going back to the achievable dream we would also want to look to see whether there’s been an increase in dual enrollment participation as well which gives students that alternate college level experience so the data is not does not tell the whole story that that’s another factor that we may want to look at as well thank you anyone else thank you Dr. Pollard thanks y’all okay next we’ll have a 5.0 for our new course proposal for fiscal year 2021 and I believe we have by Dr. Jonas okay good evening chair Hunter Vice Chair Searles law school board members and Dr. Parker tonight I will share new course proposals for your review for the 2020 2021 school year each year the curriculum committee provides a timeline and application for new course proposals to principals and supervisors to enhance the academic program for students and Newport News although particular course proposals although particular schools propose new course offerings and revisions upon board approval all schools will have access to the approved courses unless it is designated as a magnet specific course there are four new course proposals presented tonight from the areas of Fine Arts social studies and science there is one revision in world language the first is music appreciation music appreciation is proposed as a new elective course in grades 9 through 12 at Mitch Ville High School it is a semester course with one-half credit there are no budget implications music appreciation is a course designated to introduce musical master works in history by studying basic elements medium styles and forms students will reflect on the historical perspective of music and how it has evolved in our society and in various cultures African American Studies African American Studies is proposed as a new course elective for all high schools in the state of Virginia Newport News public school social studies supervisor Vinita Williams currently serves on the video II African American Studies course curriculum development team she has been recently appointed to the governor’s African America African American History Education Commission it is a year-long course with one credit budget implications include text and online resources African American Studies as a survey of African American history from the origins of transatlantic slave trade to modern day students will analyze the social economic and political effects of key persons and events as well as refined skills and research analysis and historical interpretation introduction to social studies for ELLs introduction to social studies for English learners is proposed by Denby high school Denby and mentor vo high schools serve as our largest English Learner population the course will be offered in grades nine through 12 it is a year-long course with no budget implications introduction to social studies for English learners is designed for students in the English Learner program at Denby high school that need additional support with language proficiency all core social studies themes world geography or history US history and government will be introduced to build a foundation of background knowledge key vocabulary and provide opportunities to improve or in written communications science and technology community ecology communications Science and Technology communications is proposed by Woodside high school to enhance their arts and communication magnet program it is a one credit year-long elective course there are no budget implications for this course science and technology communications will enhance literacy and research in the disciplines of earth science biology physics and chemistry digital literacy will be developed through the engineer design process as students become problem finders to develop solutions that will be communicated through various multimedia platforms this course will incorporate science technology and communication and an innovative and project-based approach to develop literacy career and life skills finally we have a course provision revision for native Spanish 1 & 2 which is proposed by Susana Bailey the world languages supervisor native Spanish one into or organized on the same pathways as honors Spanish 3 and 4 as noted in the chart native Spanish 1 & 2 are aligned to prepare students for the Advanced Placement Spanish covering related themes information rigorous projects and assessments the rationale for the revision is to provide native spanish-speaking students with the same opportunity to earn honors credit as students that are also on the advanced pathway do you have any questions questions Oh like a best I lost my slot for the african-american history course what slide number I’m sorry I started it is oh it’s up there fine okay so this one will be offered to all Newport News public school students yes it’s an online course it’s not an online course we will use online resources to support the course it will be a face-to-face class okay will be a foot ok face to face and it saw fit at all new buddy okay thank you any more questions thank you okay we’ll move the jinda 5.05 attendance report 5.06 membership report 5.07 construction report they’re part of your packages if there are no questions we will accept them and we have 5.08 a comments by our superintendent and Thank You Mr. chairman I know I will not be the last one to offer best wishes and congratulations to delegate elect Symons on her on her recent electoral win and we look forward to being to greater things in the future and uh definitely will reflect on your commitment to this board and his service to the community so thank you very much for that Mr. chairman as was stated earlier this evening this is American education week and our students and staff are celebrating the annual observance by promoting the great things happening in our schools I want to take this moment to thank all of our families the PTAs and members of the community who are visiting our schools and participating in many activities taking place this week in our classrooms the festivities will continue throughout the week on Wednesday and Thursday the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts art mobile will visit Newport News the art mobile will be stationed at in the Tod Stadium parking lot middle and high schools art students will participate in lectures tours of the art mobile and which will feature and execs of 12 fellowship artists whose art is part of the museum’s permanent collection the art ‘mobile is open to the public on Wednesday from 3 to 5 and Thursday from 2:30 to 5 p.m. and we invite families to come out and tour this one-of-a-kind art exhibit special thanks to Pat Franklin our supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts for coordinating the visit next week on Monday in particular we’re on November 25th we’re looking forward to inviting our elected officials and guests for the principle of the first annual principal for a day event in Newport News public schools we have invited legislators school board members City Council members and business and community leaders who will join some of our principals to learn more about teaching and learning and the vast variety of programs and services that are available in our in our students and we’ll have a great lunch afterwards I will host my second annual Family Forum on Wednesday December 4th at 6:30 p.m. at the Denby community center I invite families to join me in a discussion about school culture climate and safety and look forward to members of the Denby community to come on out we are offering a childcare for children for over and we offer free refreshments for those who come I’m looking forward to some great discussion as we partner with our families and in support of our students today we launched a new partnership with the national nonprofit DonorsChoose to help teachers tap into a network of 4 million donors to support classroom projects that align with mission and vision goals Newport News teachers have raised over 570 thousand dollars and completed over 1300 educational projects through DonorsChoose to support student learning so we we’ve had individuals already participating in DonorsChoose now we formalized the partnership we are one of 30 members of the DonorsChoose district partnership program this partnership allows us to support teachers and monitor all donated materials it also gives our teachers access to matching funding opportunities through corporate partnerships the Newport News Education Foundation was recently awarded $300,000 from the one community transformation grant which is offered by Newport News Shipbuilding to support STEM education in our school division we were one of one of three finalists for that award and Newport News public schools won this year so so thank you Newport News Shipbuilding for supporting STEM education in our schools the Foundation’s proposal bills on STEM education through a collaboration with the Brooks Crossing innovation and Opportunity Center to provide technology training for over 400 Newport News public school teachers materials and equipment the grant will also provide field experiences for 6,000 students at the Innovation Center and we again we’d like to thank Newport News Shipbuilding and our Education Foundation for for becoming partners on this grant congratulations to our first legal elite LEGO League robotics team who competed in the regional event on Saturday November 9th at Crittenton middle school eight of the 18 participating teams were from Newport News congratulations to the Riverside elementary team for earning first place an innovation and innovation project and to the discovery STEM Academy team who took second place overall for robotic robot performance and a judges award our teams were challenged to prove to program a robot to score points on a playing field and develop a solution to a problem they identified special thanks to our STEM leadership team and our partners for this great event I would also like to remind all students and parents that schools will be closed for students on Wednesday through Friday November 27th through 29th for the holidays I wish everyone is safe and and wonderful Thanksgiving and that concludes my remarks to this evening Mr. Chairman I thank you at this time are there any more cards do we have any cards there being none we’ll move to item number 7 matters by the school board and will happen stag or start us off this evening only good evening everyone I wanted to address I wanted to start off by addressing the issue at Warwick High School as many of you know like there um there has been a potential threat and there has been a lot of questions that has been asked and as I stay up as I you know attend this school it has impacted us very much however um as my teacher was saying today I learned that acts of terror are only powerful if you um if you only let them do their job which is to evoke terror and that moving forward as a community is more important than stead of looking upon past events also I wanted to bring up how um how about last week a custodian came and she hugged me and said hi and this was like my first occurrence with this and then I learned that um although I’ve like never talked to a custodian before it still doesn’t diminish that familial aspect so I learned that um that we’re still family at the end of the day at the end of the day um also as Dr. Parker said I will not be the last person but I also wanted to congratulate you I did see you at my um at the academic before the academic team match and I wanted to just say it again so um thank you that’s a lot to say okay thank you Mr. gore doctor best good evening and I’m just gonna segue something that Isaiah talked about he talked about giving people power and and how terror it doesn’t work unless we we give it that power but I had an opportunity to attend a band competition at work high school and the participants were Heritage High School work high school and Denby high school and it was just one of the most amazing heartwarming enjoyable family activities that I had been to in quite a while and the families they were so excited and people from different schools were cheering different schools and clapping for different schools and I had an opportunity to talk with you know parents and students and I just happened to overhear a conversation and someone said they didn’t want us to have this they thought it would be a problem and I think they were talking about us school board and adults I think that’s who they would talk about it asks any questions I was trying to listen but I just thought it I was just so glad everything was going so well and I said to myself we’re not going to let a few students or adults that make bad choices dictate what the activities that we’re going to have for these wonderful students and Newport News public schools so that was just a wonderful activity and I look forward to many more of them for the teachers hang in there for the students hang in there we have a couple more days before Thanksgiving holiday please get lots of rest each of some food and come back and ready for that get ready for that long stretch before the winter holidays and I too would like to congratulate miss Lamas we’re going to miss you I just kind of got my flow with you it’s been a pleasure getting to know you but we wish you much success and we know that you’re gonna be a great advocate for education yes thank you thank you Dr. Besser Mr. Harris Thank You Mr. Chairman I would like to thank the reporters today Mr. Wallen miss Mr. Kinnaird Dr. Pohl and Dr. Jones I really appreciate the reports because every time you all get of course I learned something so which is with you which is great I had a chance to visit Hines middle school dissatisfied about two hours I talked to a lot of families a lot of families came there to get clothing they got briefed on the education system and I tell you it was it was one of the most awe-inspiring events I’ve been to that’s dealing with the school system they was very appreciative and I saw a team-building effort from the family engagement team and it was people to just generally care you could fill it all of the vendors had great things to say and I hope we and I tell you I hope we get a chance to do this more often across the school Dominion because it was it was surely needed there a couple of parents wanted to talk about you know that child being at the high school and a couple of say hey you know they really appreciate that because they’re shocked they see the difference in their child because they’re in a different environment or around what they call the older kids so a lot of motivation from parents you know they’ve seen great strides in their kids and I always think that’s positive and so I know change helps so really appreciate hearing there from them also Shelley I’m gonna miss you but congratulations on the job we’re gone third time was the charm so really appreciate all the support that you’ve given this school board and the school system and all of the hard work that you that you put towards those efforts climate wise in this you know for my chairman and the rest of the board members you I don’t want the school system to stand in the way of parents family members being able to find out answers or or get support for that for their for their children the bottom line that we are a public institution which means that we serve the public when I was a drill sergeant when I graduated the instructor said sergeant Harris distress is not between you and the trainee distress is between the training and the objective and test he or she look for so I just want to make sure that you know when parents call a school system with that I know you guys have been doing a great job of that when they called a school system they want answers or whatever the case may be you know just please make sure we’re doing it in a timely manner because I don’t this type of climate to get out in the community I’ve always had positive things about the school system but yes sometimes you hear that one that one that one thing you know makes you pause and make you have to you know go back and make sure we’re doing what we are supposed to be doing because we are here to you know educate in and safety of everybody’s uh you know child so I just want to make sure that you know we you know are checking ourselves okay thank you Thank You Mr. Harris Mr. brown all right well I too want to say congratulations to miss Symons I’m not gonna say goodbye now because you do have another meeting at least yeah now the meeting with us and I’m looking forward to all the things that you’re going to do for the schools while you’re up there in Richmond and we thank you for your leadership and we thank you for your support and we’re looking forward to working with you I’m looking forward to working with you and at the state level I think tonight we saw we heard some some great presentations around the PSAT and SAT and I’m very much inspired and and I love to see let’s see that I get excited about those those types of tests and measures especially because as we look at our strategic plan and look at the kinds of things that we want to measure as a division things that we want to get better at and do more of I love the measure of the AP Scholar increasing the number of AP scholars that we have from year to year having that as a as an objective goal for our division I think is a good measuring stick as well as our PSAT scores and our SAT scores because we heard tonight that those scores are highly correlated with the AP exams and classes that students are able to take so whenever you have a measure that is going to be indicative of multiple measures of goodness then that’s usually a good thing to try to hang your hat on and try to push forward and promote love the idea of I mention it again because I’ve looked at it for a number of years loved the idea of offering the PSAT and the SAT for free to all of our students I think that’s so critically important and it will for nothing if nothing else really just increased the number of students who have opportunity to go to college if they so choose to and increase the number of students who maybe thought that kind of wasn’t within their reach we’ll make it within their reach for them if they thought it wasn’t not that everyone has to go to college right but we want everyone to have the opportunity to go who had the potential to do that if that’s what they choose to do and I think though those are critical enablers happy thanksgivin to everyone I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving and hopefully I won’t eat too much pie stay don’t go over all the calories I’m looking forward as well – we have the Virginia School Board Association annual convention this week so to start tomorrow morning we’ll be up in Williamsburg looking forward to fellowshipping with my other board members up there and learning more and hopefully learning some things that we can bring back here to the school division that will make us better I know that the legislative presentation we had today there will be some of the things we’ll be talking about at the vsba so I want to thank Mr. Waylan for the presentation there that got me prepared to think about and start conversing about some of the things that we need to to advocate for at the state level and then that now you know we’re already be bending your ear for the next three days talking about things that we need to get done at state level because we we have quite a bit of work to do and the last thing I’ll just want to wrap up a saying that we had a great presentation we had a great forum for the Huntington students and families that occurred down at the doubting gross this past month that was a great opportunity to hear from those students and families and hear how the move has impacted their lives the move from Hunt the old Huntington facility to being Huntington at Heritage and how it has impacted their lives and hurt really nothing but really positive things and also we’ve seen the increases in the students performance in their test scores from that from that move so from my vantage point it’s been nothing but really positive I know that as a board is just the reality is what it is I’m always the one who injects the reality reality is what it is that you know within the span of this board we may not see the school the facility Huntington built within the span of this board because just the timeline of what it takes to get it done and the pace though at which we are moving but one of the things that we do have within our span of control is keeping those students at Huntington at Heritage High School and providing a permanent a semi-permanent home for those students that are Huntington students at Heritage High School until that facility is built and hopefully the next board or you know hopefully in the near future the next board will be opening up that Huntington facility and I’m gonna continue support there but I think that that’s a good step that we can we can take in this this current year Thank You Mr. Brown miss Daly thank you I had the wonderful opportunity to visiting a couple schools last my one school standard out to me amazed with the anti-bullying rally with Sarge’s elementary school when I said he put on a show they put on the show they had work high school being there they had dance teams there it was just amazing just – we stood out the most other whole pep rallies involvement with the police department the sharp right the teachers there was any kids was just amazing some of the time you hear we don’t need the police in the schools we’re in Newport News public school system those police officers were amazing the kids love nobody it’s an actual was amazing it was very idea very eye-opening for me and the teacher that put it together miss Jennifer my ring she’s here in the audience you did an amazing job I was highly impressed I also had the opportunity of going to the tennis ball the cheap machine tennis ball this weekend and that was great I would like to personally thank the new Premiership York June and Jennifer Balkans the whole administrative team will be sponsoring how many kids is it senior class the whole wait till you see your clients next year so out of their own personal money it’s not north or from where the ship your money they decided to come together and sponsor the whole class under their own money so thank you jennifer borkus and a whole ship our team I’m so excited about all the schools in my district got to clean school Awards so thank that coach to me going to all the schools they don’t know when he’s gonna pop up I’m sorry Dr. Park he’s now closed to call but then I’m Ryan pay schedule apocalypse II was going on here and the schools are all those custodian those because those those custodians they always work in diligent around the clock and not just being custodians they also part of the school division well then they tell her the child to stop running or they helping the child with their own work they’re definitely a part of an NPS they’re more than just custodians some highly um appreciative element thank them and I’m gonna miss Shelley summers but I’m so glad that you I know you’re gonna fight for us in Richmond you definitely what we need the whole town like she was running you know me and Charlotte became very close we got on the board when I first got on the board mom my mom’s very overprotective she drew the shutters so she said Charlotte you John’s mom why we on the board every conference we go to everything anything I had questions when I first got on the bullet Shelly was always there to hire me to help me and to make sure I did the right thing so Shelly I definitely going to miss you but I know you’re gonna definitely do a great job for all children not in just Newport News but all over Virginia you know you’re definitely a role model you’re a leader and I’m definitely going to miss you the most Thank You Mr. Ely all right delicately licked school board member miss Shelly Simon’s well um thank you for for all the well wishes it’s it’s been a really wonderful day to be here with you guys and to feel the support let me first start out by reminding everyone that this week is Virginia college application week so if you know any high school seniors they can apply for free to in-state Virginia colleges and I also want to thank you so much for the presentation on what we’re doing with AP and making sure students take the SAT because we want high expectations for all of our kids all of our kids if they make a choice when they’re in high school they’re Junior that they maybe want to go into a trade school or not go to college that’s fine but until they get there we need to have those high expectations for every single one of our students we owe them that I also want to say that I’ve one of the things I love so much about Newport News public schools is this belief we have that smart is something you become that you have to persist that you have to keep taking that SAT over and over again until you get the score you want you can’t give up just like if you really want to go to the general assembly you probably need to keep running my last meeting will be next December this this December meeting and you know I love that I really started in my leadership career kind of with you all on the school board and and I really appreciate everything that the civility of discord and how you know we we talked to each other about the goals and and the beautiful thing about being on the school board has been that we all have had the interest of children at heart and so you know navigating these decisions has been pretty easy because we all know that we’re here for children you know we’re not necessarily here for for other things where we’re about children so it’s been it’s been wonderful to serve and I will stop before I start to get too emotional Thank You assignments Vice Chair Mr. Rawls it’s a great confidence knowing that you are well aware of the needs of public education in the state of Virginia so you are definitely who needs to be in Richmond we’re gonna miss you as we talked about the possibility of SAT Kahn Academy during SPARC I just I started getting giddy because in our house right now you know my daughter’s are applying for college and we have made very good use of Khan Academy and it has made a huge difference Summer Slide for students looks different manifests itself differently at different ages so you’re thinking Summer Slide for the young ones means they need to be reading from say middle school it’s keeping up their their skills just in creative thinking and collaborative thinking and for our high school students that Summer Slide is them in their preparation to get where they need to go in a very very tough time senior year is no joke as is not the junior year so if we could jump on this bandwagon so Dr. Pohl I’m looking for this to be a true possibility for us for our students and thank you for your vision on that I got the joy to go to the transportation team appreciation day that was so fun I don’t know why I was so giddy seeing that yellow school bus brand-new all yellow and shiny I kept taking pictures of it um it was actually a special bus because it was the 15,000 bus propane bus for a blue bird and Newport News public schools owns that bus so it’s really really special but what’s more special are the staff and our transportation team they have a feat to get our students where they need to go each and every day and I know that their biggest challenge is not the students it’s the parents so I really really thank them for the effort that they do and they do it well the other thing that I really enjoyed attending since our last meeting was the State of the City address it was a neat format this year where different parts of the city got to have a way so Dr. Parker didn’t an X did an excellent job Tooting our horn and it’s where we got to make the announcement that the all-time high 93 percent graduation rate and let’s see the decrease dropout rate of 2.1 percent I know these numbers are extra special for us but what that says about us as a district is that we’re not letting our kids slip through the cracks it’s trying to educate all children so that they are successful and so bumping that up the knotch even with preparing them for SAT if they want to go then yay if they have another choice then even that preparation can help them reach those goals and dreams so it’s been a fun a fun month so thank you thank you so uh that brings me between me you and the baked so there’s great things happening and then Newport News public schools as you heard tonight to our fellow board member and delegate lake Shelley Symons congratulations on being elected to the Virginia House of Delegates and I know you are going to do your from approach this is the same with the same enthusiasm and opportunities that you have done is served here on this can put new school board and so we’re looking for a big big big things from you my head and I know that you’re gonna do it as you’ve heard before you are definitely an advocate for our students and for our teachers and for the administration and you didn’t let the balance and so at least this year I don’t have to worry about looking for my mode pick your name out of I just had to say that so that that brings us to your on your unexpired term that mrs. Simon’s has here in the Central District so let me just read some things to you about how we’re gonna approach filling her seat so to fill delegate elect Miss aemon’s unexpired term in the Central District the school board will appoint an interim member to serve through June 30th 2020 we will accept applications for the upcoming vacancy to be eligible for the appointment citizens must be a qualified voter residing in the Central District of Newport News applications will begin we will begin accepting those applications tomorrow Wednesday November 20th through Friday December 6 2019 our all interested parties may complete the online application on our website applications are also available here at the school administration building here on War Boulevard which will happen next a list of all applications received will be posted online the week of December 9th a public hearing will follow and will be held during our school board meeting on December 17th to gather input from those applicants when there are supporters or ever would like to come to the mic in support of that individual the school board well then we were reveal the applications and then a few selected applicants will be interviewed not all what a few selected applicants will be interviewed we anticipate voting on the appointment during our January board meeting so again more information about this process will be posted to our website that’s in in schools or tomorrow so we look forward to receiving those applications and understanding of great things they are happening in Newport News on October 18th we had this day and night here at Todd Stadium it was well attended a big big big crowd came out I believe it was a good football game but thanks to all those parents and students who came out it was probably one of the bigger crowds I’ve seen for staying and so great job again on October 22nd delegate elect miss Simons and I we attended the ribbon-cutting at the plumbing and pipe fitting lab at New Horizons again standing-room-only phenomenal I left there and then went to the transportation teens appreciation day was for all of two years and we had our own Mr. Rashad announcing folks and Mr. okay it’s where did he go Mr. Shea and Mr. Shea thank you and then thank you for those who provided the the vittles that we had their afternoon on October 24th thanks again you heard to the parents and the community leaders and the Huntington graduates who did come out in support of the Huntington community forum we hear you we hear you and so we won’t take all the informations that the school board has gathered and well we’ll see what happens with that on October 29th many of us attended the 2019 state of the city event where our illustrious superintendent did an outstanding job and a big thanks to the city manager and the mayor for involving and not just the city speaking but involved involving several individuals but the whole entire event was surrounded about education everyone out there was about education we’ve heard from an individual who will be tired I mean not retired but graduated from achievable dream and when he was a young kid said I wanted to go into the Navy I wanted to be an electrical engineer guess what he’s in the Navy he’s an officer and he’s an engineer we heard from a restaurant owner entrepreneur here who hired individuals and now they’ve risen to be area managers we’ve heard about you know I mean we’ve heard about her from Dr. Parker we heard it from Miss Boykin from one wash Newton’s are wild the students was her name I can’t remember that yet but she did a phenomenal job she actually hits up the robotic team in you know Sarah yes zero she hits up the robotic team there at Harris High School spoke elegantly told her and they something with the police department about building helping them with their robots and things that sort so the whole entire event was really based around education without education we don’t have a city and wild without a city we don’t exist so again thank you to the city manager instead of mayor for an inclusiveness and education and being at the top and that said again – thank you to the chief those that the chief will dream again another fantastic event I believe I heard it was the largest tennis ball ever and I thought enough people there I believe them very very good turnout and that being say it I think it’s time for us to conclude our meeting if there’s no other comments that being said I will adjourn a meeting [Music] [Music]

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