School Report Writer .COM – Build a Comment Bank (#2)

welcome back to school Report Writer comm today I'm gonna show you how you can quickly build up a comment bank ok let's start by importing some comments from files you'll find lots of files you can import on our free reports Commons page you can download comments files or you can open files in a browser I'm going to open some Visual Arts comments in a browser scroll down and you'll find the comments just on the right just click into the comments ctrl a to select all ctrl C to copy and then go to the import page here on this page you can import comments from files using option 2 or you can paste them in using option 3 which is what I'm going to do now just click in the paste box and then click upload and choose you'll then see a list of all the comic groups that you've imported and you just need to click yes next the ones you want to import so I'm going to pull all of these then just click on save into my comment Bank and that's it let's go and have a look at those comments in that coming back here you see the comments we just imported you can import comments that have been saved in school Report Writer format and also in teachers report assistant format there are quite a lot of comments available in teacher support assistant format on the Internet you can click here or here and look at some examples this website called math site comm as a huge Bank of comments in that format you can import files from this site and from many other teachers report assistants or teachers report writers sites around the internet once you've downloaded the file to your computer just go back to the import page and import it and then select the comments you want in the same way that we did just now the next thing I'm going to show you is pasting comments directly into the comment Bank I'm going to paste one of the groups of comments from the file we were looking at earlier so I just copy it ctrl C or you could right click copy go to the comment Bank page I'm going to use the edit all box this one here and notice how the line numbers from the comments files are automatically removed I don't need the heading line so I'm going to get rid of that and now I'm going to go back to the table view which you've seen before give the comic group a name and save you can paste in comments from other systems for a full list of the systems you can paste from click on this use comments from other system link and you can see here I'm going to paste some comments from an Australian site called accelerates at the time of producing this video there's a link to this site at the top of the comment Bank page I downloaded some English comments from here the accelerant Ain hundreds of comments I'm just going to choose a few to paste in notice that accelerates uses different pronoun codes but this doesn't matter because our site will automatically convert them for you so let's copy these and paste them into the comment bank page and notice how all the codes have been converted let's save these another thing you could do is just copy and paste straight from an internet page let's look at a few tips to make your comments more efficient the first idea is to use as many words and phrases as you can that trigger the four Saurus and if you scroll down you'll find a list of all the words that do that let's look at some examples of some efficient comments all of the words in green are words that trigger the four Saurus if I pick this top comment for example there are five phrases I can change to personalize the report for each student another thing you can do is to use the special entry field to create an entry field use the question mark tag in your comments the sample summing-up sentences that we provided you with when you signed up have several examples of this let's take a look them in the create reports page these appear on the left hand side in the brown box like this and on the right hand side like this one of the benefits of typing into the entry field rather than just changing your final report at the end is you can't accidentally change the rest of the comment if you really want the save time use lists lists are a great way to make your comments really efficient in the sample comments there are lots of examples of lists for example in this summing up sentence lists are easy to set up on the edit my lists page

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