Schools Depression and Anxiety- A Slam Poem

(B:) Anxiety, Noun.
(M:) A nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension.
Mouths clamped shut, bodies shut down and a long list of unasked, unanswered questions.
(B:) Depression, Noun. (R:) A mental condition characterized by feelings
of severe inadequacy and guilt. The pit in your stomach and the voices in your head deplete
your will to try. According to the Department of Education,
(B:) 50% of students with mental illnesses drop out of high school.
(M:) Anxiety and depression often join forces. (B:) Interfering with thought process and
further impairing academic performance. The school has not adequately addressed and trained
teachers to recognize students that need legitimate help. (R:)Mental and emotional obstacles prevent them for advocating for themselves (B:) and nobody is trying to fix it. (M:) “Seek first to understand, then to be
understood” they say. (B:) But, ours is a language not taught in
school. We can’t properly communicate with our teachers or our peers if we all speak
different languages. (M:) Education is vital,
(R:) education leads to understanding. (M:) For students and teachers alike, ways to notice and handle anxiety and depression should be common knowledge. however, (B:) we would not be standing here if that was the case (R:) Yes, teens are dramatic and quick to label their problems, but while some of us
are confused, (B:) others of us have real problems.
(M:) Teens, if you’re nervous for a test, you don’t have anxiety.
(B:) You’re nervous for the test. (R:) Teens, if your goldfish
died, you’re not depressed, (B:) You’re sad because your goldfish died. (M:) Sadly, most teens don’t know the difference, but if we were taught these things in mandatory
7th grade health, (B:) teens without problems wouldn’t jump to conclusions and teen with problems would know to get help. (R:) Contrary to popular belief, not all will be said and done once the students are educated.
We can not, will not and should not have to (B:) be alone in our battle
(R:) with common core. (M:) General education teachers aren’t required
to know the signs of anxiety and depression. (R:) They aren’t taught how to handle anxiety or panic attacks. Some go about their lives as if attacks only happen in movies. (B:) But, attacks are things of nightmares and are all too real. (R:) For some people, attacks are much like a spider in your room that you can’t seem
to kill for good. (M:) People with these problems are in an
abusive relationship with their mind. (R:) This is what we go through, yet kids
having attacks are still dismissed and told to (M:) “stop over-reacting” (B:) by the adults that should be helping
us. (M:) Some may argue that this is not a learning
disability and does not deserve attention; but if this cripples us in the classroom,
(B:) don’t you think something should be done? (R:) This is a plea, a request for all schools alike, open your eyes to whats outside of the curriculum. (M:) Many students are suffering and teachers refuse to accept it. (B:) This, is our cry for help.

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  1. omg yalls reaction at the end was super awesome to see. the relief that you got through it. Great job ladies.

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