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welcome back to my channel hi if you're new my name is Tory so today I'm gonna be sharing with you guys a couple of books series I'm and a couple of authors that I'm gonna be giving second chances to call me generous this video was actually inspired by one of my most recent purchases and I was like why not just talk about it why not just share the books and I'm considering trying again the authors that I'm considering reading again the first book that I will book series I'm gonna be I guess finishing now is The Magicians by Lev Grossman I read this book a few years ago I was just so underwhelmed by it my main complaint with this book was that everything wasn't moving so quickly we have this main character who he was obsessed with this book series or yeah this book series growing up and the book series was set in this magical land called fillory and so this guy uses genius and he gets accepted to this special academy when he's there he realizes that other you know other students have these special abilities and maybe the childhood world that he was so obsessed with is a lot more real than he first thought it was so like i said one of my main complaints with this book when I was reading it is that everything was just moving so fast I mean in the span of a paragraph like years would pass like months with path and I'm just like how did we get here so it's just the rapid pacing was just such a huge turnoff for me when I was reading this book and I was like oh my god there's other books like I'm not reading those but the reason for my renewed interest in this series now was actually because I watched the first two episodes of the TV show that's on Syfy and it's actually really good so you know I'm thinking man am I gonna am I gonna do it am I just gonna like read the second book and I think I am so the second book is called them and I think it's the magician King or the magician's King or something like that um so that's the second book and yeah I mean the first two episodes of the TV show we're so good and I'm the type of person where I even though like I've watched like seeing the material whether it's a TV or a movie I still kind of want to know about the source material so I don't know when I'm gonna do it but it's gonna happen I just I feel like I can give this series another chance the next book that I have on here this is actually not a series this is alone and that is the windup girl and this is my Paulo Bacigalupi this is a science fiction novel I tried last year to read this book when I was on vacation and I learned very quickly that this is not a vacation book I tried to read this on the plane I tried to read this like at my destination and just every time it was not working I was reading full paragraphs over I was reading full chapters over and still just had no idea what was going on I just temporarily D&F the book realizing that it was not the books fault it was totally mine because this is definitely a book that I'm interested in and that I still want to read but at the time I was just like you know I'm I don't know what I'm gonna go back to it if I'm gonna go back to it but now is the time and I think I'm already spoiling you guys because I think this is going to be my one of my main reads for June so this is like I said this is a science fiction novel and our main character Anderson Lake he is what's known as a calorie man and he works for this agricultural company and so what he does is he goes around and he looks for all these old fruits to basically extract calories from and so that's his story and then we also have Yumiko or amico I think her name is amico and she is this bio-genetically engineered being known as a wind-up girl and she basically was created for the purpose of basically doing whatever this wealthy kyoto businessman wants from her so we have Anderson story and umeko story and they cross paths and it's just uncovers so much about this world and the corporations that run and the calorie corporations that run this world so I'm definitely still interested in reading this and yeah like I said this is going to be my June read so I'm really excited for this this is the book right here this is the book that inspired this entire video and that is Aurora rising and this is by amie kaufman and jay kristoff I'm going to be really upset if I don't like this book when it's a you guys I could not or it I don't like bashing books cuz people work hard on books you know people work hard to write books like I get that that's why I can't really give books one-star even if they were terrible because I respect the process of writing and I respect affected like you got your ideas out there you know what I mean it takes work so I respect them for that however I could not stand the illuminate my god I did not like that book I'm not going to continue on with the series I think there's like two other books no I'm not reading those but I'm going to give the authors a second chance and try this new book I believe this is the first in a series as well this is the recent release to I think this just came out like a couple maybe not even a couple weeks ago maybe last week this is going to be the disappointment of my life I'm just that's really dramatic no it's not but I'm just gonna be really upset like if I don't like this book so what we have here this takes place far in the future and we have this Academy these students are graduating and they're trying to put together their like own teams for their missions that they're going on and so our main character Tyler he just basically gets left with all the losers at the academy and so we have this band of misfits and they become a team essentially and so one day they find this girl named Aurora who has been in cryo sleep for centuries you know they wake her up and all hell breaks loose essentially so I mean it sounds really good it sounds really good and it's not in the the interview type of format that illuminae was they oh my god I don't want to talk about that book this book sounds really great I actually really like the sound of this so we'll see don't let me down next we have a series on here that I will be giving a second chance to and that is the diviners by Libba Bray I also have the second book in the trilogy or actually I believe it's going to be a a saga now because it's the fourth book coming out and the second book is layer of Dreams I read the diviners a few years ago and I just thought it was fine I wasn't like blown away by anything one thing that really did stick with me though is that it's definitely creepy it has such a great atmospheric especially that horror type of feel to it we have this young girl named Evie who it takes place in 1920s in New York Evie lives with her uncle and she has these kind of dangerous abilities and pretty soon the serial killer starts you know going around New York City all these bodies of young girls start popping up everywhere and Evie is like look I think I can help with this my powers can help with this so she gets involved in all these murders that are happening and turns out there are also other people like her in New York City and so you know their paths start to cross and we have a book yeah I did think this book was okay but like I said at the time when I finished it I wasn't particularly like moved to pick up the other books in the series but you know time passed and I thought that's heavy bought layer of Dreams I think last year so yeah learn dreams it's a continuation of this and we'll see where it goes and then finally actually this also I think kind of inspired the video this is Artemis by Andy weir this is Andy where's I believe this this is a second standalone novel after the Martian which this is the reason why this book is on this list because I am one of the few people in this world who extremely extremely dislike I don't I don't like the word hate but I extremely disliked the Martian the movie was better that's all I have to say about that the movie was so much better so this is Andy Weir's second novel this takes place on a lunar colony known as Artemis and we have this smuggler type of out of hacker maybe I start cutting the grass and it has to be after seven o'clock anyways so it takes us on this lunar colony and we have this young woman who she's just she struggle and she's struggling to make it she's basically starving and she kind of comes across this new opportunity and she jumps at it she's like yeah this will bring me more money like I can live comfortably so yeah she's gonna try to take it but unbeknownst to her you know she jumps at this opportunity and it just again all hell breaks loose and things do not go very well for her so pretty soon she moves from the realm of like small-time smuggler to full-on like criminal mastermind it sounds pretty intriguing intriguing enough for me to download the sample and you know be compelled enough to actually purchase it those are the books series and the authors that I will be I'll be given a second chance to so let me know in the comments if you've read books that you just did not like but then later on you're like no I think I'll continue with the series or authors that you came back to after you didn't like a standalone and I will see you guys in the next video take care

7 thoughts on “Sci Fi/Fantasy Series & Authors I'm Giving a Second Chance

  1. I’m totally biting this idea! Once you hit Libba Bray I realized how much I could do this. Lol. Also, I’m so happy you’re making videos again!!

  2. I admit, I only picked up The Magicians because of the show, and it's one of the few cases where I feel the Show blows the books out of the water. Quentin himself in the books just makes the series a slog to read through for me. I'm trying to get up and actually read the last book, but we will see if that happens.

  3. Good luck with the second chances; I hope they don't disappoint you. Could you do a video ( or do you have one) on your favorite series?

  4. What a fun video, second chances are always nice. I love the Magicians tv show and have always wondered if the books would be any good, I might need to give it a shot. I really enjoyed both the Martian book and movie and so requested the ARC of Artemis and read it right away. I thought it was great but very different than the Martian so who know maybe it will be more up your alley.

  5. omg those are all book i’m interested in reading!! i’ve never heard of the magicians but it sounds so interesting. i’m hoping to get to illuminae (on audio because Yikes, that Format™️). i can’t wait to hear what you think of aurora is rising and artemis!!

  6. I read the entire Magicians trilogy and I thought the first one was the best 😅 But I did always like the world!
    I can't think of any author I've given a second chance to right this second but I've been thinking of giving ones to William Gibson, Kristin Hannah and Sarah Moss 🙂

  7. I bought The Magicians a couple of months ago but haven’t gotten to it yet. Now I’m wondering if I’ll like it…
    I can’t say that I particularly cared for The Martians either. I read it for a book group and definitely skimmed quite a lot of it, ha. Haven’t been inspired to pick up Artemis. I’ll be interested to hear what you think!
    Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think I do often return to authors whose books disappoint me. The only example I can think of is Taylor Jenkins Reid. I’d read a novel of hers a few years ago and found the writing too much on the “tell” vs. “show” side. I thought she had a great concept, but the execution wasn’t there. But I read Evelyn Hugo because everyone was raving about it. I realize I’m severely in the minority, but I found it frustrating for the same reasons, great concept but so much telling (plus I disliked the ending, but that’s another story). Still planning to give her another chance, though. I have Daisy Jones and the Six on my Scribd queue. I’m thinking the format will work for her strengths as a writer, and I LOVE multiple perspectives on the same event. I’ve also been meaning to give Julian Barnes a second chance. I didn’t particularly care for Sense of an Ending, but he has a novel on Shostakovich that I want to read. Thank you for the reminder!

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