Sci-Fi Short Film “How To Be Human” | DUST Exclusive Premiere

[WIND BLOWING] [DRONE FLYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Look what I found. I told you not to eat like that. Fuel, not food. Better. We have to get going. [MUSIC PLAYING] You stand a better
chance without me. We’re doing this together. Do you trust this cleaner? We don’t really have a choice. I thought you lot
were supposed to have the answer to everything. I’m a offline remember? Don’t smile. It’s human. Better. I’ve told you, you can’t
afford to be tired or hurting. Is there a way of teaching me
these things without hurting me? It’s not personal. I’ve shown you how to shut
down your mental and physical impulses. Cosmetics alone
won’t get you in. Soften your expression. Better. We’re not all built
anatomically perfect, like you. [LAUGHING] [GIRL SCREAMING] [WOMAN TALKING WITH CHILD] Should we give them some food? Come. Adelphe, what are you doing? Spots! Spotty. Get in. What are you doing? Get in! Hey! What are they doing? Hey! Get out of our car! Let’s go! What are they doing? Get of our car, will you? What are you doing? Get in! Get in! [ENGINE STARTING] Drive! [SCREAMING] No! [WHEELS SCREECHING] No! That’s ours! [CRYING] I can’t believe it! Are you OK? Your face is betraying
your thoughts. We took their home. This is not a home,
it’s a vehicle. They can make another shelter. I know you feel emotion. Feeling and showing
is not the same. [MUSIC PLAYING] [WIND BLOWING] I thought this
place was supposed to be overflowing with people. Some died, some returned. Only some get in. [KNOCKING] Can you still help my sister? You’re going to
need a lot of work. [POTS CLANGING] Jonah, can you stir that for me? Where did you learn all this? Even when you are through,
any sign of emotion will brand you a radical. You’re there on their terms. Once denied, they
will never let you in. What else do I need to know? You do not need
to know anything. Knowledge is not necessary. Well, humanity is not necessary. Humanity is back there,
killing themselves. That is why you must take
the girl, as promised. When we have our status,
we will come back for her. I’m trusting you. We’ll be back for her. This is going to be cold. [MUSIC PLAYING] [HUMMING] [FACTORIES HUMMING] Forward. Forward. [MACHINE BUZZING] Go through. Can I wait? Go through. Forward. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MACHINE BUZZING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [CITY RUMBLING] We’ll be back for her. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “How To Be Human” | DUST Exclusive Premiere

  1. DUST: Where any idiot with a camera can upload crap and call it "thought provoking art".

  2. Well, that was maudlin and boring piece of nothing… this isn't even a good "sneak peek". Even some text exposition or narration at the beginning (like in the description) would help…

    The filmmaker writes his own reviews, too, it seems…

  3. You guys are unbelievable.. I will be happy to be a part of your team and write story for your upcoming movies👍👍👍

  4. very similar to the movie Equals where they would take pills that kill emotion.

  5. Why survive to go to cold city? It didn't look that dangerous in the wasteland bit and you can be yourself.

  6. Great story and atmosphere. I went to the website, and I think it said something about becoming a feature length film. Most of the website is in French though. I hope they at least make a part 2.

  7. I found myself caught off guard when it ended. It really pulled me in. Bravo! Been a while since I've been that absorbed in a video.

  8. Immigration will blow up the western civilization. The clock is ticking faster. And then we'll be back for her (IMHO – their Motherland)

  9. Would there be child-sized AI? That part kind of threw me. I know the woman wanted the girl somewhere "safe," but wouldn't she stick out based on how young she is?

  10. So, she’ll just mill about in a giant walled courtyard full of androids, with no food, water, bathroom breaks, sleep or any signs of humanity for the rest of her life, as spotlights stream down? Great plan.

  11. So they were both human the whole time. I thought they were androids to begin with. My assumption was that the girl with the scarf -Aldephe is teaching the other girl-Kimi to be more human so they can get into a better place to live. I was wrong, I watched this before I read the summary. In this future( somewhat post apocalyptic) androids can go to industrialized city and live there. What's up with then having to get tattoos? Still it was a bit boring. Not much really happens. There's no real resolution.

  12. I let my ex wife out of the pig pen and she went crazy shopping . Good What If short . Well done .

  13. the girl in the beginning, the one who took her sister…at first I thought she was Drew Barrymore(for literally a split second) and then as I watched her saw how she could be a younger version of her if anyone ever did a movie where they needed a younger drew Barrymore without cgi. that girl could play the part!!
    I am obsessed with Dust! The first one I saw was shared on Facebook by a family member. It was the blue alien dudes in the ship collecting earth items. Still my all-time favorite though! I've stayed up too many nights to get just one more in. So many of these I would love to see full movies of! Total sci-fi lover! Well done Dust! Keep up the great work, it really is amazing!

  14. Tattoos, and containers. You had one JOB! Mission impossible like JOB!( throws cup )

  15. So Germany invades Europe (again) and does the job properly this time and then creates its own tech altered human race which has the barrier wall on the French coast 🤔 Europe does seem to be heading that way 😥

  16. I'd rather struggle in the wasteland, than give up who I am.

    Edit: I was the 888th thumbs up, means nothing to you.
    But those numbers have significance in my life, they keep cropping up.
    I just found that worth mentioning for myself, due to the nature of this story.

  17. beautiful and thought provoking – timeless story – 'what it means to be human' indeed – how many times, as humans, have we, do we, continue to 'fit in' to the 'norm' in order to survive

  18. Well done. Good mix of film work, location/sets, effects and acting. Lots of space in the story to allow viewers to fill in the gaps.

  19. Jeffery Epstein would have likeded this shit right here.


    He's dead.
    Not by suicide, but…
    Dead is dead, and all.

  20. So, the Hangman card is secret password? Very cool! Trying to maintain civilization by banning emotion to the blackmarket. Sweet Home, Dystopia! Well done! Thank you. DUST is a lifesaver.

  21. i wish there was a little more closure…the ending felt anticlimactic even with her getting through.

  22. Ohhhhhhhhh i loved this. So beautifully rendered and perfect for this channel. The two sisters passing as non human, to live in a commune with others like them. Although It looked like a bunch of people just milling around in circles,. But such a stark contrast to the horrid world they came from. Im assuming that they arent all AI after they have shown they can pass for unemotional and safe. AI at this point is. Thats my take. And thats what that city requires as the new human. You cant be humanlike to mix in with the AI. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  23. computer network security requires unique hack resistant identification – dolling up kimi should NOT be necessary — IMHO any AI worth a lick should have required Adelphe and Kimi to be transmiting unique VPN accounts and passwords…that means fusing an electronic implant onto Kimi assuming Adelphe already has an implant

  24. A tattoo of that complexity, with the tool used in this video, would take at least two hours. Interesting to see that the gate-keeper is a simian. Especially when you know that in the future there will no longer be any White people left in the UK at the current rate. Nice boobie placement overall.

  25. this story feels contrived….it would be more humorous if both were robots escaping the war torn human world war to a robotic neutral zone … and getting in they would be happier still that in AI country universal robot sufferage was observed…hahaha

  26. I can't believe I'm one of the 'first' to watch this (under 88k, like in a week after posting). Just like almost every other DUST film, like a movie trailer… I want to see the whole movie! I agree it is an odd mesh of Hunger Games and Divergent. Kinda more like Divergent, but with androids instead of humans (they were both androids, right?). With all the DUST shorts that fans demand a full movie, it is sad we don't actually see more movies created from DUST shorts.

  27. Great work on the film, excellent. I watched this again and I think what it was I liked so much about this film is the atmosphere the depth, and the lack of any p.c. agenda, it felt expansive and compelling at the same time. Dust is a rare bird. Thank you for this.

  28. A lot of unnecessarry hype associated with minutes of nonsense.
    How to be human – if it's trash, say so.

  29. I always wonder…. what would be the result if the people outside build a community and started living harmoniously. They could move to a better crop bearing place . And with hard work, build a new world. Technology would be misisng. But Humanity would have survived.
    This made me remember how Asians and Indians want to flee to USA rather than staying at their homes and developing their homes.

  30. So many good things about this film. The acting, the visuals, the setting, the mood, but something is missing. In the end are they freed or are they destined to live an empty life, alive but dead of emotion?

  31. Your script includes an assault on a desperate family with a little girl and a baby. What's wrong with you!?… Disliked and out of here.

  32. This is the opposite of the Nazi death camps.

    There, the Nazis dehumanized people and tattooed numbers on them in the process as part of a genocidal program.

    Here, people dehumanize in an attempt to survive what the "humans" have done to their own societies.

  33. At 2:30 there's a hand fart and the girl on the ground laugh. Don't tell me no one else saw it….

  34. Its’s too lesbiany most of these films are mainly about women In the future as if they’re the only survivors??? Reeks of feminism unsub.

  35. "Feeling and showing aren't the same thing" In fact, when showing those feelings often lead to suffering or betrayal, people tend to hide them and sometimes they cannot go back to showing those feelings again. Not to others at least. Just a thought I wanted to share.

  36. No civilization, no food, have an infant, everything could be violent but they leave the key in da car…

  37. For those who dont understand what the hell?! So (pardon my language but it is for reason) one sister is already selfish hypocrite disgusting little c.. nt and she teaches her sis to become like she is so they can fulfill their dream to live like robots among the robots. So you can get free charging spot every 24 hours, you don't have to pay for WD40, they will dwell your limp back if you lose it. You must only work 24/7 in a heavy industry factory, but hey! On a break you can play cheese with other AI shot to humans survivors and get a new update of your brain every 3 days! Obviously AI is so dumb that it will never notice that you don't have the plug in your skull and you have to eat, shit and sleep. I am sure that this is dream life for every narcissist, egotistical teenager 😀

  38. The story makes no sense in itself. And only becomes barely comprehensible with the directors explanation.

    It is some kind of Leftwing masturbatory "allegory". Like a lot of Dust tripe, unfortunately.

    It takes itself far more seriously than I can ever take it. Especially once the "pro-migrant indoctrination" theme becomes apparent.

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