SCMS 2012 – Advice for New

for people pursuing their PhD and looking to publish in the near future I really recommend there are lots of great books out there on how to turn your PhD into a book so you know that's always the first step upon graduating we're happy to look at dissertations and work with you on them send them for peer review we are a hundred percent peer reviewed so we do have that great reach globally as we're based in the UK but we also have that same level of commitment to scholarships at a university the best things to do if you're younger scholar looking to get your book published is to just email the editor that acquires for cinema Media Studies at a press and ask to set up an appointment with them at the conference meeting with somebody face-to-face and hearing about the project that way is always a really great way for editors at the press to get a sense of what the project is about me encourage you to cut a lot of your literature review from the book and really make it something that's new and fresh and exciting for people to pick up that will also be useful for the fee oftentimes dissertations turn into books sometimes collaborations turn into books monographs and trade books are always of interest to us across the board we have two great acquisition editors who can help you through the process take a look at the lists that depresses are publishing so if you notice for example at Minnesota we publish a lot of work in Asian Studies and cinema we might be a better fit for you than a press that's really publishing it you know on Hollywood in American cinema so take a look at the types of books that the press is publishing and and see how your book may fit into that both within the cinema Media Studies list and possibly other lists especially at a press like Minnesota where we're interdisciplinary that's a you know it's a good idea to have you know to have a sense of how your project I think the advice we would have it intellect is that just because someone's an emerging scholar doesn't mean that their work shouldn't be heard and get out there that's where the fresh new ideas are often generated so we look to support emerging scholars I would encourage anyone who's looking to publish please come by meet me or my colleague Amanda at the intellect exhibit here at SMS and we'd love to hear more about the work they're doing we also have journals as well as books so that's a wonderful opportunity to contribute initially in a peer-reviewed journal before sort of forging ahead and taking on a book

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