Scott Cardwell performs “Connecting Communities” 360° slam poem

Mandela once said, if you speak to a man in
a language he understands, that goes to his head. But if you speak to a man in his own language,
that goes to his heart. You see it takes energy and a mind that’s
free to build language and empathy. Words, passion, art and culture. The weave that binds our identity. Who are we to build walls, ban religions and
stand tall? When all we need is honesty, openness and
sustainability! I wear this double twist infinity because
it represents family, respect and connecting communities. You see, I come from the South of the South
Pacific, to be specific it’s pretty terrific. Kiwis are a breed of flightless birds that
wrong or Wright, we invented flight. We don’t just make great movies we create
things and go away on OEs. Overseas. Experiences living in someone else’s country
looks great on your CV and gives you awesome opportunities. But to truly make the most of your time away,
take a few days to learn some simple phrases, so I’m here today to help you on your way. If they say it’s best to be immersed then
perhaps the second best is to get a VR headset? We’ve built an immersive 3D technology, in
360, aptly named ImmerseMe. Now we’re going on a 10 country filming spree. Visiting cities like Paris, Berlin, Tokyo
and Bali. Then we need to build compatibility with mobiles,
tablets and the Vive HTC. So here I am on Kickstarter doing a 90 second
elevator, pitching for your support. Number 1 please make a contribution, we accept
any denomination, then sit back and look forward to receiving your reward. Number 2 we need authentic locations and homestay
accommodation so send the application form to someone who can help. They’ll get some free promotion and featured
on our homepage so check the link below and show them where to go. Number 3 watch the other video we’ve uploaded
onto Vimeo with opinions of heroes from all over the globe. We’ve gone and asked the experts to give us
their opinions, from students to teachers to VR specialists. They seem to all agree that ImmerseMe is a
thing of real beauty, is it virtual reality or real virtuality? Either way, Namaste, thank you for listening Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā tatou

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  1. Hello, What is the best VR player to use with Oculus Rift, so that I may watch your video?

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