Screenwriters, Novelist, Game Writers: Michael Stackpole Tells You How to Find an Agent

finding an agent is one of those questions that a lot of people ask everybody wants one once you've completed something farmed out to some friends asked them to write down two or three authors that they think you write like and then go and research those authors find out who their agents are perhaps meet them at a conference talk to them to see if their agent are taking on any new clients and the reason you want to do that is that you know that agent knows how to sell that style of work and so that's the way that I would I would narrow it down you tend to want agents who are in New York because that's where most of the publishing houses are you want an agent in LA especially for interested in movies and television I'm fairly fortunate that I have a New York agent who's got an agent affiliated in Los Angeles I also have a foreign rights agent that foreign rights agent will take anything that we sell here in the United States and then we'll sell it for translation to foreign countries

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