Seafoam–can’t believe what it did to my engine!!

work on. The injectors need cleaned out so I’m going to put a can of seafoam of the tank I have a sticking lifter so I’m going to put a can inside the the uhm crankcase see if that helps some and awesome of us try to clean out some of the carbon deposits on the cylinder so today’s going to be an experiment we’re going to try out sort of a triple c fellow treatment additionally after we do the seafoam i’m going to drain the world i’m going to try some lucas heavy-duty oil stabilizer to see if that will help quiet down the lifters. Ok so this seafoam says clean fuel injectors and carb debts due to deposit build-up control moisture in fuel so this stuff’s supposed to work on the injectors so i’m going to put a can of this inside the tank supposed to take one ounce per gallon and i have approximately 16 gallon this is a 16 ounce can I’m going to go ahead and start the engine so you can hear the amount of noise these lifters are making but the lifters do make a lot of noise and I think it’s probably due to a lot of we’re honest this engine has has about a hundred and sixty seven thousand miles you you so I changed this oil not long ago and according to the seafoam instructions I can add one ounce per quart of oil either before and after an oil change so I want to just see how dirty this world looks right now and then i’m going to put the sea foam in it and drive a few hours and see if there’s any difference in in coloration this doesn’t look too bad it’s sort of hard to tell but this doesn’t look like it’s a really black oil the cord be instructions I’m supposed to add one ounce per quart of oil so I’m going to go ahead and add five ounces to my measuring cup okay right at five ounces I’m go ahead and add my five ounces of seafoam into the crankcase the next step is to put the sea foam spray into the top of the engine and as it’s running and according to instructions I’m supposed to run the engine it’s already warmed up and I’m supposed to run it a little bit above the idol so somewhere around 1,500 rpms I’m supposed to spray the entire can until the can runs out and once the can runs out I’m supposed to shut it off and basically hot soak it for a while first thing I need to do is remove the intake hose hey the can is empty I noticed towards the end of spring the seafoam into the engine I was starting to get a lot of smoke out the exhaust so this is an oil-based product or petroleum based products a lot of us just oil burning off hopefully some of that was the carbon deposits on this on the Pistons that’s burn it off but soon we will find out one thing I want to point out is the throttle plate was extremely full of carbon deposits and the seafoam did a really good job of cleaning up the carbon deposits now the metal is not real shiny so there’s some traces of carbon left on the throttle plate but it really broke up a lot of carbon deposits during the time I was spraying it against the throttle plate it’s been right at about ten minutes so I’m gonna go ahead and start the truck it’s been about 24 hours since I treated the engine with seafoam and sort of recap what we’ve done we’ve added seafoam to the tank we may add a seafoam to the crankcase and also we’ve done the treatment for the intake for the day what I want to do is I want to pull the dipstick look at the oil and see what it looks like see how dark it is additionally I want to drain the oil and get a closer look at it so to me the oil looks a lot darker than did yesterday ok I’m going to give us send you to start again I haven’t decision has not been started in quite some time to the engine is the engine is very cold and it’s probably about 45 degrees in the shots go to make any noise it’s going to rattle you’re going to hear a lot quieter as far as the lifter I don’t hear the lifter at all there’s a little bit of a slight tick I hear inside the engine but very very slight this thing’s way better and I could tell after doing the treatment yesterday that I had a lot more low end power before it would stall out very easily as the standard shift and just trying to take off it just had very low end power so I’d have to really get the RPMs up this is the oil i just finished draining out of the crankcase I realized this is not a scientific way to look at this oil a scientific approach would be to send this off to an oil lab and have it analyzed for the chemical properties but what I will say is just look at the world it’s very dark this is well it only has three hours on it so my belief is that a lot of the sludge inside the engine has been freed up and has been drained out of the oil pan and also what I’ll say as I added about 5 ounces of the seafoam and one thing it did not do it did not destroy the thickness of the oil the oil still seems to flow so now I’m going to put in four quarts of oil and then of course one quart of the Lucas. Stuff is pretty thick! Wow look at that stuff, seems to really stick supposed to slow oil leaks it’s supposed to um, it has all kinds of things it’s supposed to do; reduces friction for less wear, higher fuel mileage and more power, and ensures against oil breakdown in case of overheating, extends life at least fifty percent slows blow by for less pollution and oil contamination, raises oil pressure or will not sludge or varnish. Alright, just finished adding the new oil and the Lucas, let’s see how this engine runs continue it is running a lot better i am really impressed with this Lucas oil treatment as well as Seafoam. If you’ve got an engine that you’ve just about given up on, I’d recommend you to throw a few dollars at those products and just to see if it helps. I honestly did not think it would work either one of these products and, as a disclaimer just so you know, I bought these products on my own. I am not receiving any commercial sponsorship from any any sort of company including I’m not receiving any sort of sponsorship from either Lucas or from the Seafoam manufacturers. So I just wanted to try this out on this old Ford Ranger and I am extremely impressed the engine is running much better so hey, thank you for joining today and I hope you will come back for more videos. Thank you

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  1. I use Seafoam in all of my vehicles. I add a can to about every five tanks of gas. I have a 2006 Honda Element with 140,000 miles on the clock. The emissions light used to come on quite often. Since I have been using Seafoam the emissions light rarely comes on. And the car runs great! I also use it in my two vintage Buicks and my 2012 Maxima. I get better mileage and smoother idle with every car that gets a can of Seafoam in the tank every so often.

  2. To be or not to be…cleaned out. I'll still take either Marvel Mystery Oil or Lucas fuel treatment tyvm. Only Lucas for oil. Dang, I have never seen a throttle body that gross. CRC spray for the throttle body and CRC for the Mass Air Meter. 👍

  3. It would be very cool to see how seafoam works in a Diesel engine.

  4. I plan on trying this…however I'm wondering what effect this crud that's being cleaned out of the engine will have on the catalytic converter.

  5. I'm a nurse, but a grease monkey at heart. Just saying, that WAS NOT 5oz into the crankcase. 30cc=1oz…and I administer plenty of liquid meds. Looks to me that you added 4 cups instead of 5oz

  6. Very puzzled as to why people have a thumbs down. You described everything to the T haha. Anyhow thank you, it worked great on my 94 Ford Ranger.

  7. I run Seafoam in all my gas engines. It keeps things cleaned out and running strong.

  8. Sticking lifter? Might try RISLONE oil additive (been around since the 1950s or earlier). They make different products but this is the one for noisy/sticking lifters.
    I have used it on old cars of mine since 1974. It has worked on all but one car.

  9. I used seafoam in a 94 chevy truck, It was costing me $80 a week to drive to work, I heard about seafoam and tried it, I then went to $60 a week for fuel, it was well worth using and I still use it in my trucks and cars to keep clean, great stuff.

  10. On any high mileage vehicles, I throw seafoam in about 25 miles before my oil change. Then I substitute one quart of heavy viscosity oil with marvel mystery oil. Never had an issue with lifters, unless they needed to be replaced.

  11. I use Seafoam on all my mowers and recreational gear, but would never put it in my vehicles anymore (I used to before 2002). My newest car uses SAE 0-20W and has a multistage oil pump.. It would likely gag on STP, or Lucas.

  12. I use it my Quad 2 oz per gallon . Put some in my oil as well. It's a 02 Honda rancher and it's doing wheelies now.

  13. That seafoam did wonders for vibration and acceleration in my van I give it two thumbs up

  14. The stuff ruins seals and gaskets be careful. But an old beater farm truck like this with noticeable problems do it.

  15. Rislone….does the same thing only better as it all detergent what actually comes in most detergent oil

  16. Project Farm You sold me on seafoam. Turns out Seafoam is nothing but kerosene and alcohol.
    Ethenol and alcoholic are💩 but kerosene is a cleaner.
    Wal-Mart has kerosene
    1 U.S. Gallon. 128 oz $ 9
    Seafoam. 16 oz. $7
    You getting paid by seafoam??

  17. One thing you might try with your Ranger is take up the slack on the cable behind the pedal with lead fishing weights. Sometimes I just use plastic zip ties pulled tight. Lubing the throttle cable does not hurt.

    Putting a later model, larger throttle body on can help too.

    I try to keep the engine at no more then 4000 rpms.

  18. On a 1994 Mazda (Ranger) truck 4-cylinder, I added a quart of Lucas Oil Stabilizer to an oil and filter change. All it did was cause profuse exhaust smoking on startup. I drained the oil, then filled it without Lucas. After a couple of startups, the smoking stopped. I don’t recommend adding Lucas to some engines. Especially those that have smaller oil returns in the heads. Thicker oil doesn’t drain back into the crankcase like it should.

  19. Can I buy your ranger? Best year they made. Especially because they have a stick

  20. If it wasn't so expensive I'd run all my motors on sea foam alone

  21. I see he's used to handling big hoses from watching him remove that big, fat hose off the throttle

  22. You should use some of that seafoam to pull that dent out of the fender

  23. Never blew out my mothers (now mine) 2002 Saturn SL2,, and after about 239,000-240,000 miles she was a bit sluggish, especially with the AC on. So, I heard about Seafoam from this video, and I say, "eh, f*** it." Pop the throttle open to about 4,000 RPM, full spray into the throttle for a solid 5 minutes without looking at the end of the car. I finally let off, lean back, and take a look at my driveway…wait…I can't see it! There was so much carbon buildup that I was able to recreate London fog! The performance though? Well I gave her a good breath and opened her up, pedal to the floor, and holy s***! I was frightened that this…beast…had so much hidden power, and I just unleashed it! Anyways, thanks for posting this video, you help a new kid learn the old ways!

  24. Can this be squirted directly into the anus to relieve constipation??

  25. I had a jerking/ shifting on my 2001 Tacoma with 400,000 miles on it at the time. I got a transmission fluid change with seafoam for transmissions and the jerking/ shifting issue went away.

  26. My mechanic said any fuel additive without P.E.A. is not worth using. Sea foam was originally designed for marine engines. I use Gumout Multi-System Tune-up. The injectors in newer vehicles demand a better cleaner. This product can also be used in the crank case.

  27. Used Sea foam on a ( hard )250,000 mile plus vehicle used for escorting wideloads across mid-west. Purrs like a kitten now. Thx.

  28. I used seafoam one time truck started smoking and never stopped seafoam ain't worth a flying fuck

  29. How is the ranger running today? Im woundering if when you loosen up all the micro metal from the engine if there is less metal in the engine and causes a engine to ware out faster. It sounds odd but imagine constantly taking metal out of the Engine. Dose the more you take out accelerate the ware on the engine.

  30. U Will Live Forever, one place or another, Heaven or Hell. Your choice!

  31. 7:50 I too poured honey into my engine. Didn't get nearly the same results you did!

  32. A very interesting test and good to see at least one of these additives actually living up to expectations. I feel that this can only really work in engines that have no very narrow feed lines as found in e.g. injector engines with fancy things such a vanos systems etc. I suspect it will kill a modern engine with such narrow feeds. I once only replaced my oil in my e34 540i from 0-40 to 20-60 as I was going to a hot country and ripping down the autobahn… the tappets made a dreadful noise as that oil difference was already too thick and couldn't get through the tiny holes fast enough. I'm certain that thick stuff would completely stop the oil flow in my old e34 (back in the 90s) and seize the engine.

  33. Where does the carbon on the throttle slide go? Does it get eaten up

  34. i used to own a bunch of these engines and if im correct they are a german made engine and have poor lubercation to the heads and if you let the oil go too long it pluged the heads off quick with sludge

  35. Would there be any point in using Seafoam in modern engines with low mileage ?

  36. Since theirs carbon build up in the intake, you may have valve issues

  37. I have a 1992 Ford Ranger 4 cyl 250,000 km. Started knocking and switched to 89 octane for a while. Did the seafoam in the tank 2 or 3 times and tried 87 again and no knock.

  38. I use Lucas injection cleaner in my vehicles, my suburban has 215000 miles on it and its been used hard between construction projects, towing a boat, and dump trailer. It has a valve tap now and I believe I am going to get Lucas for the engine after watching this video.

  39. Should have removed throttle and cleaned plate on both sides first and then done this.

  40. The lifters still need adjustment, I hear an ever so slight tick suggesting the hydraulic lifters are maxed and could use a few turns, but I am very surprised how much of a difference it makes. I've used seafoam on boats a lot for moisture issues and once or twice in the gas and it's always performed as advertised. I'm curious (and afraid to test) how Hondas can handle it in the oil. They seem to be a bit temperamental about using OEM oil. Do you know why? I've heard numerous speculations including whale oil. I'm just guessing at this point and would love some empirical data here. Are Hondas weird?

    Oh, another idea you may consider is transmission fluid and gear oil. Automatic transmissions use a special blend of hydraulic oil that is different than gear oils. You are very good at identifying and describing the differences and sometimes remind me of my diesel/heavy equipment tech instructor. That was 1992 and he could identify and explain just about anything engineered. His experience is master level. It was a game to bring him random bits of metal (machined or obviously specialized) to see if he could tell us where it came from. He never failed. An amazing man. I love your channel, your feedback and how much it matters to my everyday life.

  41. I give my wife a full can up her furry feline the morning after she's been out partying with her girlfriends!… just to be on the safe side!!!

  42. Oh yeah you have a few problems under that hood. That has to be the old 2.9 ltr that they were putting in their trucks back then. I h ad a bronco 2 with the same engine in it and that was such a waste of a power plant. Very weak engine and they tried to make it up with a transmission that made things worse along with a rear end that was terrible. I miss that Bronco 2 and if I could buy me another one, I would change the whole drive train in it from engine to rear end. Even though the explorer 4.0 wasn't a great system, it was much better than the 2.9. I had a 89 Bronco and traded it on a 94 Explorer Sport. The explorer had nearly 400,000 miles on it when I wrecked it.

  43. You can take off that throttle body and clean it with the liquid SeaFoam you pour in your gas tank then reinstall and use the spray can to clean out the engine.

  44. Engine reconditioner in a can …………….. hmmmm the bullshit detector is shrieking………….


  46. Lucas oil like stp is thick and will sink and settle on the bottom of the pan.

    Part store shelves are loaded with gimicks. Billion dollar sucker industry.

  47. Seafoam is awesome..I use it in my vehicles and my cleans all the carbon off your pistons and heads and cleans out your fuel system and injectors..good shit..keep up the Frankenstein projects in your shop..enjoy them.

  48. Need two people, one to keep it running. But disconnect vaccum line at brake booster and pour it down. It will smoke like hell but will clean it. I like the idea of hot soaking it too

  49. Seafoam works great in small generators where the gas has dried out and gummed up the carburetor.

  50. Why would you want to put Lukas in the crankcase oil, that thick stuff doesn't look to inviting to me. I would go with 5 oz. of Seafoam again until the next oil change. I used Lukas in my fuel tank before, it doesn't compare to seafoam in my opinion. I have 171,000 miles on my Ford Ranger 6 cylinder and it purrs. It was recommended to be by a friend who was a mechanic for a chemical company over 25 years. A Ford garage mechanic was amazed at the Emissions Tests Results  on my 17 year old Ford Ranger after I cleaned the intake valves as you have. I use the seafoam in the gas tank too. I mean to say, the price of Seafoam compared to buying a new truck these days how can you lose. 171,000 miles and drive it anywhere thanks to seafoam. I even use some seafoam in my mowers and lawn tractors fuel tank and crank cases. When the mower starts running rough, I just add seafoam to the fuel and run it – problem solved! Great video friend, Thumbs up!

  51. Great video! I'm having some issues with a 4.3 mpi mercruiser that only has 500 hours and I'm going to try the seafoam to solve a high oil pressure condition which suddenly appeared. I believe the oil pump pressure relief valve is stuck or an oil galley in the engine is clogged. Hopefully some marvel mystery oil soaking in the cylinders, followed by a seafoam treatment, then the Lucas oil treatment will bring everything back to normal. Thanks again for the demonstration!

  52. I'm seriously impressed with that!, as there is a lot of sludge you should change the oil filter? I wonder if the Lucas molecular bonds with the oil?

  53. Have you ever done an ATF oil flush on an engin?? My wife's car is a high mileage beeter and I'm wanting to try it

  54. So what kind of seafoam did you buy ? What were the names of the products ? couldn't see names on the video. My 96 Ranger sounds like yours before you Seafomd it.

  55. I had a 2005 Ford F-150 Lariat 5.4 3 valve Triton engine plugs have not been done in over 160000 miles I was not going to do these myself thought I would take it to a professional guy with all the right tools he had a look at it told me to run a couple of cans of seafoam through it via the gas tank I ended up taking 3 months due to financial reasons to get the truck back to him during this time I would put one can of seafoam to each full tank of gas I was expecting at least a few of the spark plugs to break as they do he called me a few hours later and said come pick up your truck it's done when I got there he showed me the plugs they were absolutely clean no electrodes left but no carbon he asked me if he could keep the plugs so he can mount them on a plaque beside his seafoam product rack not one plug broke he said that in his 30 years of wrenching on Ford engines he had never not broken at least one plug on an engine with that many miles on it. For me it's seafoam sold thank you for the video

  56. so why after I used sea foam did the injectors run WORSE and the car literally dies all the time now

  57. I use seafoam in my 2004 Monte Carlo I have almost 300,000 miles I change the oil about every 7000 miles I use seafoam in the fuel system also in crankcase

  58. It looks like your throttle body needs a good soak in some carb cleaner. That should make a huge difference in of itself.

  59. Hey I got a fund a prelude and I ended up going real fast and revving it real high and now I have a lifter tick and I'm going to try seafoam to see if I get that lifter and stuff I'll report back

  60. I have to put lucas by the heater in my shop so it will loosen up a little bit

  61. Hahaha. Comments here are pure liquid gold …! I am gonna buy some seafoam to clean my colon right away. … also unclog tinitus issues .!

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