Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Proves He’s Scared of Clowns

Halloween’s coming up. Yes. Is this a true story? I want to know. I heard you’re scared of clowns. No. I heard that. Impossible. Why is it impossible? Because I’m a black man. [LAUGHTER] You can be scare– I have so many other
things to be fearful of. A clown is not
going to scare me. Really? Yes. I’m not afraid of clowns. But I heard that you were. [CLOWN YELLING] Oh [BLEEP]! [SCREAMING] OK. Yeah, I got you. Oh, you want to play? That’s why I had to move this. You sat it on top of it. And I’m like, I
had to move that. You know, I woke
up this morning, and I said, I want my life
to be full of surprises. Ellen, I thank you. Oh, oh. Mwah. You’re welcome. That was the next time– I mean, that was the best– I don’t even know when
I’ve had that much– that was so gratifying. I only did that because
you didn’t send me a bottle with your
other friends. But let’s take a look because
that was a really good one. Aw, man. –clowns. But I heard that you were. [CLOWN YELLING] Oh, shit! [SCREAMING] I like that you dance
when you get scared. You dance when you get scared. I like it. All right, we’re
going to take a break, and we’re going to talk about– You really affected my street
cred with that, all right? Yeah! Yeah. We’ll be back.

100 thoughts on “Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Proves He’s Scared of Clowns

  1. Any question of diddy's sexuality was answered by his dance after being scared.

  2. Oh my goodness, Ellen has to amuse her own self on her own show some how. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I will train myself to not jump not even thoughs who know me are gonna get me I say bring on whatever they got ain't gonna have me reacting no way it's not happening at all

  4. Im from Detroit & Im telling you this guy isnt a true street botha at all. A brotha from where i come from would of automatically without even thinking twice would of busted that clown straight in his mouth…smh

  5. He didn’t swing black guys swing I wouldn’t hit that clown by then 😂

  6. Overtly privileged millionaire …”I have so much to be scared of””🤣

  7. anything else popping out of that box would have done the same normal reaction/reflex…

  8. He acts if he had planned the clown coming out of the box and dancing like penny wise 😸😸😺

  9. Next year:
    Ellen: Are you scared of anaconda’s?
    Eminem: Nah
    Ellen: Take that anaconda out of the box!

  10. To the person who suggested watching it at 0.5x speed, thank you! That made my day! 😁

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  12. Diddy: “You just really messed up my street cred.”
    Me: “go watch the four and stare down that man again. You’ll get it back. And if you don’t you can always be a choreographer.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Ellen should’ve said, “oh you wanna make this a race thing?” What a surprise!

  14. Back in 2019 just to see this!!! Laugh so hard my ribs hurt!! He know he wanted to ring her neck!!!!! Lol!!! Best one yet!!

  15. It wasn’t the clown that scared him, it was something jumping out of the box unexpectedly.

  16. It would have been more funnier if she left the water on the table cause he would've got wet at the same time


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