Secondary referencing: how to cite and reference an author cited in another text

this video will show you how to cite and reference the secondary source this is an author whose ideas you have read about in another text when you cite within the main body of your assignment you can do so by summarizing the arguments you have read if you wanted to paraphrase the points made here about making a valuable contribution to a research field you must ensure you state where you got the information from in this case the book is by one author but the details you are citing are actually written by boots and beyal because boots and bilah the authors of the ideas you are citing you put their names first in your citation these are followed by the year they published the idea you can find the year in the text itself if you left the citation like this you would then be given the impression that you have read but–and biles work you need to show the you've only read a secondary interpretation because if this interpretation is flawed your tutor will attribute this mistake to you first put cited in then you need to include the name of the author of the book which in this case is grey finally you put the date of the book which can be found on the copyright page instead of paraphrasing you can use direct quotes that have come from a different author to the one whose book you are reading when using direct quotes you need to put the exact words in quotation marks which are highlighted here in red you then cite us before using the original author's surname in this case Daugherty and the year the quote was written put cited in and then the name of the author of the book and the book's publication date when citing direct quotes you need to include a page number so that they can be easily located again Daugherty's original quote was on page 27 but we read it in Gray's work so you need to write the page number where you read it in this case page 104 although you mentioned boot and bile and Doherty within your assignment and your reference list you only need to reference the book you actually read GRA is doing research in the real world if you would like further information on referencing a book please refer to the MMU Harvard online referencing guide here you can also find out how to reference other sources for more help and information please ask a member of staff or visit the library website

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