Secret Admirer (English POEM)

when you and i together i feel the world is beautifull when you and I far apart I feel the world is scary Oh, God is this what is called falling in love if it’s like color it’s pink soft funny and making happy thats how I feel when I enjoy talking to you really, I’m happy I enjoyed honestly stiff conversations i swear this makes me nervous but apparently just to say hello i did not dare whether every thing that is included with the heart is like this even when meeting you confused where to start whereas if with another friends, it was normal even very relaxed does falling in love make people like this? fear of making a mistake starting a conversation with you makes me have to think more for words that I think are right However, what to do the process of falling in love is difficult to understand does everyone feel this way? or am I the one who carries too much heart? what is certain however excited about talking to you still fun falling in love taught me how to be brave and also to be patient when you were left me alone

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