See a ‘Purple Butterfly’ Sign on Baby’s Crib? Don’t Dare Ask About it From Parents

facts verse presents the meaning of the purple butterfly sign on baby cribs [Music] unfortunately heartbreak is a part of life some people go through painful breakups and it breaks their heart some people lose a loved one and it’s heartbreaking then too one of the most serious art breaks is what a person loses a child that is a kind of pain that parents don’t ever want to think about when a parent loses a child it creates a hole in their heart that remains there forever a mother in the UK have just lost a child another mother said something to her and she didn’t know how to handle it she said it made the trying to deal with her loss that much greater this is the story about the meaning behind the purple butterfly sign on a baby’s crib the pregnant mom Millie Smith from the UK found out that she was pregnant and she was over the moon she and her husband had been hoping to have a family for a while when she first suspected that she was pregnant she thought that she might be having twins this is because twins run in her family while she knew that twins were a possibility she was praying that it was not twins there was no financial reason for her feelings and she wasn’t dreading having twins because there’s so much work the reason that she was praying that it wasn’t twins was due to her family history while twins did run in her family sick twins also did in her family the women who gave birth after being pregnant with twins usually took one baby home the other always died before birth or right after when Milly found out that she was having twins she started to worry and for good reason she went to the doctor and had an ultrasound when she was 12 weeks along the ultrasound showed that the baby had a medical condition called anencephaly this is a condition where the brain does not develop the way it should a tough pregnancy Milly’s pregnancy was a very rough one she chose not to terminate her pregnancy because the other baby did have a fighting chance each day when she felt the babies move in her belly she felt in immense love for both of them not just the healthy baby she had a difficult time every day because she knew that one of her babies would never live long enough to grow up and live a happy life in fact the baby likely wouldn’t live more than a few minutes to a few hours after birth Milly tried to remain positive though she wanted to be excited about the baby who was going to be healthy but the sick baby was always in her mind finally Milly gave birth to two beautiful baby girls she named them Callie and Skye sadly Skye would likely only live a few hours Milly and her husband wanted Skye to feel loved while she was still with them so they cuddled her close as long as they could they were able to spend a little over an hour with Skye before she passed away heartbreak in the hospital Millie’s other daughter Callie was still in the pediatric ICU when her twin sister died the doctors wanted to continue to monitor her when Milly went to be by Callie’s side there was another new mom nearby the mother had just given birth to twins this mother didn’t know what Milly had gone through she looked at Milly and Callie and she said you’re lucky you don’t have twins this statement broke Millie’s heart because she did have twins but one of them didn’t make it it was when the mother said this that Milly came up with an idea a symbol of those who left too early there was nothing that can truly console a new mom who has lost her baby Millie knew this but she didn’t want someone to say something like what the mother of the twins said to her so she had a good idea first she created a sign in the sign read be aware of the butterfly logo on cots and incubators when visiting this neonatal unit either as a partner relative or friend please be aware of the butterfly logo on each cart this represents a baby that was part of multiple pregnancies but sadly not all the babies survived the sign had a large butterfly at the top and it was posted on the door to the unit and in several places inside the unit Millie knew that nothing could console a grieving parent however if a mom had just lost a child doesn’t need to answer a bunch of questions things might be just a little bit easier on a few of the cribs there were purple butterfly stickers they also put it on baby Callie’s crib to honor her sister baby Callie survived when Milly and her husband were finally able to take Callie home they were incredibly thankful they were sad that sky wasn’t coming home as well to remember sky and honor her they decided to shower Callie with love when Callie was just a few weeks old her parents decided to start a foundation in Skye’s name called the sky-high foundation the foundation sends stickers to all the people who donate money to the cause there is a small purple butterfly on the bottom of the sticker and on top there is a poem that reads not all twins walk side by side sometimes one has wings to fly it’s a beautiful poem with a beautiful meaning one of the major purposes of the foundation is to get the purple butterfly logo out to grieving mothers who have lost one of their multiple birth babies Millie’s story is an amazing one she took one of the saddest moments in her life to make something amazing for other mothers who may have to go through the same heartbreaking loss subscribe for more [Music] [Music] you

100 thoughts on “See a ‘Purple Butterfly’ Sign on Baby’s Crib? Don’t Dare Ask About it From Parents

  1. I lost both my twins. . . But what a lovely idea. Through her pain she found a way to help.others!

  2. I would've had a twin but she died soon after birth.. 1 like= 1 prayer for Makayla

  3. My mom had 3 miscarriages, I woulda had more siblings… in peace my older siblings…. I really wish you could been there for me 🥺😩

  4. I had a twin and she died somewhere between the delivery and in the womb.

  5. Don't ever fake a death because it might happen soon and always be grateful for what you have.

  6. Guess what…
    My mom told me that I used to have a sister in 2005 and died when she was 2 years old…
    When I ask my dad what happened he said she was sick and died but when I asked my mother she said there is her crib right next to me and told me she was dead in that crib which was covered in purple and blue butterflies for first I was confused cuz I could see her right next to me and my mom said she was dead so I didn't know who was wrong… Me or her?….

  7. My mom had two miscarriages before I came along. She lost a set and a singlet. I wonder about who they would have been all the time. I can't imagine if anything had happened to my son.


  9. I have been through a lot of pain….. I don’t want to talk about it….🥺

  10. One mother to another mother. "You should be glad that you don't have twins." Why? is one worth less than the other? What kind of monster would look at two baby's and wish that one had not made it? all children are a blessing even the little one that needs more care.

  11. I thought it was cause after the butterfly is in a cocoon it flys when it leaves ..

  12. I lost 3 slibing before I was born 2 of them was twins I wish I could meet them many my brother would be nice dont get me wrong I love hem but he just move away

  13. When I was a baby o was barely born and there was a purple butterfly on me I even have a picture and there is a note and it says from God. Follow me on Instagram I'll show yall my Insta name is TheGamerChildrenYT

  14. I was going to be a twin so was my mom bit both of our didnt make it when my gramma told me the news I was a little heartbroken

  15. Sometimes not all twins walk side by side sometimes one has wings to fly that made me cu

  16. I have no Friday it was sad that we only went out for a day 😭😭😭😭🥵🥵😭😭

  17. This happened to my mom before because I was supposed to have a twin

  18. Only about 3 year ago my mum lost twins…it was horrible but i never got to see them my mum gave birth to a baby 2 years ago and her name is blossom and we love her with all our hearts..!

  19. This is always sad to hear . God bless them for having these children and giving them a chance to live and not taking their life . At least they got to hold her before passing . So sad =*(

  20. My mom had two babies before me & my younger brother & older brother. They were twins but they both died from a stroke. I support skye high foundation so much.

  21. This isnt as sad as a miscarry as my wife and i had we want and cant have and we hear all the time you can have mine anytime you want and we see neglect all the time and it make us both extremely upset wishing that much harder that we could have just 1

  22. i have a twin brother and ik would be so sad if he died i am so sorry to those who have had a sibling/twin who died (im also pro life so i would not get an abortoin) god bless you all have a good day

  23. I have a brother in….heaven if he was alive this comment would not be on this vid

  24. Summaries & saving people time. Well thank GOD I watch videos BEFORE I check the comments, if I even check them. This video is well worth watching. This is about a mothers love….heart breaking yes. But well worth the heart ache.

  25. When I was 6 my mom gave birth to twin boys she was so excited she got to go home but the twin had to stay ,one day she got a calling saying to go to the ER immediately she rushed down there to see one of her child breathing to his last he died 2 minutes later from kidney failure
    My mom cried and took great care of her other son today he is 10 and she told him about his twin on February 16 2019

  26. This makes me lucky i still have my twin brother (im a girl btw)

  27. My mom had a miscarriage(a girl)then had me,then had a miscarriage with twins(a boy and a girl)😂😂

  28. Doomsday your a asshole why would u have to ruin it for others before they even watched it .

  29. I can't even imagine how that woman must have felt loosing 1of her twins. I was a 18 yrs old when I gave birth to twin boys and couldn't imagine loosing 1 it was hard enough to have to leave the hospital and my twins had to stay for 2 weeks cus they were so small my heart goes out to that family

  30. I was having a twin sister too.😭
    But the murderer couldn't touch me!!! 😎😎

  31. I was sad crying because both of mine twin sisters died and they were my sisters of my angel and… I can't right no more

  32. I know the loss of babies. It is the hardest experience that any parent will ever face (loosing a child) I love the purple butterfly, so simple yet very bold. God bless the parents for their courage and bless the children.

  33. Yeah when my brothers died they gave us that and they were twins

  34. I am a twin, and I can not think about losing my sister or never knowing her

  35. So thats what the purple butterfly means in all my newborn photos my mum would never tell me and now I know!

  36. What if a woman has triples and loses one the poem won't work in that equation

  37. it sucks because there are people who'd rather abort their babies. every baby deserve a life 😔

  38. This makes me heartbroken I lost my abut in a car crash and her fav color was purple and her fav animal was a butterfly so if we see a butterfly or a purple butterfly we say it is her:(

  39. That actually really is beautiful tbh and I don't usually get mushy.

  40. One simply Cannot Be Human if this story Doesn't Create Chill-bumps! 🦋

  41. im a twin and thats so sad i could not think of being without my annoying twin sis

  42. "not all twins walk side by side but sometimes one of them has wings to fly

    💜💜💜 I hope everyone who has lost a loved one is blessed today.

  43. I had a twin she died almost 2 years ago she took her own life I miss her so much

  44. Bawling my eyes out here …i lost my twins before they were born .

  45. I-I was supposed to have a twin sister but unfortunately when my mom when for the unla sound there was just me….she told me that she had 2 sacks but one was empty. Her name was gonna be Hayley…I feel empty inside and my mom almost lost me at birth I was a very very sick little baby girl almost didn’t make it and that would have killed my mom. On bad days when I feel lost and ask myself why I’m here I just remind myself that I’m living for me and my lost twin…😢

  46. I would have had an older sister but she didn’t make it 😞

  47. would have a younger sister but she passed away three days after she was born😭 R. I. P Lily love and miss you so much like to send love to lily

  48. This is extremely heartbreaking. I’m not a mother, but hearing about this is upsetting.

  49. My niece was a twin. My sister miscarried one baby midway through the pregnancy. She’s almost 12 now and it’s still really sad even though my sister didn’t know about the second baby at first

  50. I chose to not raise kids because I could lose that kid or kids. Also my cousin wayde was a twin but his twin brother died I think before or after they were born. He knows about him and it hurts him but he has to stay strong because he and his wife anita are about to become grandparents soon. They didn't have this when he was born. Wayde I love you cousin. Anita I love you too.

  51. I had a baby born with this tragic birth defect. I wonder every day who she would have become.

  52. It’s the same with adults in health care facilities in my area. Butterfly means dead, or someone is palliative or close to death.

  53. I lost all my 3 grandpa's and it really was heart breaking mother out there thanks for the poem (sorry if I misspelled it) all I'm asking is 1 prayer for my grandpa's that's all

    Thank you person reading this and if there ever is any loss in you're fam stay strong and never give up

  54. My friends sister was born 4 months to early but she sadly died due to cancer

  55. And all of the other ones died but I survived

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