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Our topic for today is Seed Germination. It’s time to work. I know. I will get the seed. The life of a plant begins from a tiny seed. The seed is protected by an outer covering called a seed coat. The seed contains a small baby plant called an embryo. Let’s sow the seed. Wait, I have some conditions. Conditions required for the growth of a seed are: Moisture. Warmth. Nutrient rich soil. Sunlight. Good quality seed. Once these conditions are satisfied, the seed begins to grow. The seed absorbs water from the soil
and provides moisture to the embryo. The plant cells inside the seed start duplicating. Enzymes get activated. Embryo starts getting nourishment. The first sign of growth is a tiny root which comes out of the seed. Hey, I am Mr. Root. Let us study the process of germination. With more and more nourishment, the embryo starts growing. Sunlight. It’s time for photosynthesis. Eventually, the growing plant bursts open
through the seed coat in search of sunlight to start its own process of photosynthesis. Once the seed coat falls off, the root starts growing downwards to anchor the seed and to search for more food and nutrients from the soil. Meanwhile, the shoot also starts growing upwards towards the light. Soon, we see a baby plant with tiny leaves. This process of the growth of a seed into
a plant is called germination.

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