Seeing Double | Spitting-image strangers aim to discover science behind doppelgängers | Sunday Night

(engine running) (door creaking) – [John] Hi Jenny, home! – [Jenny] Oh, hi, have a good day? – I had a lovely day. – [Jenny] Great. – [Matt] Meet John Jemison. – What are we doing? – Oh hi. – Hello. – [Matt] And, Neil Richardson. – [Marianne] Did you
enjoy it this morning? – It’s been a busy morning. – [Matt] You could be forgiven
they are the same person. – Yes, it was very exciting. – [Matt] But you’re looking at two completely, unrelated men. – What we got for dinner? – Don’t know. I haven’t thought about that (laughing). – Do you know what’s for dinner tonight? – Ah I don’t know. Have you thought about it? – [Matt] John and Neil are doppelgangers. Two people who share uncanny similarities which in their case extends
way beyond the physical. – After 50 years of marriage,
you still don’t know what I want for dinner? (laughing)
– Now, I’m out there flogging myself to death, all bloody day, right, and you can’t even sort out what we’re gonna have for dinner? – I’m sorry. – (sighing) 50 years.
(laughing) – I’m trying to work out how I’m sitting opposite two gentlemen who look so alike. How do you explain it, John? – Neil’s good fortune.
(Matt laughs) – There probably are two or
three very close replicas of all of us. With all the billions
of humans on the planet, it’s not surprising, we’re
all actually very inbred. Our gene pool is not that varied. – [Matt] But what is
even more surprising is that John and Neil live
just around the corner from each other. John and Jenny have lived
in Braintree, Essex, al their married life. – It’s Hollowford, isn’t it? – [Matt] By sheer coincidence,
Neil and Marianne moved here a few years ago after Neil
hung up his vicar robes. And that’s when the lives of
both men took a bizarre turn. – I moved to Braintree and I knew nobody, absolutely nobody in the town, so I was very surprised to
find people waving at me, couldn’t quite see why,
’cause, didn’t know anybody. – Did you just think, my
goodness, they’re friendly, they’re a friendly
bunch here in Braintree? – That was my thought exactly, I thought– – Yeah, he said that to me, he said, they’re very friendly
in this place, aren’t they? – Everyone’s waving at me. I feel like I’ve lived here my whole life. (laughing) – And then someone said,
“Hello, John”, and waved again and people came up to me
and said, “Hello, John, “how are you today?” And then we went to the cafe
in the middle of Braintree and this bloke came
over from another table and said, “My wife says
you’re John Jemison.” And I said, he must be
a good looking chap, but no, no, it’s not me. (laughing) And the manager of the
cafe came out from the back and said, “Hello, John, how are you?” So, I said, look, come here, man. I’m not John, I’m Neil. And he said, “Oh, John,
stop mucking about, “don’t be silly.” So, I had to get my card out,
credit card out of my pocket and prove to him that my
name was Neil, not John. – It must’ve been a
fascinating idea in your mind, who is this John? – It was. I kept thinking, I must
try and find out who he is, he looks like me, so I’ll look for him, and I looked around, we’re shopping, I looked at people’s
faces, things like that. But no, didn’t see anyone. – [Matt] It was a whole
year before Neil ran into this John Jemison chap. Both were on a day trip
with a local history group. Here’s how John remembers their meeting. – As I got on the coach,
I was approached by a man that I’ve not met before. It was really quite weird when
this chap with a beard said, “Excuse me, I’m guessing
that you’re John Jemison.” Yes, I said with a bow,
what have I done now? “Oh, nothing at all, please don’t fret, “I’ve been called by your
name and it drives me insane”, so I thought it was time to met.” – [Matt] And what a fortuitous meeting that turned out to be. – I’m shocked by your priority. – [Matt] John and Neil discovered
a shared love of poetry, is just one of many things
they have in common. (audience applauding) – Oh, are there any questions? – Rattle off the
similarities you both have if you wouldn’t mind, please. – Well, we both trained to be teachers in the same teacher training college, although not at the same time. – We both started teaching
exactly the same subject. Religious education, which
isn’t exactly a usual subject. – We both proposed to the women
that would become our wives within a short space of
time, one or two weeks of meeting them. And 50 odd years later, we’re still at it. Have you been to the Beehive?
– No. – And for the grand
crescendos you have sons that play a particular instrument,
what do they play please? – [Both] They both play didgeridoo. (laughing) – How do you have two sons
that play the didgeridoo? Help me, my mind is
doing leaps and bounds, I can’t get my head around that. – It’s strange, isn’t it? It’s an accident of fate, right. – We have no idea. No idea, it’s crazy. (curious music) – [Matt] But as we’ll see tonight, Neil and John aren’t the only
ones with the crazy good luck of finding their doppelgangers. (laughing) It’s thought that everyone
on Earth has a lookalike. Now, scientists are
asking the question, why. Is it all just a mad coincidence, or is there some other,
deeper explanation? – I am Niamh.
– I’m Terence. – And I’m Harry. – we set ourselves a challenge and we have one month’s time from today to find people that look
really, really like us or almost completely identical. – [Matt] It started as a bit of a luck. Niamh, Geany, her friends
set themselves a challenge to find their doppelgangers. – Oh, I said, hey, I’ll just
do this for a bit of fun, will I really find someone,
what are the chances? I’ll never find someone. – But when Niamh, who back then was a
brunette took her search online, she didn’t just
find one doppelganger, she found three. A girl from Italy–
– Here she is. And unbelievably, two local lasses from her hometown of Dublin. When I met Karen, my first doppelganger, I mean the first few hours
we didn’t really say much to each other, we were just
looking at each other silently. – Really?
– Yeah. – you were just gazing longingly into each other’s eyes? – Yeah, it was kinda like this, you know? I was kinda looking at the side, because you don’t nearly
want to do, like stare at each other, ’cause it’s weird. It’s cool, it’s really
cool, but it’s weird. – Because it does
actually get to the heart of your own image of yourself. – Yeah, yeah, ’cause part of
your identity is your image. – A big part of it. – ‘Cause you meet these people
who look exactly like you or almost completely like you, but yet, behind that, you have
different personality traits, different confidence levels, even though you look the exact same, you don’t act completely the same. – Niamh, tell me about the time you met your second doppelganger. – So, Louisa was my second doppelganger. Oh my God, And I flew over to Italy to meet her. So great to meet you and meet your face. We have this thing in our cheek here’s is this in line?
– Yeah, here and here. – Oh, it’s a very strange
experience to find yourself in meeting someone that looks like you. – What about your third doppelganger? – My third doppelganger
Irene came, I think, two or thee months later. (knocking) – [Matt] Is it unsettling? – [Niamh] It’s unsettling,
but it’s amazing. Hi.
– Hi. – Oh my God, it’s crazy.
– Hello. – Oh my God, come here.
– It’s so weird. – And it really kicks you back a notch, because you think you’re
special and unique and there’s no one in
the world that’s like you and then you meet someone
who looks identical to you and then you realise,
oh you’re not as unique as you thought you were. – [Matt] It’s a puzzling human phenomenon. Lookalikes like John and Neil, Niamh and her three
doppelgangers are more common than you might think. (camera clicking) In fact it’s said that most of us have at least one dead ringer
out there somewhere. How do you explain it? – So far there is no explanation for it. – [Matt] But could there
be a scientific reason, something deep in our DNA
that solves the mystery? Sara and Shannon look remarkably similar, but as far as they know
they’re not blood relatives. The experience of actually meeting someone that you would consider
to be a doppelganger, what does it feel like? – Well, for me it feels
like you know them. – Yeah, sameish. – It’s like a stranger, but you know them. So you can trust them,
’cause they look like you, which is probably bad, but,
d’you know what I mean? But like if there was no awkwardness ever. You have such a good jawline,
it’s actually so unfair. – [Sara] You’re a lot
more outgoing and social. – [Shannon] Yeah, I think
it’s a Swedish thing, is it? – Yeah. But it’s not just that. – Yeah, I’ll be quite social
and Sara’s very quiet. – Poor old Sara can’t get a word in. – No, but we’d walk down the street, I’d be like, hi, oh hi, and she’s like, “Why you talk to strangers?” people just said hi, it’s like, you don’t do that, do you?
– No. – I think it’s an Irish thing though, I’ll be going, hi. – [Matt] Shannon and Sara wanted to know how two people born thousands
of kilometres apart, could look so alike. There had to be an explanation, so they decided to take part
in a doppelganger study. – So, who’s who? – [Matt] Headed by genetics
professor, Tim Spector at King’s College in London. You actually believe from
a scientific perspective that everyone has one? That there’s a doppelganger
out there for each of us? – Depending on how you
define a doppelganger, yes, it’s kinda weird
when you think about, we do have some other twins,
pseudo twins out there, walking around, looking, that could take our place quite easily. – [Matt] Professor Spector became curious about lookalikes when he saw this photo of two ginger haired strangers on a plane. – Everyone kept stopping
them, saying they look like identical twins and
these pictures went viral around the Internet. – [Matt] He decided to
study the phenomenon comparing doppelgangers
like Shannon and Sara, using the most advanced facial
mapping systems available. This six cameras setup
takes shots simultaneously, giving 3D images which
can measure every contour of the face. Even though the girls aren’t related, the similarities were astonishing. – [Woman] You can hardly
tell the difference, I would’ve thought this is the same nose. – Yeah, so you’re getting
a score of 90% on that. – Really, it’s like a twin score. – [Tim] Yes, exactly like a twin score, so you have twin noses. – All right, one, two, three, go. – [Matt] Shannon and Sara
might look near identical, but DNA testing prove their
resemblance is only skin deep. Genetically, they are strangers. – Weird. – [Matt] Nimh and her doppelganger, Irene also had their DNA tested. Irene’s ancestors came
from the Middle East, while Nimh is of Western Asian descent. – So there you have it, not sisters, not half sisters, not even
related up to 20,000 years ago. Mental.
– Mental. (laughing) – Oh, yeah.
– Oh yeah. – They don’t know how fussy. – Really, really? But what about John and Neil? Could these peas in a pod be the product of mere coincidence? (laughing) Professor Spector
invited them to take part in the study as well. When you went to London
for his experience, did you believe it was real? – I had my doubts. But once we saw the equipment and when we met Professons Spector, and we found out who he was and what his qualifications were and how serious he was, he
looks like an ordinary bloke. He doesn’t look like a professor. Or some famous doctor, but he is. And he was applying
scientific criteria to our, everything about us. – I love that, that
you two blokes thought, even as you’re in London,
you weren’t convinced that this wasn’t a
stitch up and that maybe this was all fun and games. – Well, it just seemed, it just
seemed like a load of fluff, okay, so we look like each other, so what? – So what, yes. – Let’s look at the eyes and I think these are amazingly similar. – [John] Yeah, they are. – And we got a score for
about 81% similarity on that, it’s close to what we’re getting on our identical twin scores. – Oh, really.
– Gosh. – [Matt] Their noses are
an evil closer match. – Well, you were 90%. – Really?
– Yeah. That’s amazing, really undistinguishable from identical twins. – Gee, I mean you could put one of those over the top of the other and you would hardly notice anything. – The nose, the eyes and the
lips were very similar on them, we just ignored the fact that
the jaws were very different. – [Matt] John and Neil’s
similarities go way beyond their facial features. What about body language? I noticed talking to them that they would have their
hands clasped like this similar or they’d cross their
arms in the same way, is that something that you
actually noted in the study? – Well, I noted it informally, we didn’t have a way
of actually testing it. (laughing) And it’s something you do
notice also in identical twins. They will pick up a teacup the same way, they will open a can of
beer with the same finger, all these reflex actions. (laughing) – You both have phenomenal respect for each other as writers and you value each other’s opinions, I’ve seen John coming
to you, Neil, for advice on something he’s written and vice versa, I mean, there is a mutual
respect there, isn’t it? – Oh yes. I’ve asked John’s advice
on several occasions, about what I’ve written. – And he’s had the good sense to ignore it on every occasion. Here we go. – [Matt] To the surprise of John and Neil, the doppelgangers study revealed their vast similarities
may in fact be the result of a shared ancestor that neither of them knew anything about. – John, you can see here these
darker, filled in colours are where the bulk of your DNA comes from. And when you compare that
to Neil’s, look at that. I mean, you’re almost exactly the same, you’re ethnically twins if you like. – Look at that, I knew that. – [Matt] Although one
small variance has come as a crushing blow to John. – Where his was Finland and Sweden and therefore he becomes
more viking than me, right? Mine was Irish. – Is that a sore point that
he’s more viking than you? – Of course? – Why? – I’ve always thought of myself as being almost pure viking. – Well, Neil tells me
you have viking fingers. – I do. – Ooh, that’s a party trick. (John laughing) That’s one way if anyone’s
getting around Braintree and really needs to tell you apart. – Show me your fingers. – Yeah?
– That’s what they have to say.
– Yeah, the trouble is if somebody says show me your fingers, you’re tempted to do that. (laughing) – That’s very Essex. – Why are you refusing
to give me any light? – Here’s–
– Now, all this talk about doppelgangers got me thinking, is there someone out there,
lucky or unlucky enough to be my dead ringer? With Nimh’s help, I’m about to find out. – [Nimh] Perfect. (camera clicking) – [Matt] Using facial
recognitions software and a search engine, my
very own doppelganger is just a click away. It’s a brutal kind of
experiment, isn’t it? – Oh.
(laughing) – Okay. Tell me you’re having some
sort of an outraorious laugh. He’s 80. – [Nimh] (laughing) are we looking at your future self there? – This has been a tough morning. He looks friendly, he does look well fed, I like eating things. Maybe that is me. Oh, I’ve come full circle. – Yeah, in a few years. (Nimh laughing) – This is a walkout.

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  1. A friend of mine who lives in Plymouth (I live in London), swore she met my doppelganger. She said she saw this woman come into a room she was in and was wondering why I was there, but this woman ignored her obviously as she had never met my friend. Friend said she had all the same mannerisms as me and she spent the night watching her not able to believe it wasn't me. I am adopted so maybe this woman was related to me, who knows?


  3. I went to school with twins in my class who were fraternal twins, but one was blonde and small and one was dark haired and taller, so they looked nothing alike at all. The dark haired one was convinced I looked like her and she used to pretend I was her twin to other people but I could never see the resemblance myself at all and wondered why she kept doing this.

    But years later, a friend had videoed me and when i saw my self on the video where he called me and i turned around, I thought, gosh i look like Norah. So I think sometimes you can't see the resemblance yourself, as you know your own face so well, but others can see it.

  4. My double is somewhere in Cleveland in the mid-70s. I was on the bus one day and at my stop and the driver wouldn't open the door. He looked up at me and asked "How'd you do that?" Not knowing what he was talking about I asked what?

    His reply was "I just dropped you off at that exact same stop my last trip, but you were wearing different clothes." I said that was the first time I went to work that morning – we both laughed and he let me out. I went to work and never saw/met or heard about my double again.

  5. I saw a video of a woman on YouTube, who worked for or with a non-profit I worked with in Los Angeles. She looked like me, her smile and gestures were so identical to mine I was trying to figure out when I took part in the event she appeared to be hosting. Even my mom was confused! Pretty weird. Although, given my paternal grandfather had at least 16 kids out of wedlock across the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and most likely New York, anything is possible😂😂😂!

  6. Doppelgangers probably share the same genetic history from the same countries/areas of the world.

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  13. While on uni exchange in up state new york, myself and 3 other friends kept seeing each other's dopplegangers. I never saw my own and they never saw their own but there were defo 4 other people that looked like us in the same place at the same time. I've been mistaken for other people a few times but i don't think my friends had, so it was weird.

  14. A woman stopped and asked me why I was shopping instead of being at work…She actually thought I was her daughter till my accent gave me away….Very strange

  15. I saw someone on MySpace back when I was a teen who looked identical to me in a few pictures I was freaked out. I wonder what they looked like as teens? She doesn’t look like me now though, I’d love to meet my doppelgänger

  16. Some years ago when on holiday in Malta I was walking through Valletta and walking towards me was my exact double. If that was not spooky enough he was wearing the EXACT clothes which I had worn the day before. Seriously unnerved I dashed away in the opposite direction. An act which I have always regretted.

  17. It was amazing to watch Neil and John similarities, however I was totally in awe of Irene, Naimh and the other doppelgangers. All of them are beautiful young women with gorgeous hair. Truly amazing!😊

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  20. Am I the only one who think they look nothing alike?! Same baldness and white hair with black trim glasses. Everything else like the face, ears, nose looks nothing alike. I guarantee if we see their younger photos we will definitely see even more nothing alikeness.

  21. I can believe that about the same ancestors.I'm am an Aussie & as I took an unexpected trip to mumbai for the first time. I saw a younger woman at the airport that looked so much like me. I could have spoken to her but I was so freaked out!

  22. I will admit their noses are SIMILAR, but other than having similar features (white shirt hair, beard and brown thick rimmed glasses) they don’t really look alike… I’d like to see them with different hair, old photos etc… interesting

  23. Fascinating!!! Someone from Holland once said that my double lives in Amsterdam.Our family descends from German,Dutch and French people. What I recently discovered is that there are four distant relatives on my Father's side of the family that has the same crooked little fingers that John has, and I also have those crooked fingers. It is called DuPuytrans according to the Dr who operated on them.A woman I met the other day has the same problem, and she told me that she did some research about this and geneaologists found that it definately comes from the Vikings.

  24. There was a girl at my high school that all the kids said we looked alike. When I look at my year book, we did.

  25. I wish this video was longer. My good friend and I don’t think we look anything alike but everyone says we do. It’s just our mannerisms.

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  31. I saw an old picture from the Wild West the other day on Yahoo, and the woman riding a horse, looked like my twin.My son looks exactly like Leland Stanford. Both of our dopplegangers (dead dringers)are dead. I have also had people tell me that they have met live women who look just like me.

  32. The men are such sweet hearts!! How wonderful is it to have met a friend with your face!

  33. My theory on this and I call it “The breed effect”. Similar to dogs and and cats. Every cat or dog has a breed and a name for that breed. Humans who look similar but are not really, are all part of a naturally selected breed of humans. Like golden retrievers are called golden retrievers because their characteristics are similar, so they are grouped that way. Humans have different branches/ breeds in the species that help group them together but differentiate them as well. It’s all a natural selection process to me. We are naturally selected to either be born with similar are diffferent outward appearance to one another. This how humans and other animals are unique. Breeds are used to identify branches of a species that have similar and unique characteristics to themselves as compared to the hole species. It’s part of the process that helps is live together as a species like any other. To both differentiate and combine groups of animals that have evolved separately but still hold the same traits as some in the species.

  34. I meant my doobldang in middle school, in fact we were in two classes together. It was several week when one teacher told us we looked like identical twin. Neither she or I could see it. 5 years later she moved into an apartment just down from me. I watched her and she moved like my mom moved. There was a third incident so now I am a believer.

  35. I never meet my double, but I have 2 or 3 occasions that some strangers approached or called me and mistaken me for someone else.

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  42. I had a Mexican lady literally start speaking to me like she had already known me and I told her I didn't speak Spanish!! So, she spoke English and talked to me like we had just talked the other day and thought I was this friend!! She called me her friend's name and I told her no my name is Lisa!! She gave me the oddest look like she was seeing a ghost or something and then, stared at me!! I told her I was sorry but I do not know the person she was talking to and she watched me the whole time even as I walked off the bus!

    Another young male grabbed at my stuff as I was standing and waiting at the bus stop and said "come on my mom will be okay if we stay at her house!!" It was weird and scary and I felt he was trying to kidnap me or something but I wonder now, if he just thought I was a girlfriend of his or something!!

    Even since I was a child, I had a group of little girls approach me and one asked if she knew me and asked my name!! I didn't know her so it was weird as heck!!

    My family and my husband's family have said they have seen someone that Looked like me and his dad saw two people who looked like my husband and I together!! It's odd how many people are sure it is someone they know or someone who looked like us!! His mom actually told me about this video and said it was very interesting and I agree, this whole phenomen is very surreal and to know so many people deal with this makes me feel normal now!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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