selfish | a poem

you’re not as selfless as you think that’s okay…
but, you need to work on that because the world will treat you coldly but don’t let that affect the way you treat others…
the way you treat others
reflects a lot on yourself and I don’t wan’t to live a regretful life,
not at all I think it’s just a matter of
stepping back a bit because you’re not as great as you think… there’s still so much you need to learn so much you haven’t seen so many people you haven’t met
just yet… so remember…
to put down your pride sometimes and face the world head on don’t let hate consume you don’t let other’s mistakes harden your heart let it go…
don’t absorb it instead, let it heal you let it mold you,
not make you learn to spread love to others even if they don’t deserve it

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