Sen Kimsin? – من أنت؟ – Who Are You?

Bismillah r-Rahman r-Rahim. Saying one Basmala Shariff is better
-more kheir- than whole world. Even if you owned the whole world,
you will leave it here. Bismillahir r-Rahman r-Rahim
will go to akhirat with you. But, people of this time are not
looking for spiritual treasures. They are being slaves of the material. Or, they are drowning with the greed of the material.
They are drowning. They are piling. Then the pile falls
on them & they are crushed under it. May Allah not make us follow ego. Ego-nafs.. The nature of the ego is
the nature of hells. After they are thrown to the hells… the unbelievers, After ahlu jahannam-the habitants
of hell are thrown to the fire the fire calls “hal min mazeed?” It asks: Is there no more? The hellfire does not get enough. The hellfire does not get
enough of people. Man’s ego does not get enough
of dunya as well. Continuously, all the time.. It always tries… How many millions of people said,
“it is mine” for this dunya but they left it & died. They left & died. They fell laying
in the pile-mass and left. It did not give them any benefit. But now, mankind are not taking the lesson, that is necessary for them. There is
no one who gives it. There is no one who gives
this lesson. The person who is giving the lesson he, himself is already a greedy one. What can he teach to others? When the husband of a rich one
passed away in Istanbul she kept crying, saying:
“here was his bed. he would lay here”. I asked:
“where is he lying now?” In his grave! Why did you not keep him,
the one you loved so much? Why are you crying behind him? You can’t let his body
lay on the floor? She does not even keep his dead body
at home. The same hour she calls
for someone to pick up his body. So that, the coldness of the
dead body does not cover the house. “Take his body immediately!”
They come & take quickly. This is what happens to men… It gives no benefit.. But they are bringing up generations
that can not distinguish useful from harmful. They constantly tell people:
“study, study…” what to study?
what are you teaching? What courses/lessons are you teaching
these kids? what are you teaching them? There are useful & useless things
in life.. There is fardh-obligatory ones
& there is the haram-forbidden ones. What are they teaching the kids? I am asking them constantly.
Kids go back & forth to schools… They have a bag on their shoulders,
which is like the load of a donkey. I can’t lift it. “Where is he going?”
“He is going to school.” “These are our books.” “Do the kids know all of them?”
“We don’t, but we still carry them.” These governments with such a mentality
can not find any goodness themselves nor they make people find
any goodness. Allah Almighty (swt)… You Are Subhan, You Are Sultan
O our Lord! The first order: Bismillah r-Rahman r-Rahim,
“Aqra’ !” (96:1) Read! (96:1) Read… His Holy Order. What is reading-studying for,
say Haji Hanum? Why should he read? Say, Haji Bey.
G. To learn. His answer is correct. “Read” means “learn”. Read so that you can learn. Because who does not read
does not learn. One word fills the whole world. Read so that you may learn. What are these ones reading? And what are they teaching?
Nothing! They don’t know what they should read. They don’t know the first thing
they should learn. The first thing to learn:
Who created you? Who created me is my Lord, who is
the Lord of Heavens & Earth who is the Lord of Mulk & Malakut
(Heavenly & Earthly Kingdoms). He is My Allah. They can not give this foundation. When they can not give this basis,
what is the studying for? Poem of Yunus Emre: “Knowledge is to understand, to know. If you don’t have the knowledge,
What’s the use of learning?” He says the meaning (of knowledge). “Knowledge is to understand.
To understand who you are. If you know not who you are
What’s the use of learning?” Ask a kid: “who are you?” Are they teaching this?
Teach it! “Aqra’ – Read!” (96:1) Meaning, learn. Teach; the attribute of
our Prophet (sas). Read. For what?
To teach. Teach your nation. They don’t teach the most
important reality! They have brought out an
“Ata-idol” There is nothing else! la hawla wa la quwwata Aliyyil Azim.
la hawla wa la quwwata.. may Allah sends us from His servants
who will awaken us! Aman ya Rabbi, towba ya Rabbi.
Towba Astaghfirullah. “Knowledge is to understand
who you are. If you know not who you are.
What’s the use of learning?” We don’t know ourselves. “Who are you?” Look in the mirror. Ask that one in the mirror:
“who are you?” See what your figure in the mirror
will give you as an answer. Aman ya Rabbi. Towba ya Rabbi. Towba Astaghfirullah. Towba Astaghfirullah. This is a word which is worth
the whole world. The Heavenly Addressing Read. Meaning, read to learn. Read to learn.
If you don’t read to learn, look at the value of that learning,
look at that bag. Masha Allah, he is a strong kid,
but he can’t lift it. I can’t lift it either.
Is this not a sin? But these treacherous ones know what
is sin nor do they know good deeds”. Does not accept “sin”
nor the “good deeds”. It is the same in every country.
It is the teaching of shaytan. “Write huge, thick books.
Fill the bags. Hang them on the neck of kids.
Teach them the “attribute of donkey”! You carry loads just like donkeys. “Man tashabbaha biqawmin fahuwa minhum” what do they make the kids resemble?
donkey! “whoever resembles a group of people,
he/she is among them” They make kids resemble donkeys.
can you carry that load? 15 kgs. It is 15 kg of books.
Look at the bag in his hand. Lift it O Amir! Lift it, I may see.
How many kg is it? Aman ya Rabbi.
Towba ya Rabbi. Towba ya Rabbi.
How people got misguided.. People… They have lost their humanity
and become shaytan! All they learn is the instructions
of shaytan. They don’t teach anything
from the Heavenly Instructions. They teach everything shaytani-evil. The Pharaohs are crushing..
crushing… It is the era of Pharaohs, Nimrouds now. What do you expect, Hj Hanim,
what do you hope from Turkey? It is our country.
Which work of theirs have any goodness? They have no goodness-kheir. Why?
Because, they have no work for Allah! Iqtisad..
What do they call iqtisad? G: Economy.
They spend their whole day with economy. Whole world has gone bankrupt.
The economy went down. It went down.
They are left like this in the air. Economy is only left in their tongues.
There is nothing in their hands. It served them right!
I say: you got what you deserved! You made tasbih constantly:
economy, economy, economy…. economy, economy, economy…. “Stop for a while, I may speak”
“No, this is an important point economy, economy, economy….” “Don’t say Economy, say Ikonomy..”
The saying of economy may disappear… Our Oktay Bey has come to listen to these. Oktay Bey is a gentleman who understands very well from finance. Therefore, what is his job
for the whole day? To speak of economy. “How will our economy get better?” You put shaytani-evil principles
in economy. The first shaytani principle is: take gold from people! This way you may rule them!
Because when people have gold you can’t rule them.
Then, what should we do? We may take the gold from them.
Instead, we may print paper money. And we may write on it:
This paper equals to 1 gold coin. We are keeping the gold inside.
And, we are giving this paper to you. Can the world get out of the
economical crisis with this mentality? Haji Effandi, give me if you have in
your pocket. Economy… You have.. Look at this.
Allah Allah. Look at this. They put a picture on it as well.
They printed a picture on it. They decorated it, made it colorful. Give it to people plain.
Only put “20”, it is enough. Why do you decorate it that much? They say: “no, can’t be. It has to
have the picture of the chief shaytan!” This is! Ottoman’s currency was gold. This is the money of the Republic.
Here is the difference between them. I feel disgusted to take it in my hand.
Why? One may drop it in WC, picks it up,
does like this&puts back in his pocket. Because the one on this money
does not deserve to fall anywhere else. They made the whole world
disgraced like this. Then they say:
“there is economical crisis!” Economical crisis? You are the one who invented
the economical crisis! You constantly printed money!
The government also prints.. When the government prints,
the people say: “why should we wait?
we may print the same money, too!” It is not obvious if they are the
same mooney or different, Hj Effandi. I went to some villages around here.
I see that there are so many buildings. Before, these villageans were
hardly finding bread to eat. How are they making
such buildings? Is there anyone who asks this?
No! Then the government says:
Turkey should send us money! Turkey says: “what money?
we just sent you money last month. What happened to it?”
“It disappeared, finished!” “Is that so? Ok.. We are informing the mint the orders of our minister upon the instructions from our
prime minister that for our concrete stones in Cyprus 5 billion for the occasion of Eid..”
“What? Do you not know about accounts?”
“Of course we know.” “Are you asking billion or quadrillion?” “Quadrillion?
Of course quadrillion is better. Print it! If it is more than billion,
since there is such a name& we are not aware of it.
Print 1 quadrillion Lira.” What is the meaning of quadrillion? Meaning, if you weigh paper money
of 1 quadrillion, it is 5 kgs. (kantar-5 kg word is
similar to quadrillion) “Yes Sir, immediately. We make it
ready for Eid.” Then, they made it ready for Eid.
Sending to where? The recipient is the foster land-Cyprus.
The concrete stones in our foster land may not get less.
They may have enough of them. The ones who sell & buy those may
make money. We have endless treasures. Our mint is ready.
“In how many days they print the money?” if we order in the evening,
they’ll all be ready in the morning packaged and we send.
The whole world is like this now. The whole world is now like this.
Everybody is printing banknotes. 2 blacksea men went to usa, “We work in usa, usa is a
strong country.” We go and work there.”
They don’t know the people, language They don’t know the people
or the language. They went here and there,
but it didn’t work. One of them thinks,
“if there is no job, we print banknotes. How come?
Is it easy to print money? Do you understand what I’m saying?
Yes I did. How will you do it?
There is a printer. Who told you that? A fellow citizen told me that
there is a printer. A machine that prints banknotes.
Old fashioned. When a new model merges,
they bring the old one and sell it. Ok, they eventually went. it is old fashioned but doesn’t matter,
it is printing. It prints anyway but modern machines,
leave the modern machines. does it print banknotes?
Yes. So why do you complain? They organized it.
They gained experience. They learned how to print it. They made copy of 1 dollar. How much is this? Blacksea people experience
this a lot, can be either 1, 5, 10
or 20. We print and enter the markets.
How much should we print? How much? We start now so
people won’t confuse us. We print 200 dollar banknotes. He put the banknotes on the market. The businessman reached out
and saw 200 dollars banknote. There isn’t any banknote,
that is bigger than 100 dollar, strange! Is this new print?
He calls the bank manager. Hello, I want to speak with the manager?
About what? We have a denouncement.
Like what? Have you printed 200 dollar banknotes?
We shall ask. He asks, after 5 minutes he says;
There are no 200 dollar banknotes. How come? I guess the forgers printed.
Let’s search them. They search but how will they find?
After 5-10 days, One of them looks at the back
of the banknote and says; There is picture of a man with his hear
up to here. He said; This doesn’t look like a man,
it isn’t clear if it is woman or man. Look at ours, our president
is strong Look at the power of this and look
at that one. Remove that pimp, Put the picture of ours. So that it looks like a banknote.
What is this? You put woman’s picture, He tricked them. He printed
500 dollar banknotes, New banknotes of 500 dollars.
The picture on it is what they worship, Is there a 500 dollar banknote? Hello, did you print 500 dollar banknote
No, we didn’t. Let us see that banknote.
He took it to the bank. He looked at its back This is the picture of what Turkish
people worship. So the forgers are Turkish.
Arrest them! Until they search for the forgers,
they ran away and went back. Now it is like this.
Who owns a machine, prints banknotes. Then they say the world is bankrupt.
Sure it bankrupts. You tricked people with paper.
You made a mess of it. You printed banknotes, you collected
gold and put them in cases, in banks. And you gave the paper money to people.
What does it mean? They may print as they like! And they said: we may print as we like
as well. And we take all the gold you have
from you with the paper money we print. And we don’t care about the rest. You may print as you like.
Whomever likes may take it. Now, gold has gone up to $2000. No, 2000 Lira. Do they call “the ounce”?
G. Yes. People..
Because it is paper. People are coming to their senses.
What does that mean? They are constantly printing.
There is no end to it. Economical crises… Economical crisis… You will change the currency to gold. You will remove paper money &
put back the gold. Then the crisis ends. Otherwise, this crisis does not end
with your stories, theories.. Greece went bankrupt.
Why? Drachma.
They had no gold in their hands. Drachma..Finally people said:
We will not use this paper money! We don’t accept this government
either! May Allah forgives us! Shaytan has disgraced the people
of 21. century like this. This is not an honour
but a disgrace! And the states have no mind left. Those who claim to be statesman
have no mind left either. Now, they can’t resolve this mess. There is only one way
to get out of the crisis: Release the gold to the market,
remove the paper. Remove that shaytan trap which
is called “the stock market.” Put the gold instead & free sale. You will find a way out, if not
you are free to go till hell! aman ya Rabbi, towba ya Rabbi. Fatiha. may Allah makes the clever ones appointed on us. Minister of finance..
What finance is that? There are a lot of printed banknotes inside. what finance is this? They are making fun of the people:
whole world is going bankrupt. of course they are! You make the trades with paper.
What is the value of paper? This… I give this this…
how much is 1 kg of beef? G. 40 Lira in Turkey.
M. 40? Here. I give this & he gives me 1 kg of beef.
Is this the equivalent of the beef? Is this paper the equivalent of
1 kg of beef? What kind of a theft, shamelessness,
ignorance betrayal is this? Whole governments have become
subscribed to shaytan! Shaytan now is sitting now somewhere
on the top and laughing: “I have now thrown you into such a
situation that no one can save you!” aman ya Rabbi, towba ya Allah..
towba ya Rabbi.. Ya Rab! Subhana Rabbika Rabbi
Izzati Amma Yasifuun Salamun Ala Al Mursalin, wa
Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alemin. Fatiha. The (Blacksea) man struggles for
one year to pick his hazelnut. Then the government comes & says: You have that much hazelnut.
And it’s (market) price will be this. It is haram to set a fixed price! There is no such thing in Islam. Everyone can sell & buy everything
at whatever price they like. The price can not be set by law. Now government sets fixed price.
Why should they do that? Leave it!
Traders rush at that time to
buy the hazelnut. But government says: “This is it’s
set price”. This is haram. They crush people.
Whoever crushes the people, they will be crushed themselves as well. There are so many things
around like this.. Even if we spoke of this matter from the
morning till evening, we can’t finish. But neither their prachers, nor their
Hojas, professors or ministers do not speak of
such things. G. It does not suit their interest.
M. Yes, it does not. But then, something will come which
will not suit their interest either. Fatiha.

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